Turntable stretch wrapper B200

The turntable drawing packaging machine can create the safest and more uniform cell load faster than any manual application. These automated wrapper reduces waste and provides a good general purpose wrapper for various packaging applications.
Mir Wood doesn’t just provide a directory device. We combine our internal engineering capabilities and industry knowledge to create ideal solutions to meet the unique needs of every customer. Mir Wood provides two styles of turntable winding machine:
High profile designed for forklift loading
Low profile – special for pallet jack operation
Complete production line of semi-automatic and automatic stretching packing machine
Automatic and semi-automatic stretch packaging, mill Wood can provide you with an ideal solution. The semi-automatic packer provides a balance between easy operation and user control, while fully automated stretch packaging does not require operators.
Semi-automatic turntable: for small batch operation, handling 10 to 40 loads per hour, semi-automatic stretch packaging machine is a potential solution. These packaging safety combinations load and profit margins are inconsistent.
Automatic turntable: in the circulation process, no operator intervention is needed, the automatic drawing machine is guaranteed to keep consistent packing every time. These systems usually handle 100 loads per hour.

Turntable stretch wrapper B200

Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

fhopepack professional semi-automatic stretch packaging machine and automatic tray packaging machine production.
Over thirty years of experience have brought us a full stretchfilm packer. We have completed the revolution of the force swivel arm from the high speed ringwrapper Omega OMEGA mode and model synthesized from the mytho-a model of the rotating platform.
If you are looking for durable equipment to meet your industry needs, check out the Atlanta pull model as our packaging is manufactured and installed to meet the needs of more than 4 customers worldwide in thousands and belongs to every department.
Powerful and effective stretch film machinery has been manufactured to help you and protect your every product.
Eliminating risks, every product you produce is safe and reliable to meet the needs of your customers.
We always tend to say, “The last thing you want to do is put it in a tray, which is the first thing your customers will see.”
So you’d better be the most effective, the most economical and the best way to do it!
In this complex packaging world, Atlanta Stretch is a leader in the industry with its high quality, efficient, professional organization and advanced design, technology and manufacturing methods.
We are proud of our leading companies in the fields of logistics, paper, cardboard and paper towels for food, beverage and multinational corporations as well as an important partner for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
When you choose our automatic packer and tray packer, you will get the durability and reliability of every use.
Semi-automatic packaging machine
In semi-automatic tray packers, the use of film is done by the operator’s supervision and intervention. In fact, the operator must position the tray and attach the film to the tray. The wrappers will then automatically execute the program wrapping cycle, which is ultimately done by the operator or by an optional simple cutting device. At this point, the operator can remove the tray from the packaging position.
Automatic packaging machine
The automatic tray packaging machine does not require operator intervention, whether in the film connection stage or the last cycle, the system tray transport machinery, packaging tray here; machine packaging tray in accordance with the preset operating procedures, or select the automatic feed line . Once the process is complete, the pallet will be sent to the customer at the unloading point or automated warehouse.

Automatic Coil Tilter with Slide Table

Our FZ Series Automatic tilter are used for turning coils or other heavy objects, such as aluminum rings, dies, travelers, etc., from horizontal or vertical to vertical. It can also be attached to a line package or some other application.
1, Adopt special double chain drive helical gear reducer.
2. Four-roll device wrapped with polyamide glue.
three. Using frequency control, the work process is fast, stable and safe.
4, independent control panel control, simple and safe operation.
5. Electromechanical stop device used to ensure safe operation.
6, the machine can stop at any time.
7. Emergency stop and lock functions to avoid rotation.
Technical Parameters:
Marx: 8 tons loading
Flip speed: about 10% 60 seconds +
From a 90 degree angle: one-way transfer
Output power: about 3.0kw
Transmission: double chain / four-roller / helical gear reducer
Working mode: semi-automatic / remote control
These machines can be designed and manufactured according to your specific requirements.
If you are interested, please contact us.

The rotating coil assembly includes a pair of oppositely-disposed.parallel side frame panels 51, parallel, spaced, offset curved parts 51B 51A and adjacent rear edge plates (see Figure 1 and Figure 6). Each plate has a pair of angle setting and “projectionsslc in plane and extendelectric motor 37 and installed at the top plate 34 adjacent motors.” An output shaft of the decelerator 38 is provided with an elastic coupling to drive a worm gear 39and Jack 40 fixed ear plate 33. One
The fixed rotating screw jack 41 provides longitudinal motion in the worm Jack. Periodical 33A to avoid jack screw for the center line of the 41 longitudinal axis of the screw jack is combined with the ear axis component 32. it

Fhopepack SYSTEMS

FHP is a stretch wrapping company which is the global leader in the stretch wrapping industry. Technology, innovation, and experience are combined with the products by our series of semi-automatic and automatic pallet stretch packaging equipment that provide you with the results you can rely on.
A new smart tool- SYSTEM Fhopepack CONFIGURATOR is gained on SIEMENS HMI.
SYSTEM is a configurator that allows you to quickly and accurately select the right Fhopepack taping machine to apply rubberized fabric on all your boxes.
If your boxes have different sizes or you have special demands, our taping machine models can be easily and quickly compared through SYSTEM, which saves your time and money.
We have an experienced sales team which is devoted to find the perfect solution for our customers according to their application. Unceasing innovation and keening to offer the best service for our customer in the industry are the goal of every member of our team.
As the global leader in the packaging industry, Fhope Group is specialized in end-line solutions. It has almost 750 employees and 9 subsidiaries which are located France, UK, Germany, USA, Russia, China, Spain and Brazil, respectively. In addition, it has five facilities in the wrapping Valley in Italy and 1 in Brasil as well as 1 in the USA. Its business covers more than 120 countries and offers services to global customers.
Particularly, the Group has a broad range of products which range from semi-automatic packaging machines with intelligent technology to innovative automatic solutions and from industrial packaging machine to shrink packaging machine as well as cartooning machines to tailor-made wrapping solutions.
The sales revenue of five brands (Fhopepack, Fhopepack SYSTEMS, Fhopepack PACKERS,   Fhopepack E TOPTIER Fhopepack, respectively.) is 130 million Euro. More than 6 percent of sales revenue is invested in R&D to provide innovative technology solutions for the products and provide real benefits for customers.
The customer is first for our Group in the order of priority. Becoming a partner with the customer and not only a supplier is another step to enhance customer satisfaction.

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Multipurpose, Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine from Shanghai, China

The lowest price machine in our tmd-p26b range. The objective is to provide a machine that will increase productivity and quality / safety of the load, but at the budgeted price. Package settings and speed on the p26b are all pre-set levels, but for most customers will find satisfaction. If you need more control over the amount of membrane machine applicable to pallets, we would recommend exp-403 or exp-303. A film support is provided at the opposite side of the control panel, allowing minimal footprint.

This is our brand new entry-level premium machine. Although the price is low, the operator fully controls how many sets of packaging are placed at the top and bottom of the tray, allowing you to fully control how much film is used on the tray, which will remind you of a higher cost machine. Excellent architectural quality, durability and user friendliness. The exp-403 will become one of our biggest selling machine, the speed control of motor and programmable counter exp-308 package is a more general machine than exp-408; if you are wide range of packaging types especially useful. When running at full speed, this is 20% faster than exp-408 gives 25-30 pallets per hour of actual output, but the machine is still very simple to program and operate. It has a “quick release” control that allows tension adjustment very easily during a packing cycle, which is ideal if packaging light products or trays of mixed weight, such as heavy box bottom and light top.

Multipurpose, Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine from Shanghai, China 

The packing machine for following size

Wire coil compressing machine

The packing machine for following size:

1 3.50-8 SECURA (TT) 104.9 25.0 384 1206 60 8.3 43.4 60.00 4.7 50.6
2 2.75-10 LITTLE MASTER (TT) 84.0 21.3 400 1257 44.5 8.1 28.3 65.00 4.6 55.8
3 3.00-10 ZOOM D (TT) 101.0 26.7 415 1304 53 8.3 36.4 72.00 5.5 61.0
4 3.00-10 ZOOM D (TL) 101.0 26.7 415 1304 55 8.5 38.0 72.00 5.9 60.2
5 3.00-10 SECURA NEO (TT) 101.0 27.3 415 1304 53 8.3 36.4 72.00 5.5 61.0
6 3.50-10 GRIPP (TT) 117.0 33.3 443 1392 65 8.3 48.4 81.00 7.0 67.0
7 3.50-10 MILAZE (TT) 115.0 36.4 443 1392 60 8.3 43.4 81.00 5.5 70.0
8 3.50-10 MILAZE (TL) 115.0 36.4 443 1392 60 8.5 43.0 81.00 5.9 69.2
9 3.50-10 ZOOM D (TT) 114.0 34.4 440 1382 65 8.3 48.4 82.00 5.3 71.4
10 3.50-10 ZOOM D (TL) 114.0 34.4 440 1382 65 8.5 48.0 82.00 5.7 70.6
11 3.50-10 SECURA HI/ SECURA (TT) 102.1 28.6 439 1379 60 8.3 43.4 81.00 5.2 70.6
12 3.50-10 SECURA NEO (TT) 117.0 32.5 439 1379 65 8.3 48.4 82.00 5.5 71.0
13 90/100-10 GRIPP (TL) (Honda) 117.0 33.3 443 1392 65 8.5 48.0 81.00 7.9 65.2
14 90/100-10 GRIPP (TT) 117.0 33.3 443 1392 65 8.3 48.4 81.00 7.0 67.0
15 90/100-10 MILAZE (TL) 115.0 37.0 443 1392 60 8.5 43.0 81.00 5.9 69.2
16 90/100-10 ZOOM D (TL) 114.0 34.4 440 1382 65 8.5 48.0 82.00 5.7 70.6
17 90/100-10 ZOOM SZ (TL) 114.0 34.4 440 1382 60 8.5 43.0 82.00 6.4 69.2
18 90/100-10 FUEL SMART ( 116.5 29.5 438 1376 60 8.5 43.0 82.35 5.9 70.6
19 90/100-10 SECURA HI (TT) 102.1 28.6 439 1379 60 8.3 43.4 81.00 5.4 70.2
20 90/100-10 SECURA HI (TL) 102.1 28.6 439 1379 60 8.3 43.4 81.00 6.1 68.8
21 90/100-10 SECURA NEO (TT) 117.0 27.5 436 1370 65 8.3 48.4 82.00 5.2 71.6
22 100/90-10 GRIPP (TT) 124.0 36.5 426 1338 63.5 8.3 46.9 99.00 7.0 85.0
23 100/90-10 SECURA MaxX (TT) 120.0 27.7 428 1345 63.5 8.3 46.9 94.00 4.7 84.6
24 90/90-12 MILAZE (TT) 119.7 17.0 468 1470 65 8.5 48.0 87.70 6.2 75.3
25 90/90-12 MILAZE (TL) 119.7 17.0 468 1470 65 9 47.0 87.70 6.4 74.9
26 90/90-12 GRIPP (TT) 120.0 22.9 470 1477 65 8.5 48.0 85.00 7.8 69.4
27 90/90-12 SECURA NEO (TT) 120.0 18.9 470 1477 65 8.5 48.0 85.00 5.0 75.0
28 90/90-12 ZOOM D (TT) 120.0 21.5 470 1477 65 8.5 48.0 85.00 5.0 75.0
29 90/90-12 ZOOM D (TL) 120.0 21.5 470 1477 65 8.5 48.0 85.00 6.3 72.4
30 90/90-12 ZOOM HI (TL) 120.0 18.7 470 1477 60 9.5 41.0 85.00 5.4 74.2
31 90/90-12 PRO GRIPP (TT) 120.0 22.8 470 1477 65 8.5 48.0 85.00 5.5 74.0

3.Uniteze length wrapping available.

The horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine is ideal for long objects such as unitizing pipe, tube, profile, lumber, door, window, board, section,MDF wood,MDF board, textile rolls… No limited with one or more layer of stretch film or any other packing material. Over wrapping rate is adjustable according different width. You packages are protected from dust, moisture, damage。

We can provide the best horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/stretch wrapping machine solution for your needs, no matter how small or large the amount of supplies to be wrapped. The Go across Wr

Packing machine industry new equipment

?Human-Machine interfacing screen manage. ?Automatic mistake show provide handy shooting difficulty. ?Applicable for covering different goods, such as Container menu can easily, PVC bottle, Dog bottle as well as Cup bottle. Completely twisted shallow carton packaging functioning. ?variables can be arranged and modified on screen. Level provided for device adjustment makes it possible for saving and also convenience for adjustment. ?Listing transmission method gets rid of incorrect supplying difficulty. ?Glue spraying will be computed through encoder, making certain consistent adhesive squirting duration upon each carton and enables adjusting and also trying to remember whenever you want. ?Quick setup for various sizes. ?Almost all moving components are supplied with oil hard nips for oiling. Hard-to-reach bearings found at the machine bottle are usually focused lubrication from outside by means of essential oil pipes. Relevant Products : Container menu can easily, Premature ejaculation bottle, PP container, PET bottle, Goblet bottle and also Metal foil package.
The actual heating roller could be far better of supplying. The heating curler layout will be obvious, it is easy to set up regarding paper. The actual set powdered and also lozenge spot is actually impartial. Healthcare plate is easy to be able to solve and also thoroughly clean. Square of drugs plate is two
Microcomputer systems controler easy procedure. Create supplying quantity adopt phone switch, convenient press. Meducal plate and also hopper is straightforward in order to unravel and thoroughly clean. Increase health-related plate as well as hopper area, therefore will not packed medical Set up duration of healthcare document is applying optoelectronics.
Kind C-180 horizontal auto-packing machinery tend to be suitable to supplying foods, pesticide, phatmaceutical, every day using chemicals and so forth. Different filling up methods can be used for different proucts including liquid,powder, granule etc.
R5000X-BP High-Speed Horizontal Form-Full-Seal Product packaging Machine. Improved upon design for easy operation and upkeep. Hygienic Layout: Both infeed conveyor gear are often easily-removed, tool-free for cleaning. SEt-5000G-BX A few Axis servomotor Side to side Cushion Packaging Machine along with easy procedure as well as accuracy.Easy adjusting together with information storage space and replacing goods. (Up to A hundred and fifty words)

This machine works regarding labelling square, round, as well as toned containers on the market associated with foodstuff, medicine, aesthetic and so forth. with sophisticated operate, simple procedure and compact framework. Follow to photoelectricity recognition, PLC handle, Touchscreen software program functioning, conveyor belts are stepless for velocity modify, naming will be correct. at the same time it has the objective of no thing no marking , absolutely no changing by itself if it is simply no label, as well as automatic check. It may use individually and also may use link to additional supplying devices for utomatic create online. Machine Specification Sq . bottle content label speed 50-150?t/min(Beats per minute) Round jar tag speed 50-300?t/min(BPM) Flat container label speed 50-150?t/min(Beats per minute) Conveyor gear speed 5~60m/min Fishing reel jar conveyor speed 0~60m/min Tag away speed 3~60m/min Tag precision ?mm Minute length of label 10mm Complete power 2500W Power L/N/PE 220V 50Hz

Feature: RGsJ-B Sequence Hoover Emulsifying Device is really a new Smart equipment that produced on the fundamental regarding (about the base associated with ) the A sequence equipment and also the advanced oversea technique. The equipment is controlled by PLC automatically, HMI can change the stretch device function setting and hang the particular parameter conveniently, It really is highly computerized. Hermetic hoover work system, the equipment is with regular perform. (Along with Hermetic vacuum perform method, as well as secure overall performance ) The complete equipment is made with out dead perspective and also based on the GMP necessity from automatic product serving program, washing method, raising method, merchandise throwing out program to the complete equipment seems. It’s a great equipment regarding roducing cream product within aesthetic, drugstore along with other area.

packing machine for food

Crest Food items can be a contract private-label packager with experience in turnkey manufacturing, blending, and packaging of the broad selection of dry foods merchandise. To print its cup, bag, and carton packaging, Crest was making use of ink-jet products that was operating satisfactorily. But in-house servicing on the printers was not effortless to complete. It frequently was needed to phone in printer supplier business technicians, leading to enhanced line downtime.

Crest performed a three-week trial then put in their initial easy-bolt-on Keyence technique in March 2015. At the moment, the contract packer is working ten Keyence MK printers, printing one particular to 3 lines of alphanumeric information, based on the merchandise application and package deal dimension. These printers accommodate Crest’s cups, pouches, and cartons in different sizes. Versatile and rigid plastic structures are customer-specific, as would be the fill/seal tools.
Crest shopped all around and identified the machine Series industrial ink-jet printer from Keyence Corporation of America. This high-speed, clog-resistant technique characteristics an easy-to-use, touch-screen operator interface and it is engineered to offer you a mixture of automated servicing and superior QC. Print high quality is straightforward to examine. The printer might be linked to a picture sensor with only one cable. And substitute of consumable elements is easy to achieve, requiring no resources or user’s guide.
Including up rewards

The Supervisor for Crest Food items, says, “Since we’ve been employing the Keyence printers, we’ve saved on downtime, and these printers supply exceptional print top quality. They’re amid the simplest-to-use printers available on the market. If we experience a glitch, the program walks us via, step-by-step, to fix or proper the trouble. So our line operator generally can rectify the scenario with out needing to get in touch with on servicing personnel. Keyence has offered superb support, and our Keyence speak to, Joseph Milburn, usually is appropriate there to react speedily to any worries. He constantly is obtainable if we’ve required added coaching or other support.

four kind of flexiable packing

“Flexible packaging has been one of the speediest developing packaging sectors over the previous 10 a long time, many thanks to improved buyer target on comfort and sustainability, and this fast improvement will continue to speed up,” according to The Potential of Worldwide Adaptable Packaging to 2020 from Smithers Pira.

That sums up today’s scenario quite effectively. We’ve undoubtedly observed a quantity of remarkable technological breakthroughs in the previous 12 months that have kept fascination in adaptable packaging higher within the packaging local community. Especially as customer acceptance has held tempo, also.

Appreciate our checklist of the Top eleven adaptable packaging developments of 2015, commencing from the bottom with…

#eleven. The new Daisy Squeeze…It might search like a tube, but this package is really a pouch with a closure (see photograph over). Primarily based on the amount of Facebook “Like”s, Daisy sour product supporters give this simple-to-dispense and spoon-free answer a thumbs up.

Request any consumer what they can do to assist the atmosphere and you’ll probably hear “recycle.” While flexible packaging wins more than not when it will come to lowered packaging, it has not been leading of brain for its recyclability. Market specialist and blogger Ashley Swineheart wonders, “Is 100% recyclable adaptable packaging feasible?” Inquiring packaging specialists want to know, as well.

The new 20-lb “box pouch” of Dr. Thornley’s Hay Balancer dietary health supplements for horses from Equine Well being Sciences (EHS) is a actual thoroughbred of a package. The easy-to-carry bundle stands upright for eye-catching shelf display. It is also drinking water-resistance, recloseable and different from aggressive goods, which are typically marketed in unwieldy plastic buckets.

For those of us who want the wellness rewards of crimson wine without having the calories or alcoholic beverages, the new Vinia crimson grape powder—deemed a “biofood”—offers dispensing convenience with the well-known stick-pack structure. Not only does the packet maintain the powder new, but it is simple to have, open and dispense.

sensor and packaging in expo booth

Inside of the Cognex booth was a dwell demo of an inspection program that uses an “Xpand25” mirror array and bar-style gentle resource to study bar codes and examine for label problems as packing containers are conveyed at substantial speeds. The setup highlighted the company’s DataMan 503 large-pace logistics bar code reader. I was advised by product marketing expert Matt Angstadt that even though the demo was operating at a blazing speed of 500 ft for each minute, they have operate the system up to 600 fpm. He said that Cognex can put in methods capable of inspecting up to five sides of a box and are operating on 1 that can examine all six sides such as the base.
The system included Cognex Explorer Actual Time Checking (RTM) that automatically evaluates each and every captured graphic and categorizes them into teams such as deals with “no label present” or offers with “poorly printed labels.” Categorized photos are stored in a databases and available for foreseeable future viewing by means of any system with a world wide web browser.
In a adjust of pace from the other packaging booths that usually included packing containers in some way, Automatic Packaging Systems’ AutoBag 850S Mail Order Success Bagger is capable of managing bags up to 22 inches vast. The modern bag opening technology grabs and secures the bag in a prepared position. A vast-open up loading location functions strain sensors that get rid of the want for cumbersome guarding and protection switches about the heat sealer part. That final results in ergonomic and conveniently quickly loading by operators. It also provides AutoTouch management display screen and on-board diagnostics and an inline thermal imprinter for individually personalized mail buy success purposes. Luggage can be offered printed in up to ten colors for an impactful perception with consumers.

OX IV styles and manufactures the broadest variety of printer applicators in the entire world. We convert more than twenty five industrial printers into print and use. We can also modify our print and utilize gear to meet up with a extensive assortment of demanding apps – from airless all-electrical to massive 8″ X 11″ pallet labels.

Our exclusive TwinPrint series of printers and printer applicators are made for automating shipping label/packing slip/return UPS-ARS labeling processes. Our exclusive Tandem print and use can digitally laminate labels for hostile environments.

FOX IV released the world’s 1st HF (13.56 MHz) RFID label printer applicator in 2001 and we had been the 1st print and use company to pass the EPC Gobal’s Certification for Course 1 and Class tags in August 2004.

We can combine automated label applicators and printer applicators, conveyors, bar code scanners, ink jet printers, RFID and vision programs, scales, substance managing products, and a assortment of computer software and databases platforms to talk with legacy and professional warehouse administration programs. FOX IV is also a label convertor with 7 flexographic presses that can print up to eight hues – utilizing equally UV and waterbased inks.

We have set up our systems in a wide selection of hostile environments – from steel mills to copper mines to wash down procedures in places like Australia, Malaysia, Germany, Russia, and Chile.

Numerous of our remedies are documented on our world wide web web site. Make sure you just take the time to accessibility them – you could uncover that we have presently made a remedy that – with a tiny modification – will meet your demands. If not, you should speak to us to discuss your application. We have above twenty five many years of expertise supplying turnkey built-in remedies.