Full size sealed door packing shrinking machine

Automatic door packing machine with three sealer for full size door sealing and shrinking solution. It is able do full size sealed package.

Sturdy Yet Precise Construction

Full-size door packing shrinking machines leverage heavy-duty yet precisely engineered construction. Wear-resistant frames and components allow continuous operation at maximum throughput with minimal damage or downtime. At the same time, these machines achieve an unparalleled level of control, precision and fine tuning to create the strongest, most secure yet flexible seals possible.

Powerful Shrink Wrapping

Proprietary heat shrink films are stretched and molded around doors using controlled pressure, heat and angled wrapping. Multiple layers are applied at different angles to prevent any tears, creases, loose edges or weak spots where damage could occur. The result is a durable yet weather-resistant barrier that protects doors from impacts, moisture, and environmental exposure during shipping and storage.

Easy to Use Yet Automated

Despite heavy and high-volume use, these machines require minimal manual labor to operate. Complex cycles are automated, running repeatedly with consistency, control and efficiency. While personnel still guide and monitor the process, dangerous or ergonomically demanding grasping, stretching, heating and wrapping tasks are handled by the equipment. More time can be spent on value-added duties rather than physically packing large doors.

optimized film use

Only as much film as needed is applied to fully wrap each door, reducing excess material and associated costs. No more film is used than necessary to create a secure seal with comprehensive coverage and protection. Tight control of film application minimizes usage and waste while still achieving a strong, impermeable barrier. The most efficient and economical sealing possible is attained through optimization of material use at every cycle.

Proven Performance and Quality

Door shrinking machines are designed and built to last using only the most durable, heavy-duty components. Solid construction provides years of reliable operation with minimal repair costs or downtime. At the same time, precision engineering ensures consistent, high-quality results at maximum speed and efficiency cycle after cycle. A balance of strength and finesse facilitates proven performance, optimized quality and maximum profits.

Affordable automation delivers unparalleled protection, productivity and value. Powerful yet controlled heat shrinking, easy yet optimized usage, minimal required labor, and sturdy long-lasting design combine for comprehensive savings and superior sealed doors. Precise yet impact-resistant barriers and secure yet flexible sealing at every cycle build a reputation for quality and ensure doors arrive undamaged at their destination.

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