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Stretch wrapping machine

As a professional Chinese supplier about stretch wrapping machine, pallet wrapping machine,  The Chinese supplier--Fhope packing machinery has learned a thing or two about designing and special building stretch wrapping machinery. The Chinese supplier--Fhope Series of stretch wrapping machine brings together automatic film cutting and feeding technology and rich stretch wrapping machine manufacturing experience to provide you a line of turntable stretch wrapping machine that is well received by marketplace.


Our equipments are designed and produce to work perfectly even in the harshest conditions with higher packing police requirement according client's specification. Furthermore, our pallet stretch wrapping machine are easy to installation with fool working style, easy to operate and less maintaining requirement, which offer nice and well tension protecting wrapping packaging. The Stretch wrapping machine is well received by our clients due to their high efficiency and durability in its life time. With a Chinese supplier--Fhope® machine, your product's package are in good hands.


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Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines is an efficiency packing equipment for pallet. It saves your time and increase the packing speed. Pallet stretch wrappers and pallet wrapping equipment providing an cost effective way of improving pallet unitizing by stretch film. It save you film cost by pre-stretching. The pre-stretch rate up to 300%.Cost savings of over 30% are regularly achieved by upgrade pallet stretch wrappers & pallet stretch wrapping machine.


Some videos for reference:

turntable pallet stretch wrapper    rotate arm stretch wrapper


semiauto rotary arm stretch wrapper    rotate arm stretch wrapper

 Chinese supplier--Fhope custom built for pallets that require high wrap packaging. With over years of application knowledge and experience production, the  stretch wrapping machine is equipment strong structure, turntable, an exclusive effective roll carriage, easy operation control panel, a power-thru conveyor system and art control system. Our differently selection of turntable and rotate stretch wrappers are designed to meet the most demanding stretch wrapping or pallet wrapping requirements. All our stretch wrapper did is to  Make sure your pallet loads are safe to transportation and stacking. Chinese supplier--Fhope's goal is that you are completely satisfied with the purchase of our Chinese pallet stretch wrapping machine. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please let us know, Chinese stretch wrapping machine supplier service for you.


For Semiauto Pallet Wrapping Machine:

stretch wrapping machine

semiauto pallet wrapping machine


We are providing machine in stock for selling.

1. Reliable quality

2. Fastest delivery

3. Economic in price

4. Flexible for your pallet packaging.

5. Multifunction.


For automatic pallet wrapping solutions:

automatic pallet wrapping machine

We are capable providing online/offline packaging solution to connect with your production line for finish your end of line packaging in automatically. Our team providing all solution including: case studying, consultation, designing, manufacture ring, delivery, installation, commissioning and after service. We are help you to get the best solution for your packaging goal with professional solution.


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