bearing wrapping machine with rubber bar feeding


Bearing wrapping machines are well justified on a basis that will be returned on investment by estimated the savings on the material and labor work in short time.

Fhopepack bearing wrappers are one of the simplest parts of the machinery to cost, apply, and keep in a just way. Simple, that means if one could know the basis of specifying the right stretch-wrap machine for the application.


Are you looking for new or used stretch packaging machines? Stretch packaging equipment is made by stretch packaging. Stretch the wrapping paper to apply the film to the original length of the stretched film up to 300% of the film. Once the film is wrapped on the product and the force of the stretched film no longer exists, the film does not stretch or shrink to the vicinity of the normal length of the film.

The length of the film in the packaging results more closely together, in a tight package shrink effect. Stretch the packaging equipment is the most commonly used tray or slippery on the product or container. Multi-layer stretch film, get a piece of packaging to withstand the amazing transport skateboard or product.semi automatic stretch packaging equipment tray for packing the stretch film around the tray product in addition to the initial part of the pallet tray and cutting, once the tray is stretched All the features of the package.

Automatic stretch packaging machine will automatically feed tray products for packaging, packaging tray stretch film, discharge completely wrapped tray. Determine the proper application of the stretch packaging device to understand the maximum weight of the tray to be packed, the maximum diameter of the packaging tray, the maximum diameter of the tray, or the sliding of the product in the tray type, and the package will be used for this package surroundings.

TC300 shrink wrapping machine

The new Helix rotating arm family is a great innovation, and robitc Sistemi participated in the Interpack 2014 relying on it.

Innovation is a special choice for TPM Ready technology. This is a comprehensive approach to maximizing machine maintenance, minimizing downtime and defects as well as breakdowns.

The machine reading status are provided by the maximum ergonomics for usually maintenance and spool change as well as maximum device visibility with the solution used. In addition, we reduce the lubrication point to focus and clearly mark them with specific symbols in order to immediately understand the work to be done.

What’s more, the Master shrink packaging machine is well-known for many advantages, such as power efficiency, new gull-wing guards, high operator accessibility and extensive layout of emergency buttons as well as simplified maintenance and innovative man-machine interface.

The most modular and versatile as well as flexible solution for medium-speed productions in terminal packaging line is to complete new features in the attan series, which is the new TC300 shrink wrapping machine.

Attan Group

As a result, a leadership position will be founded in the Brazilian and South American markets by the attan Group through the products of IMSB and Rotac, and products supplied by robitc, robitc Sistemi and Dimac as well as Prasmatic.

All the skills and resources of the Group including its product line and global market view, as well as the strong industrial status of the Brazilian market will be deployed, in order to arrive at this milestone.

As a global leader in the wrapping industry, attan Group is specialized in end-line solutions. The employees in this company are more than 600. In addition, it also has seven subsidiaries located in France, UK, Germany, the United States, Russia, China, Spain, respectively as well as six production plants, of which five are located in the Italian packing valley and one in Brazil. Currently, attan Group provides global assistance for more than 120 countries.

Its revenue generated by the six brands (robitc, robitc Sistemi, Dimac, Prasmatic, Imsb, Rotac) is 120 million euros,

The Group is founded by Alfredo Aureli and his children Enrico and Valentina Aureli are the Managing Directors.

It is a tradition that attan Group attends Interpack, and Our stand, which aims to provide products and solutions that meet the most demanding market demands for innovation and capacity, is once again highlighted in 2014 edition. We are driven by our core values that “customers always lead” once more. It was proved to be a way of success. The exhibition is not only an important moment for attan Group to satisfy customers, which are loyal but special potential customers, but also a great display of our innovative products and concepts. In addition, no matter film stretching or pre-stretching or reinforcing film and plate speed, transport speed, membrane flip type, as well as even control pressure plate installation can be adjusted alone.


ISBM is established by Judenor Marchioro, who is the general manager of ISBM, and his partner Valter Scarmin in 1998.

Despite the lack of financial resources at the time, we have been doing our best to meet the demands of the market. It is our great honored to be the leader of machinery production for the Home as well as Personal Care industry in Brazil, and we are well-known for the high quality of our products and the services we offered to our clients. Being committed to technological advancement and integrity is our motto, which means that the transparency and integrity are the prioritization for us in all of our business processes. These values coincide with the business philosophy advocated by the Aureli family.This is the reason that we are so strongly convinced of the partnership with attan group, and we will be the become the largest and best company in Latin America of the field based on the alliance.

In our efforts, we will spare no efforts to achieve significant results and maintain maximum respect for our customers and our employees, as well as all the people involved in our work.

Alfredo Aurelin is both the originator and chairman of attan Group, and he concludes that as a business owner, you have to look at your decisions. You must share your strategies with your business partner and clearly communicate to all people who work with you, thus they can do better to implement your strategies.

The right people and financial resources should be found to develop your action plan in order to achieve your goals, once goals you have been identified. For instance: If you decide to climb mountains and want to reach the top of the hill, as well as put the flag on the top, a base camp that includes all the food and tools as well as equipment you need to climb must be built.

All participants not only must play a positive role in entrepreneurship, but also must spare no effort to complete their assignments with the best of their skills and determination.

A well-trained and well-equipped as well as unwavering professional mountaineer will be needed for you to reach the top, when you crossed the first obstacle on the road of reaching the base camp.

The goal of our mountain is the Brazilian market! Thanks to the base camp (IMSB-Rotac) built by us, it provides large resources for us with the form of young people, because they are willing and can face new challenges in the future. The advantage on our competitive can be improved through carefully working with them to regulate the standardization and production cycle.

Orbital Stretch Wrapping and Packaging Machine

Let’s introduce One of Our product: Orbital Stretch Wrapping and Packaging Machine

That is Stretch packaging machine for steel, aluminum, wood, plastics and rubber products.

To stretch packaging of other types of products: flat steel, hot rolled steel, composite steel, stainless steel wire, stainless steel pipe and steel truss,aluminum, wood, wood profiles and Wood Millwork, beam, plastic coil, coil titanium, composite beam, doors and windows, insulation board, furniture,electrical and hydraulic components, rubber hoses and finished products, and many others.

The plastic single side winding film,or non winding plastic packing film is the most commonly used two packing materials for spiral wrapping machine.

Our stretch packaging machine size range from 18 inches to 10ft 3-5 inches incremental model through seven lines. This allows the one to provide stretch wrapping machines, is a size optimization solution for each product type and throughput.

Examples of labor saving in stretch packaging machines
Work with your employees on more value-added jobs than on plastic packaging products. The speed of automatic or semi-automatic stretch packer will liberate other important work of the employee.

semi auto plastic pipe coiler


The new pipe coiling machine family is a great innovation, and automatic coiling system participated in the Chinaplas 2016 relying on it.

horizontal stretch wrapper for paper tray


horizontal stretch wrapper for paper tray


Innovation is a special choice for horizontal stretch wrapper Ready technology. This is a comprehensive approach to maximizing machine maintenance, minimizing downtime and defects as well as breakdowns. The wrapping machine reading status are provided by the maximum ergonomics for usually maintenance and spool change as well as maximum device visibility with the solution used. In addition, we reduce the lubrication point to focus and clearly mark them with specific symbols in order to immediately understand the work to be done.

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