tube strapping machine and bundling machine

tube packaging line        tube strapping machine steel tube packing machine
Steel pipe tube bundle machine

Automatic steel tube bundling lines for reducing the labor cost. It is to bundle making shape of Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid. We produce different models of lines based on the length

Steel tube strapping machine

The automatic steel strapping machine Tension Force 15,572 – 19,576 N Control Mode from automatic, semi-automatic to manual. Strapping process for bundle Shape Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid…

Tube packing machine

Automatic steel tube bagging machine is able filling the tube into bag. The packing speed is upto 70m per min. with POF/OPP film. It can be connected with tube feeding system for online tube bag packing.


Learning from your size , it needs a customized solution which is not on our distribution range.

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The inforamtion shows the requirement for tube bundle strapping machine and packing machine




Packing list of the tube packing machine and packing line


A-1 tube feeding station 1 package 200 210 L3000 x W650 x H200mm
A-2 tube conveyor 1 1 package 150 160 L6500 x W500 x1500mm
A-3 tube bagging station 1 package 200 210 L1400 x W800 x H1700mm
A-4 Conveyor line 2 1 package 150 160 L6500mm x W 500mm x H1500mm
A-5 Slope 1 package 140 155 L5500mm x W 1500mm x H1000mm
A-6 Small bundling/strapping station 1 package 420 425 L6000mm x W 1200mm x H1100mm
A-7 Conveyor line 3 1 package 150 155 L3500mm x W 600mm x H450mm
A-8 Big bundle bagging station 1 package 180 190 L2500mm x W 1700mm x H600mm
A-9 Conveyor line 4 1 package 140 145 L5000mm x W 600mm x H450mm
A-10 Big bundling/strapping machine A 1 package 160 165 L1200mm x W 800mm x H1100mm
A-11 Big bundling/strapping machine B 1 package 160 165 L1200mm x W 800mm x H1100mm
A-12 Conveyor line 5 1 package 300 310 L6000mm x W 700mm x H450mm
A-13 Small electrical cabinet 1 package 60 65 L800mm x W 500mm x H1100mm
A-14 Big electrical cabinet 1 package 100 110 L1100mm x W 400mm x H1900mm


Automatic tube packaging line and packing machine

steel tube bundling and packaging system

The autoamtic steel tube packaging line for handling following steel tubes.


steel tube bundling and strapping machine
Steel tube packaging line with strapping machine
Material for  Fabrication of  Reflux Condenser  (FFC) Tube Bundle
S.No. Description Material Unit Quantity Required Unit Price
Inclusive of GST
Total Price
Inclusive of GST
1 3/4″ PL x 8 3/8″ x 7′-3″ LG-Tube & Plug Sheet SA-516-70N No 4
2 1/2″ PL x 4 3/4″ x 7′-3″ LG – Wrapper Plate SA-516-70N No 4
3 1/2″ PL x 4 3/4″ x 7′ 1/8″  LG – End Plate SA-516-70N No 4
4 1″ O.D x #14 BWG x 16′-0″ LG. Tubes C/W 5/8″ High x 10/IN. L-Footed Fins SA-179 No 150
5 1- 1/8″ O.D X 3/4″ LG. Hex Shoulder Plug SA-105N No 300
6 1- 3/8″ O.D x 1-1/8″ I.D x 1/16″ t Gasket Soft Iron No 300
7 4″ – 150# RFWN FLG.  (SCH. 160 BORE) N2 SA-105N No 2
8 4″ – SCH.160 (0.538″) Pipe x 5 7/8″ LG-N2 SA-106B No 2
9 1″ – 6000# NPT SCRD Full Coupling C/W Plug-C1A/B SA-105N No 2
10 3/4″-6000# NPT SCRD Full Coupling C/W Plug-C2A/B, C3A/B SA-105N No 4
11 14″ BRK’N CHAN X 1/4″ THK C/W 3″ FLG’S x 15-9 1/4″ LG-Side Frame SA-36 No 2
12 1/4″ Pl x 6″ x 6 1/2″ LG-Front & Rear Header Clips SA-516-70N No 4
13 1/2″ Dia x 1 1/2″ LG. Hex Bolts C/W Nuts SA-325 No 16
14 L  2″ x 2″ x 1/4″ THK x 7′ -1″ LG- Upper Brace SA-36 No 3
15 3″-1 Beam @ 5.7  #/FT x 7′-1 1/2″ LG. Lower brace SA-36 No 3
16 #12 GA Pl Formed Angle 3″ x 4″ x 7′-1 1/2″ LG SA-36 No 1
17 #12 GA  Pl Formed Angle 3″ x 2″ x 7′-1 1/2″ LG SA-36 No 1
18 #12 GA Pl Formed Angle 4″ x 4″ x 7′-1 1/2″ LG SA-36 No 1
19 #12 GA  Pl Formed Angle 3-1/2″ x 2″ x  7′-1 1/2″ LG SA-36 No 1
20 1/2″ PL x 5″ x 7′-2″ LG- Pass Plate (Front Header) SA-516-70N No 1
21 Name Plate Bracket C/W S.S Thermo Tech Name Plate SA-516-70 No 1
22 1/2″ DIA. x 1 1/2″ LG Hex Bolts C/W Nuts SA-325 No 8
23 1/4″ THK x 2 1/4″ x 6″ LG – Brace Bolt Plate SA-36 No 4
24 6″ – 150 # RFWN FLG (SCH. XH BORE) N1 SA-105N No 1
25 6″ – SCH . XH (0.432″) PIPE X 5  1/2″ LG -N1 SA-106B No 1
Remarks:- standard material as per specification is required.
In this regard strict compliance to high quality standard material needs to ensure. MTC is also required.

steel tube packing machine

automatic steel tube bundle packing line
automatic steel tube bundle packing line and strapping machine

Steel tube bundle packing equipment is a special ring variety of effective equipment for steel tubes by means of bundle packaging.

There are diverse varieties steel tube packer which is capable to offer a nice packing resolution for tubes..For soil packing equipment or coil wrapping machine, the velocity of ring and rollers are adjustable to accommodate materials by inverters. It is the most efficiency equipment for steel tube objects packaging, which meets the prerequisite for increased packaging rates and minimal area and decrease labor expenses.

Steel tube packing machine
These a tube bundle packaging machine masking limited layer of film, paper, material…more than all surfaces
of steel tube with with controllable overlap .


stretch and wrapping for the different country

Company Packaging Efficiency Suite is the leading end-to-finish efficiency software program offering for the packaging marketplace, with global market management in the folding carton, tag and label, and adaptable packaging segments. The addition of stretch wrapping technologies and expertise will further strengthen the EFI software offering for corrugated packaging, aiding this sort of organizations accelerate their adoption of electronic systems.

“We are thrilled to incorporate the CTI team and technologies to our developing portfolio of business-major software program solutions for the print and packaging industry,” mentioned Gabriel Matsliach, senior vice president and common manager, Coil stretch wrapper line Efficiency Software. “Our objective is to offer our customers a full item portfolio that drives their business and manufacturing workflows, enabling them to be more productive and more worthwhile.”

Coil stretch wrapper line will grow to be a component of the EFI Productivity Software enterprise unit, joining a industry-leading portfolio of MIS, Internet-to-Print, Price Additional Items and Enterprise Consultancy Services. Headquartered in San Diego, California, CTI delivers much more than a few decades of worldwide encounter to EFI with functions in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

“We are extremely fired up to be part of the EFI family members,” said Randal Hay, president and CEO . “Our software program is a fantastic match with EFI’s packaging options portfolio, providing customers with products and skilled providers to aid them grow their company.

“Coil stretch wrapper line has a scale and attain that will enable present and future consumers to advantage from our technology for years to appear while being uncovered to new progress areas,” Hay additional. “I look ahead to becoming an lively member of this planet-class organisation and to continuing to help our business and customers advance and prosper.”
Meniai provides with him an extensive track record in sales, consumer acquisition, and much more than ten many years of productive worldwide enterprise advancement, having formerly expanded marketplaces in Europe, Africa and Asia. Nordine’s resume contains 5 many years at Anixter (American Group) specializing in fasteners for the automotive sector in Southern and Jap European marketplaces. As Important Account Supervisor for Valeo, Dura Automotive, Nordine was dependable for increased product sales from 700k€ to eight Million €.

In the course of his tenure, element of Japanese-based mostly wrapping machine., a main company in the steel business (2014 sales, 40 billion €), he firmly established the company’s revenue and support existence on the African continent, with additional expansion to Europe and Asia. Below his leadership and route, Meniai’s group created the organization into the primary metal market provider to the power sector in 10 countries across Africa.

With this addition of Meniai, who analyzed mechanical engineering at the factory and acquired an MBA in steel Industrial Management, the organization is well positioned for potential growth in the EMEA area. “factory has an exceptional business popularity for bonding and selaing options,” he commented. “I’m fired up to be becoming a member of such a very regarded and able team, and I look forward to contributing to the company’s development and good results.”

wrapper and online business

A custom of top quality
wrapping machine has been renowned for high quality-top quality corrugated cardboard and revolutionary packaging answers for the most varied programs for many years. The KOLB solution builders can rely on an in depth variety of high-high quality and partially proprietary corrugated cardboard foundation paper, optimised corrugated cardboard structures or the most superior processing and ending systems in this context. “In addition to excellent technical specs, our double-wall grades also excel with optimum printability owing to their homogeneous floor,” claims wrapping machine CEO Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Ruffing.

In addition to standard printing on the outer side of the transport packaging, printing on the within will become increasingly essential – in certain for the on-line trade.
“The outer packaging is designed seemingly easy, to prevent any thievery in the course of transport. Opening the box will supply a optimistic surprise to the recipient thanks to an appealing print design,” states Jochen Drösel.

The recent acquisition of a extremely efficient Bobst in-line device for big-structure folding containers up to a sheet blank measurement of three,two hundred mm permits KOLB to cover all important structure dimensions in outstanding quality and efficiency.

Simplified packaging for refreshing solution shipment
Although sneakers, books and electronics items have been requested on-line for fairly a although, the cargo of foods products and chilled goods has lately increased. The KOLB Group developers have tackled the problem of safely and securely providing sensitive and temperature-controlled packaged goods to the spot of location. horizontal stretch wrapperprovides progressive and sustainable packaging ideas at the Fachpack: Illustrations contain, amid other people, the KOLB FreshBox that has been created especially for a simplified conditioning when shipping refreshing items with varying cooling needs. Dairy products, sausages and chilly meat, fruits and vegetables, but also dry items are safely and securely positioned. “Our KOLB FreshBox attributes a centrally positioned so-referred to as CoolTower within the packaging for cooling pads and items that need particular cooling,” claims Reinhard Kartheininger, Head of Solution Development of the KOLB Team.

According to the Head of Improvement of the KOLB Team, the KOLB CorCool packaging answers blended with dry ice or gel cooling pads would enable a continuous temperature beneath 7 °C for transport instances of up to thirty hours, based on the packaged product. Substantial advancement assessments present that the temperature values meet up with the new meat specifications in accordance to DIN 10508.

horizontal stretch wrapper with a twist
“wrapper is a bag-in-box packaging system with sustained additional-worth,” claims Jochen Drösel and refers to minimal storage fees because of to flat-format shipping and delivery and particularly innovative humidity-resistant materials specifications. horizontal stretch wrapper very first and foremost provides a substantially increased solution basic safety throughout filling, transportation and handling due to the outer box shell’s advanced design. UZIN relied on these attributes when modifying the packagings for its ground primers and other chemical-specialized fluids. The so-referred to as “Cube it simple” cardboard packagings aid perform functions on development web sites, as the new bag-in-box packagings decrease waste by 85 %. This in flip reduces CO2 emissions by ninety two % in accordance to UZIN.
horizontal stretch wrapper : The intelligent bag alternatives.
According to its producer, the effectively-set up KOLB EcoBox is a clever option to the often criticized plastic bag, as it is made of sustainable FSC-licensed uncooked supplies and offers a simple and above all highly appealing have and transportation help thanks to its different variants tailored to distinct shopping behaviours.
The horizontal stretch wrapper complements the KOLB EcoBox solution family members. It is geared up with an extra lid and particularly addresses direct-shipping courier services. Reinhard Kartheininger is convinced that “our horizontal stretch wrapper for refreshing foods in Munich and many other transport packages present how secure and most importantly appealing each-working day products can be transported to consumers.”

From e-commerce to stationary trade
horizontal stretch wrapper also gives the matching answers for smaller sized vendors to win new aggressive opportunities in a time where the line among mere on-line businesses and conventional neighborhood shops turns into progressively blurred.
The Chinese-based business provides an progressive “buy on-line – select up off-line” idea in cooperation with the open up ideas GmbH at the Fachpack. The so-known as “emmasbox” serves as a type of mail place of work packing station in this idea. Customers purchase their requested products on-line and can gather the delivery making use of a provided bar code independently of store opening several hours at the emmasbox station. The full order is packaged safely in unique transport bins for the shipping (showcasing an built-in carrying handle) and is kept at the respective cooling temperature, if needed for the purchased products.

efficient packing and container

he PPMA Show attracted over a thousand experts from several business sectors, which includes pharmaceutical, food and consume manufacturers. Above 3 days in September, AM Labels exhibited a range of goods and options, notably the new packing equipment C7500G color label printer, which garnered significantly interest. With the range of printers creating sample labels and demonstrations of the print and use answers the AM Labels’ exhibition stand was buzzing with enjoyment.

Brendon Bass, Revenue and Advertising Manager at AM Labels Limited states: “Exhibitions proceed to be a gratifying investment for the company, and the PPMA Show is a great platform for site visitors from a diverse range of industries to see the newest engineering and improvements available to them.”
The blow moulded HDPE container incorporates a nylon barrier material that prevents the migration of solvents and provides a long term barrier performance with no breakdown in usefulness because of to abrasion from the contents. It is complemented by a 38mm tamper-evident cap from RPC Promens Buyer Halstead, which attributes a PET faced EPE liner to ensure complete barrier safety.

The robust construction of the jerrycan gives successful item safety with excellent chemical- and tension-crack-resistant efficiency. Equally crucial, the lightweight style allows ease of managing and pouring for the finish-user, although the co-extrusion production procedure implies that the deal with is divorced from the container, major to almost complete evacuation of the container with minimal residues.

Manufacturer Analysis develops and manufactures cleansing and hygiene chemical compounds for each the skilled and industrial sectors. The business frequently helps make bespoke formulae for clients and has a popularity for creating goods with the greatest ranges of overall performance. This makes the selection of the right pack specifically important.

“We wanted a container that was functional, dependable and simple to use and which would help to replicate the quality of the items it consists of,” describes David Woodhead of Selden Research. “We are really happy with the overall performance of the RPC jerrycan.”
stretch Promens states the container is proving a modern day and price-efficient alternative to a lot more conventional pack formats this sort of as tin for solvent-based goods. Other benefits of the jerrycan are no corrosion and a higher resistance to denting, while its large decoration location enables for higher profile branding and the inclusion of detailed solution info. Tactile danger warnings can also be integrated for personal products.

packing and strapping for the different requirement

October thirteenth : Packaging Innovations for liquid medicines
The stretch wrapping Innovation Tour on Tuesday the thirteenth of October focuses on packaging improvements for liquid medications. The tour addresses a assortment of packaging improvements from aerosols to syringes and from bottles to folding cartons.

October 14th : Common Packaging Improvements
On Wednesday the 14th of Oct the general tour will take location. This tour handles innovations that have an influence on pharmaceutical packaging in basic.

Oct fifteenth : Packaging Innovations for strong medicines
The last tour, on Thursday the 15 th of October, focuses on packaging innovations specifically for medications in sound kind, like tablets and powders. The suppliers visited in this tour differ from folding carton producers to suppliers of flexible packaging content.
development crew has invented a new manufacturing process to create Hybrid Tubes with a mixture of a wide spectrum of materials. These cylindrical packs can be produced in a assortment of configurations and sizes, combining new carton with transparent PET or making use of cardboard on your own for the cylinder. The very embellished tubes can be built with one or numerous carton or transparent sections.

Bottom and lid versions out of white metal, injection molding or PET are feasible. Individual styles can be built-in in bottoms and lids by pasting in carton discs or colored elements.
Several floor ending strategies such as offset, gravure- and display-printing complemented by matt or shiny lacquer and sizzling foil, blind and aid embossing as well as cold foil laminating are technically possible. Window patching, semi clear or frosty PET elements and provider handles for the cylinder full the astonishing design alternatives.

This new packaging idea complies with the needs for immediate meals make contact with.

The automatic steel Tube presents the content in an unprecedented fashion and has already been adopted by Confectionery and Personal Treatment brand name homeowners.

TFS Thermoforming gear, combined with the door wraping machine and skin film, makes use of roll inventory materials to develop a price-efficient, vacuum pores and skin buyer pack that matches close to the product like a second pores and skin to generate a securely and hygienically sealed pack, providing stores with secure and extremely attractive item presentation.

The main benefits of pores and skin packaging for merchants are prolonged shelf lifestyle and enhanced pack physical appearance, although other benefits contain moisture retention, the capability to customise pack condition and proportions as effectively as vertical merchandising.

Especially appropriate for normal or irregular cuts of fresh meat, horizontal orbital wrapper skin movie is also best for processed meats, pork, lamb, poultry, fish and cheese. There is also Darfresh Bloom™ to help crimson meat sealed under vacuum keep its color and a microwavable model for all set foods, whilst double decker deals are obtainable for providing a flat leading surface area to implement a label.

Commenting on the worldwide non-distinctive partnership with ULMA, Sealed Air Packaging Methods Director Europe, Hughes Wygaerts, said: “The ULMA partnership has been extremely successful. I would really underline the overall flexibility and willingness of stretch wrapping machienry to try towards the perfection to supply leading course equipment. Collectively with the best in course Cryovac® Darfresh® supplies we are able to deliver a total system that will satisfy our consumers.”

In addition strapping machine’s TFS Thermoforming devices for pores and skin packaging, from the entry level 407 to the large efficiency 707 design, make each and every vacuum pores and skin pack to the exact size required for any specific product and can accommodate a selection of solution protrusion.

Leak evidence packs mean less rejects and cleaner shelves for stores. The higher premium appear provides striking merchandising possibilities for shelf charm and advantages for the environment through continuous improvement in packaging weight reduction.

Adaptable pores and skin packaging tools from ULMA is perfect for the two meals companies and retailers as it allows for customised packs, as effectively as improved presentation by guaranteeing the most all-natural and original appearance of the solution, with the bonus of easy opening for shoppers

strapping machine’s Uk Handling Director, Chris Pickles, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Sealed Air for this packaging format, which provides operational effectiveness and sustainability for suppliers and stand-out shelf appeal and much less squander for retailers. It is more verification of our commitment to supply the really very best packaging solutions in the Uk.”

Progressive skin packaging technology like stretch wrapping machines gives food sectors totally built-in options that are very successful and efficient to satisfy the expanding desire from retailers for prolonged shelf lifestyle, excellent commercial visibility and pace to industry.

different packaging solution vary from industry

The automated tube filling and closing method for plastic and steel tubes attributes servo-driven metering system and servo driven lift system for a vertical, air-free bottom up fill.
Shrink Sleeve Label and Tamper Apparent Band applicator from American Film & Machinery is a workhorse, capable of 24-hour procedure and shrink sleeve placement of up to 300 items for each moment. The coil wrapper-150’s standard twin unwind method enables for fast roll changeovers and constant operation.
25A is a sleeve wrapping method with a small footprint that is developed for simple running and maximum versatility. The compact system attributes a belt-in, belt-out design that allows for hand loading or in-line conveying, and its mounted reduce seal bar accommodates random peak products.
day and time info is added to a box utilizing a Squid Ink CoPilot printer. From there, a CoPilot 382 with two, two.1” printheads adds large-resolution bar coding. Last, a Wi-Fi device that is operating Orion computer software seamlessly communicates database information with the print controller.
Scientific’s International steel coil Weigh Checkweigher combines with the Thermo Scientific GD-three hundred metal detector to offer consumers with a space-saving alternative for correct checkweighing and metallic detection. Adjustments to solution established-up on the checkweigher are immediately registered on the steel detector, creating for easy operator use.
HM (hygienic device) is a robot developed to manage uncooked meals applications, with meals-grade parts and a corrosion-resistant surface area that stops build-up of delicate components. In this demo, viewers can see the robot’s specific and agile moments as it tends to make and then serves a refreshing cup of espresso.
Steel manufacturer introduces its GG300 palletizer, which features Group 3-compliant safety parts, an HMI that enables consumers to effortlessly produce and modify layer patterns for practically each and every kind of package, and a host of normal attributes to optimize uptime. The HL6200 can palletize up to 120 cases per minute.
Automatic wire coil compactor Motoman demonstrates how hefty-payload robots and human beings can work in the same space by means of the use of pc technology that sets speed and zone constraints in a workcell.