Stretch hood film requirement in Jordan

To whom it may concern
We are polyethylene powder manufacturer from Jordan.
We are interested in with the pallet streching hooder machines.
Pallet package by Stretch wrapping machine
Pallet packing by Stretch wrapping machine
Stretch hood film packing
Pallet packing by Stretch hood film packing.
We are having products overloading problem when our customers taking out the pallets from truck. So there must be strong one time wrapping machine to fix it make the product strong. We already have stretching machine. Our need is not streching. It must be hooding machine.
You can see our products in the attached file. Please offer us your solutions.
Also please share the price offer for each model.
Best Regards & Thanks

Company information of FHOPE

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Date of creation : …………………1998……………………………………………………………………

Legal position : ……… Development Zone,
Songjiang District, Shanghai, P.R China, 201619

Capital : …………RMB 20,000,000…………………………………………………….

Adherence to a group : No Which one : ………………………………………
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Products / Services

Products or Activity Previous New % Turnover Market Share in %
Morocco Europe World
GS series coil wrapping machine **

2 8
FHOPE series horizontal wrapping machine **

2 8
FP series pallet wrapping machine **

2 8
CT series coil tilter **

2 8

Stretch film and stretch hood film per year

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stretch film price and supplier


stretch film & stretch wrap film   VCI stretch film stretch hood film          PVC stretch film

Stretch Film                      VCI Stretch Film                       Stretch Hood Film                          PVC film

There are different packaging solution along with stretch film and hood film for different equipment.



Please check the following attached for the tube bagging solution with stretch film.
There are two options for tube loading.
a. online feeding: Will be connect to your production line for online bagging.
b. offline feeding: Same as video shows
Note: The trail of end can be sealed or sleeve per your need.
The speical point need to be cleared is that there is need different forming device for different size(HxW) profile.
For example, for there are profile bundles in size, 100×200, 200×200, 300×300… For the best package, we need to change to bagging mold for each.
So if there is lot of size in profile bundle, please let me know. Our team will give your a suggestion for how many bagging mode required by simulate.

stretch hood film supplier in China

stretch hood film manufacturerstretch hood film

Following is the benifit of stretch hood film:

>Saving your packing materail cost more than 30%

>Higher packing strength and providing strong package.

>Smooth and good surface for marketing sale.

>Package stability in transportation and stock.

>Best tear and puncture resistance for different packages

>Water proof and weather protection

>Higher stretch and good seal

>Less wastage rate and less loading times

Professional Supplier providing stretch hood machine per different package which benifit a lot from cost save, packaging effect. It is idea packing material.

Stretch film information

stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM


Industry vocabulary:

1) Portion of Stretch: 10″ to 30″ is 200%, etc, if you stretch 10″ of film to 20″ that is 100% stretch.

2) Portion of Prestretch: This is actually the maximum % of prestretch that the film carriage is tailored for supply.

Be aware: The % can be decreased even before the film leaves the film carriage by a variety of reasons.

– surroundings, background temperature, dampness, etc

– film density

– kind of film…cast, blown, one-sided hang on, and so on

– situation of prestretch rollers

The above mentioned good reasons can deal with almost every existing application but this is correct for all film carriages. Take for example

cast film as being a achievable reason for lowered Percent of prestretch  film departing a film carriage. The bulk of film being utilized nowadays is

cast but you can find a large number of different cast motion pictures. Some differential and one-sided hang on cast movies have very

tiny “stick” and will fall on the pre-stretch  film rollers. Some cast film recipes produce an incredibly powerful film plus it requires

more hard work to stretch the film. Other cast movies acquire more than usual “film recovery” so that you drop some prestretch Percent

when the film simply leaves the carriage (see under).

Our Super Quick Line II film carriage using its unique threading approach and a lot more film-to-silicone roller get in touch with is

designed to provide the best results for the various sorts of movies and varied applications however the final results

are relying on the range of factors in the above list.

3) Force-To-Weight (secondary stretch or pressure): This modification is usually found on the encounter from the management panel and

manages how much extra stretch is released after the prestretched film foliage the carriage. Considering that the fill needs to

move in the film to increase the Per cent of stretch, lighting lots will demand really little or no push-to-weight.

Essential: The pressure-to-weight setting is critical to maintaining the Percent of prestretch. If the prestretched film foliage

the carriage at 200% it wants to go back to its original shape before it is applied to the load. We call this film recuperation,

come back, rubberized music group aspect, etc. if there is no or little force-to-load being applied because you are wrapping light loads

the 200% may be reduced considerably by the time the film actually reaches the stress. If you have a 200, this means that even%

tailored film carriage you may actually calculate something significantly less when determining the Per cent of stretch in the load. You require X

quantity of force-to-load to support the 200 Per cent prestretch. The stretch film from Fhopepack is changeable according to the application.

stretch hood film
stretch hood film

There is stretch hood film available from Fhopepack per your packaging requirement

Stretch hood film for lachenmeier



Stretch hood film
stretch hood film manufacturer in China

chinese stretch hood machine

For our stretch hoode machine,it is only for domestic market now. Because after service is easy to do in China.
For oversea market, we are offering STRETCH HOOD FILM and it work perfect for lachenmeier,bocedisrl,MSK…
It is only for domestic market now. Because after service is easy to do in China.
For oversea market, we are offering STRETCH HOOD FILM and it work perfect for lachenmeier,bocedisrl,MSK…
Welcome to contact with me for further information.


Thanks for your reply .
Our coil weight will be 1000 kg – 5000 kg pl indicate this stretch hood machine GD 800 is suitable for this ?

—Yes, it works
What will be the civil work required for foundation of machine ?

—–Not foundation required
What is the total dimensions of machine -Length, width and height .

—Rougly: 3000x2500x3000mm
Is there any machine which also do strapping after wrapping?? If yes pl indicate .

—Yes, strapping tool
What will be the production rate is we consider average 3500kg weight of the coils ??

What is the total delivery period after PO??