film tension in wrapper


At present, one of the methods to improve the performance of fpc1 is metallic resin. Because it is a multi-layer film combining lower cost and higher level metal layers, the competitive high performance stretch film can be created.

Fpc1 application also has two basic methods to apply fpc1 to load. Hand stretch film rolls are lighter and shorter than machine rolls, and are more convenient for users to use. In high-volume computing, the preferred method is the machine film, where fast and consistent packaging is needed. Machine wrapping with stretch film

Fpc2 requires an operator to complete the process, and the first thing he needs to do is fix the film on the load and then expand the fpc1 when he turns around. The tension required to apply the tension to the film also needs to be done by the operator so that sufficient packaging force can be ensured to accommodate and unify the load. Since the operation of the stretching film must be performed by the operator, the size and weight must be limited, which is limited to ease of use. Therefore, the width and length of the handbag are generally shorter, so that the weight can be limited. This approach is usually used only in low-volume applications

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Stretch film production

What is a fpc1? .. Fpc1 is made of linear low-density polyethylene resin. It was introduced in the early ’70s, and since that time, fpc1 has become a means of transport and is the most important. Several key features are included:

Because fpc1 has a uniform and relatively high support force, the payloads that are protected from dust and damage can be used, and other unitization methods are not suitable. Products can be identified by customers and shippers while clean optics can be maintained. As a method, this is the most economical, with more details about these and other unified features. There are two basic methods for manufacturing fpc1. Technical details don’t need to be detailed. They are:

First, blow the film

Fpc2 manufacturing method is by putting a molten resin through a circular mold to manufacture, in order to form a tube, it is “blow about 30 feet high, this level is very high. Then, the bubbles are flattened and cut into strips, and when rolled up, the rolled flat pieces will be produced. The “labelling” of blown film is the “label” of the “industrial” application, which, as a fpc1, has a strong, hazy, noisy feature.

The membrane is made from molten resin, which is forced to cool down by a large extruder on a large drum. Then the cooling plastic layer is cut and cut into a stretch film. Nowadays, most fpc1 are multilayer films with specific purpose or characteristics.

The formula of fpc1 must be configured correctly.

Like any recipe, whether it’s pie crust or fpc1, it’s added to the recipe with some ingredients, for some reason. In the case of stretch film, in order to provide the puncture resistance, adhesion strength, viscosity and need to add some resin and additives, resistance to ultraviolet ray also needs to strengthen, or its antistatic performance also needs to be given.

What has been changing is the science of fpc1, because our test boundaries are allowed by technology. It’s important to make sure you buy the right stretch film for your specific application. It is very important to understand the specific features that need to be obtained from fpc1, and it is also a good start for your own specification to be created.

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Shipping documnet for stretch film and pallet wrapping machine

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How to choose a right stretch film

stretch film production

When you choose Stretch film, it is difference in varying gauges, colors, Pre-stretch ratio and applications. The main difference and key point for stretch films is in production: blown VS cast.
It is the basic to know the details how they are manufactured. Blown stretch film, or blown stretch wrap material is created by blowing heated resin out vertically into a bubble. The bubble is transformed into rolls through the cooling device by the surrounding air.
Cast stretch film, or cast stretch wrap is created by feeding a sheet of heated resin along a rolling path with automatic film counting and thickness checking rollers. After cooling the film through rolls that is winding into large rolls.
After you know how stretch wrap film is produced, what is the difference between cast and blown films. As a end user, what is the benefit of the stretch film features?
Blown film is higher in tough but it is less in puncture rate than cast. The different is occurs due to the different cooling process and cooling time which allows blown film to spread a long distance lines like in cast. Both Cast film and Blown film are able provide a higher level of cling. It sticks to itself easier.
Since blown film seen like no problem why most of end user choose cast film? In production, cast stretch wrap film has some device for clear, glossy finish allowing scanning technology, RFID to be used. It is better than hazy and dull blown. So that cast stretch film is much quieter than blown in unwinds process. And the cast machine also easier to control the gauge and stretch cast film.
Both films have their benefits and disadvantage, so how to choose the stretch film?
So, which stretch film fits your packaging requirement?
You’d better keep in mind include:
1. What kind of packing, by machine or by hand?
2. What type of wrapping machine is being used, pre-stretch or not?
3. What is the load need to be wrapped?
4. What is the loads specification?

Does your supplier ask you above questions and provide solutions based on your load specification?
If the answered is no, you’d better analytics your need or ask question contact with our engineer. Our engineer will ask you the above questions and some loading detail information. We will provide a free consultation about how much stretch film is costing you per application.
If you are purchasing films based on roll (the price per roll), you may cost more. Because of the higher price stretch film may cost lower for one load package.

Specification for stretch film


stretch wrap film
stretch wrapping film, LLDPE film

Performance machine stretch film

Thickness 37 45 50 60 70 75 80 90 115
Width 20’’ 30’’
Length 5000’ 6000’ 7000’ 9000’
Weight 26 35 37 38 55lbs
Core ID 3inch




Machine stretch film

Thickness 45 50 60 70 75 80 90 100 115 135 150
Width 20’’ 30’’
Length 3000’ 3500’ 5000’ 6000’ 7500’ 9000’
Weight 26 30 32 35 36 39 48 52 55lbs
Core ID 3inch



Wide machine stretch film

Thickness 80
Width 40’’ 50’’ 60’’ 70’’ 80’’
Length 5000’
Weight 64 80 96 112lbs
Core ID 3inch



Pre Stretched Machine Stretch Film

Thickness 50 55 60 70 80 90
Width 20’’ 30’’
Length 5000’ 6000’ 7000’ 8000’ 9000’
Weight 30 38 36 50 54lbs
Core ID 3inch



The client of Fhope stretch wrapper

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GPD Motor
Schneider Electric switch
Omron Time relay

Principal Customers of stretch wrapper:

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Pipe production INES

Steel manufacturer Add:AHL LOUGHLAM, CASABLANCA,

Steel wire production LADA SPRING WIRE
Add:ndustrial Area of Akouda 4115 Hammam

Steel manufacturer TATA STEEL LIMITED
Datapara road borivil east Mumbai 400066 India
Home products,retail
Emke Group
Add:P.O.Box 60188,Dubai-United Arab Emirated

Furniture GL DOORS LTD
Add:Unit 56 Thorpe Hill estateUnited Kindom
Tel: 44-113-3934666
Fax: 44-113-3934644

Principal works (References)

Designation of works realised or services Customer Date
Packaging line desinging  KME 2014-06
Coil master production  Novelis
Tube packaging line  Polycab 2014-02


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Stretch film and stretch hood film for pallet wrapping.

Company information of FHOPE

1°/ Identification sheet :


Date of creation : …………………1998……………………………………………………………………

Legal position : ……… Development Zone,
Songjiang District, Shanghai, P.R China, 201619

Capital : …………RMB 20,000,000…………………………………………………….

Adherence to a group : No Which one : ………………………………………
Contact :
Products / Services

Products or Activity Previous New % Turnover Market Share in %
Morocco Europe World
GS series coil wrapping machine **

2 8
FHOPE series horizontal wrapping machine **

2 8
FP series pallet wrapping machine **

2 8
CT series coil tilter **

2 8

Stretch film and stretch hood film per year

** Check appropriate box

stretch film and wrapping material for pallet covering

stretch wrap film
stretch wrapping film, LLDPE film

Various stretch films are available from market today for pallet wrapping, bundle strapping, it works for covering diverse packages and and load. There is an important use of stretch films. It is to wrap pallets from top to bottom of stacked bag, box, bottles… In the stretch wrapping processes, a load is wrapped with several layers stretch film. The overlap substantial width and many kinds stretch wrapping techniques for doing film covering per packaging requirement.

The stretch film used for packing requirement is capable of holding the package and by maintaining the wrap film under good tension. It is passed around a wrap pallet.  Not only does the stretch wrap film adhesive to four sides of the load, but also remains under tension by shrink. It is tightly shrink the package against one another by overraping film on load. The shape corn is not good for stretch wrap film. For avoid this problem,the machine or applicator must be adjust the tension control in applying when covering such corners.

There are different color of the stretch films, such as transparent, black, blue. Or the printing logo on the surface.




stretch film Chinese manufacturer

Stretch film Chinese
Stretch film Chinese



1. All colors and sizes accessible from the manufacturer.

2. 100% PE unprocessed materials.

3. With RoHS and REACH certificate, Ice-cubes requirements.

4. Pre-stretch level 150-500Per cent

5. Thicknesses: 17Mic-50Mic

6. Widths: 3cm-180cm

7. Lengths: 100M-7000M

We could do any size you want.


(1) All of our components are completely pure LLDPE. So our quality could be guaranteed.

(2) Conserving handling and cost time

(3) Sophisticated equipment and technology

(4) Great ideals for safeguarding items from dirt, rust and moisture.

(5) Affordable components of unitizing

(6) No harmful to surroundings


The relative stretch film site

stretch film price and supplier


stretch film & stretch wrap film   VCI stretch film stretch hood film          PVC stretch film

Stretch Film                      VCI Stretch Film                       Stretch Hood Film                          PVC film

There are different packaging solution along with stretch film and hood film for different equipment.



Please check the following attached for the tube bagging solution with stretch film.
There are two options for tube loading.
a. online feeding: Will be connect to your production line for online bagging.
b. offline feeding: Same as video shows
Note: The trail of end can be sealed or sleeve per your need.
The speical point need to be cleared is that there is need different forming device for different size(HxW) profile.
For example, for there are profile bundles in size, 100×200, 200×200, 300×300… For the best package, we need to change to bagging mold for each.
So if there is lot of size in profile bundle, please let me know. Our team will give your a suggestion for how many bagging mode required by simulate.