Automatic steel wire coil winding and strapping machine testing video

Steel wire coil coiling and strapping machine by PP.

This machine is able to transform a spool of 2,000.00 kg of wire for rolls of length from 500 to 1250 meters. The outside diameter of the roll varies from 600 mm up to 750 mm. Inner diameter of the roll is 600 mm and width of the roll is 50 mm up to 75 mm. The diameter of the wire is 1.90 mm to 4.00 mm and the steel can be from SAE 1005 to SAE 1045. We are interested in receiving a technical and commercial proposal for the machine “Automatic steel wire coiling and strapping machine” that I place the image below. If possible, send a catalog, so that we can analyze the viability of implementing it.

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