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Tray-Packaging Company has developed new meals containers for very hot-to-go and heat-at-house apps manufactured from UltraClear polypropylene (PP) clarified with Milliken’s sophisticated Millad NX 8000 technologies. Tray-Pak, a leader in custom thermoformed plastic packaging, selected UltraClear PP to present its customers a exclusive mix of glass-like clarity, microwave/sizzling fill capability, and recyclability—and the choice to increase the containers with Milliken’s ClearTint colorants.

Tray-Packaging has launched these containers with the flagship 9-inch by 9-inch dome lid bundle. The organization also formulated a six-inch by six-inch container and a seven.twenty five-inch by 5.6-inch rectangular container. They will be the very first commercially readily available food items containers in North America to characteristic UltraClear PP.

“Tray-Packing has always introduced new material improvements to the market place,” says Ashley Waszkiewicz, advertising manager, Tray-Pak Company. “The partnership with Milliken brings together our exceptional layout and engineering abilities with superior materials technologies that provide clarity equivalent to PET and the heat efficiency and sustainability of polypropylene. UltraClear PP makes it possible for us to generate items that fulfill developing trends, these as the shift absent from expanded polystyrene in favor of a additional simply recycled content. Tray-Pak appears to be like forward to launching the line afterwards this 12 months and programs to continue planning tailor-made goods that will use this substance technologies to focus on customer needs for clarity and microwave capacity.”

“Tray-Packing’s eye-catching very hot foods containers are a good and realistic instance of how conveniently UltraClear PP can be adapted to the specifications of new applications,” states Cristina Acevedo, worldwide merchandise line manager, Plastics Additives, Milliken & Business. “This adaptable content checks ‘must-have’ containers that are important across a lot of packaging sectors, including improved shelf attraction, improved sustainability, and substantial effectiveness. These characteristics posture it favorably against classic resins and offer you a lot of possibilities for content updates.”

At the Dairy-Deli-Bake Seminar and Expo, Tray-Pack’s 9-inch by 9-inch container is staying revealed in a number of versions, which includes tinted clear bases that present a pop of coloration to improve the overall look of the contents. The bases can be configured with a one cavity or three cavities, creating them suited for quick-provide dining establishments, grocery store sizzling bars, and other get-out food items suppliers.

The 6-inch by 6-inch containers, with a one cavity base, share a related style and design to the 9-inch by nine-inch containers with a domed lid providing inherent stackability. The rectangular containers, also with a solitary cavity base, have a marginally domed lid. All lids and bases will be accessible in UltraClear PP and all are microwaveable.

The Millad wrapping machine 8000 additive provides PP a clarity enhance that overcomes the unwanted cloudy appearance of organic PP in sheet and thermoformed programs. UltraClear PP gives remarkably beautiful transparency, comparable to that of PET, for meat trays, clamshell containers, and lids. UltraClear PP also gives important rewards this sort of as mono-substance packaging, straightforward seal, and impact and heat resistance.


Milliken’s ClearTint colorants deliver the brightest, cleanest, and most transparent hues in PP. They are specifically designed to increase the Millad NX 8000 clarifier. The deep, loaded shades achievable with ClearTint are unavailable with regular pigment colors. Milliken’s revolutionary colorants are Meals and Drug Administration (Fda) compliant and give liberty from coloration migration or extraction.

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