Horizontal stretch wrapping machine

It is becoming more and more important in modern production systems.
Increase productivity and ensure high flexibility.
About the product or
Its size. These requirements are opposite in the definition.
(Cecilia and Cecilia, 1990; Shewchuk and Moodie, 1998;
Matthews et al., 2006). High productivity machines are difficult.
Carefully crafted a series of highly diversified products. stay
On the other hand, flexible machines are difficult to reach.
High-yield level.
In most industrial processes, in order to achieve high output,
Through a production line.
In a continuous manner. Therefore, projects or processes rarely stop.
All processes are executed in the project.
In sports. Therefore, these tools must be synchronized.
Mobile material network and processing process,
These tools must be placed in
The next cycle.
Welding, embossing, printing, cutting, etc.
Sealing, clamping, etc. are usually found on the production line.
In essence it is not continuous. In these situations
The production process must be performed when the project is executed.
Stop it, so the production line works intermittently.
the way. Stop parking and wasting time
It is necessary to restart the line and follow the tool.
Regardless of industry, tools move
A path along a straight line, usually an application
It is called “flying saw” (Diekmann, Luchtefeld, 2008).
The tool is mounted on the slide and moves with the slide.
The workpiece will be processed. Process
When finished, the tool returns to its original location.
The next working cycle. Or if the tool is consistent
A closed track, usually a circular track, is a flight tool.
As a crossover tool (Diekmann, Luchtefeld, 2008).
This manufacturing process is usually mentioned.
As “flight handling” and several devices have been developed.
This is done in various industrial fields.
Industrial sector and flight processing
Solution selection, problems and design methods
The control system is the same. as the picture shows
Strada et al. (2012) are actually flying saws and crosscutting systems.
Can be parameterized in similar studies
the way. It is clear that technology solutions are in the process of development
Tools are different but integrated system methods
Can be considered similar.

Horizontal stretch wrapping machine


bar wrapping machine and orbital wrapper



The semiauto wrapping machine and stretch wrapper

bar wrapping machine and orbital wrapper.

Manually operating the package with manual material feeding and cutting.



price of orbital wrapping machine for wire mush

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile


Thank you for your kind email and support very much. After applying to our manager, he agrees to give you 3%discounts based on our quotation for aluminum profile packing machine GG400 and without compromising orbital wrapping machine quality. Hope you can accept this fairest price. Here reattached the quotation, please have a check.


Regarding after-sales service, we will offer you our best for orbital wrapping machine. Please check the details as below.

After-sales service guarantee

  1. One year for warranty
  2. Supply the spare parts of the machine for free.
  3. If need, engineers available to service machinery overseas.
  4. Change the broken parts of electric components for free.
  5. Respond and deal with the trouble of the machine within 3 hours after receiving technical supportive requirement.
  6. A new machine will be as a replacement, if the machine still can’t work after maintenance.
  7. 10 years warranty for structure fame
  8. Lifelong technical assistance and support


We are expecting to have a pleasant cooperation on this project by offering you a good quality of stretch film machine and establish a good and long term of business relation with your esteemed company.

As one of your cartoon size: L430mm x W420mm x H330mm is a little larger than the standard automatic cartoon erector and bottom sealer package


orbital stretch wrapper for panel and profile with stretch film

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile
1. Material rotate around the coil: it has a limit for the material roll diameter,because the whole material should run through the coil center.
since the minimum ID of your coil is 340mm,the material roll diameter should be within 200mm.
when the material roll is small,it will be used up soon,and may need frequent replacement of material.

Orbital stretch wrapper for panel and tray
Orbital stretch wrapper series
2.Material installed on supporter(as in the offer): it has no limit for the material roll diameter.
Material diameter can be 250mm or 400mm.
No need to replace the material frequently.
After checking, after loading our orbital stretch machine, the container(20GP) will only have space about L2800×W2300×H2300mmm.
Hi Peter, if you can palletized those screws into 4 pallets, it will be perfect. Because Betty says you have 12 pallets and each pallet is L1160×W830×H760mm. We are sure that this container can not hold 12 pallets and our machine. By the way, could you send me some pictures of your palletized screws? Can we put cartons of screw into the container directly instead of palletized?

Actually we don’t need packing machine and orbital wrapper  right now, we need only stretch film quotation for 20’ FCL container by pellets, kindly check with your stretch film supplier for the approx qty in 20’ container with best CIF Riyadh price and resend quotation based on 20’ container.


Yes,it’s two different wrapping material release mode:
They are only different in the material install structure,the packing function and performance are the same.


Aluminum spiral wrapping machine and orbital wrapper

Cheap door packing machine
Cheap door packing machine

[8:33:43] Brendan Galway: Hi Susan
[8:34:00] Brendan Galway: i would like a quote for a automatic wrapper
[8:39:30] susan Su: Hi Brendan
[8:39:58] susan Su: could you tell me what is the product do you need to wrap?
[8:40:05] Brendan Galway: aluminium cases
[8:40:29] Brendan Galway: 450 x 450 x 6500 x 450kg
[8:40:57] susan Su: “aluminum case” is it the aluminum profile?
[8:41:12] susan Su: do you have the pics. of it?
[8:41:25] Brendan Galway: the whole bundle of aluminium
[8:41:58] susan Su: ok, get it
[9:04:54] susan Su: like this, right?
[9:05:25] Brendan Galway: yes
[9:05:27] Brendan Galway: packs like that
[9:05:59] susan Su: so the aluminum profile packing machine is strapped with steel belt before wrapping, right?
[9:06:37] Brendan Galway: possible
[9:06:41] Brendan Galway: or pet strapping
[9:07:02] susan Su: OK
[9:07:23] susan Su: does all of your aluminum bundle size are the same?
[9:07:27] Brendan Galway: no
[9:07:31] Brendan Galway: various
[9:07:38] Brendan Galway: max 450×450
[9:07:55] susan Su: could you tell me the min & max size (L X WX H,weight) of them?
[9:08:20] susan Su: so that we can check whether all size of your aluminum profile can be wrapped in one set of machine.
[9:12:14] susan Su: we would like know the aluminum bundle sizes as below.
[9:12:29] susan Su: so that we can make a suitable solution for you.
[9:14:48] Brendan Galway: sizes from 65x65mm up to 450mm x 450mm
[9:15:35] susan Su: W65mm x H65mm to W450 x H 450mm, right?
[9:15:42] Brendan Galway: yes
[9:15:51] susan Su: the legnth is all 6500mm?
[9:15:59] Brendan Galway: 2000m – 6700mm
[9:16:06] Brendan Galway: *2000mm
[9:16:46] Brendan Galway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n0sx56bKng
[9:16:53] Brendan Galway: like this
[9:17:12] susan Su: so the total aluminum size is: L(2000-6700mm) x W (65-450mm) x H (65-450mm), right?
[9:17:20] Brendan Galway: yes
[9:17:39] susan Su: how about the min & max weight of it?
[9:18:01] Brendan Galway: min weight is 4kg – 400kg
[9:18:28] susan Su: so the max weight is 400kg not 450kg, right?
[9:18:36] Brendan Galway: either
[9:18:42] Brendan Galway: bundles change all the time
[9:18:50] Brendan Galway: so 450kg is fine
[9:18:54] Brendan Galway: as max
[9:19:09] susan Su: ok.
[9:24:44] susan Su: we have the similar automatic spiral wrapping machine in the video you sent, i will send the pic. of machine to you.
[9:24:59] Brendan Galway: ok
[9:25:00] Brendan Galway: thank you
[9:25:02] Brendan Galway: and a quote
[9:27:28] susan Su:
[9:27:38] susan Su: this is the video link of machine operation.
[9:29:19] Brendan Galway: is there any way for upload and download of the box?
[9:30:19] Brendan Galway: we build the box on a seperate trolley before loading onto the stretch wrapping machine
[9:30:22] susan Su: do you mean feeding(before wrapping) and out-feeding (after wrapping finished) aluminum bundle?
[9:30:47] Brendan Galway: yesh
[9:30:48] Brendan Galway: yes
[9:30:56] Brendan Galway: how to load the box onto the conveyor
[9:31:03] Brendan Galway: and off the conveyor
[9:32:20] susan Su: you are load the aluminum box by crane on the conveyor, and take off the wrapped box by crane, too.
[9:32:30] Brendan Galway: possbile
[9:32:34] Brendan Galway: possible
[9:32:44] Brendan Galway: but would rather some other way
[9:32:49] Brendan Galway: that the machine can do
[9:35:08] susan Su: the box also can be load on the conveyor by stacking machine.
[9:35:22] susan Su: it is an automatic loading way.
[9:36:06] susan Su: it is better to know what status of aluminum box on the trolley before wrapping.
[9:36:33] Brendan Galway: do you have a video of that stacking machine?
[9:37:15] susan Su: could you send the pics. of your aluminum box on the trolley? so that we can evaluate what kind of loading way suitable for you.
[9:37:47] Brendan Galway: ok
[9:37:55] Brendan Galway: give me 5 minutes
[9:37:58] Brendan Galway: ill go take a photo
[9:38:26] susan Su: ok.
[9:51:16] Brendan Galway: this is an example
[9:51:19] Brendan Galway: of the case
[9:51:29] Brendan Galway: in future it will be without cardboard
[9:52:37] susan Su: ok, thanks!
[9:54:53] susan Su: does the aluminum box loaded on conveyor?
[9:55:01] Brendan Galway: yes
[9:55:28] susan Su: it seems this conveyor height is not in the samel level of machine’s conveyor.
[9:56:10] Brendan Galway: no this is the end of the machine
[9:56:16] Brendan Galway: we manually build these boxes
[9:56:35] Brendan Galway: we in future want to stack all the aluminium then wrap the complete bundle
[9:56:59] susan Su: oh, i see
[9:57:10] susan Su: i will send a video link for you reference.
[9:57:18] susan Su:
[9:58:12] susan Su: in this video, the aluminum is stacking one by one, then aluminum bundle/box wrapped together with stretch film.
[9:58:20] Brendan Galway: ys
[9:58:22] Brendan Galway: yes
[9:58:25] Brendan Galway: that looks good
[9:59:02] susan Su: does your wrapping material is also LLDPE film like this video shown?
[10:02:08] Brendan Galway: not sute
[10:02:09] Brendan Galway: sure
[10:02:36] susan Su: so what kind of wrapping material do you use?
[10:02:42] Brendan Galway: ahh yes, we wrapping with stretch film
[10:02:55] Brendan Galway: small bundles
[10:03:33] Brendan Galway: then manual pack in cardboard box, we want to automate as much as possible
[10:06:22] susan Su: you saied “in future it willbe without cardboard” and you need automate as much as possible. so that is mean you automatic aluminum stacking one by one and box wrapped automatic, right?
[10:06:57] susan Su: the automatic not including cardboard packing, right?
[10:07:29] Brendan Galway: yes no cardboard
[10:07:56] susan Su: so it just including automatic stacking and wrapping.
[10:09:54] susan Su: it is no problem.
[10:10:32] susan Su: could you tell me the single aluminum profile size, including min & max width and height?
[10:10:55] Brendan Galway: 16mm x 38mm
[10:11:03] Brendan Galway: but it is in bundles
[10:12:09] susan Su: sorry, i don’t very clear about what is the meaning of bundles?
[10:13:21] susan Su: does the single aluminum profile in a small bundle firstly and then strapped in a big bundle/box?
[10:13:46] Brendan Galway: yes
[10:13:55] Brendan Galway: 2-10 pieces
[10:14:11] susan Su: so the small bundle size are the same?
[10:14:19] Brendan Galway: no
[10:14:20] Brendan Galway: random
[10:14:33] Brendan Galway: we have 30 different peices
[10:14:36] susan Su: how about the min & max size?
[10:15:48] susan Su: does the small bundle also strapped with PET belt?
[10:18:43] Brendan Galway: yes
[10:18:56] Brendan Galway: small qty of about 2-10
[10:18:59] Brendan Galway: wrapped
[10:19:15] Brendan Galway: then bundled in box of about 20
[10:20:10] susan Su: what is the min & max size(width & height) range of small bundle?
[10:20:36] Brendan Galway: 32mm x 38mm
[10:20:49] Brendan Galway: minimum
[10:21:01] Brendan Galway: then max 150mm x 150mm
[10:21:30] susan Su: ok.
[10:22:31] susan Su: for the aluminum stacking, do you want aluminum profile stacking one pcs by one pcs or one small bundle by one small bundle?
[10:22:59] Brendan Galway: depends on the size of the peice
[10:23:28] Brendan Galway: if small profile it is bundle, if large profile it is single
[10:24:35] susan Su: how do identify it is the small profile or large profile? does it have the size limited?
[10:25:02] Brendan Galway: manual identification
[10:25:12] Brendan Galway: by person
[10:25:35] Brendan Galway: ill be back in 2hours
[10:25:37] Brendan Galway: speak soon
[10:25:40] Brendan Galway: sorry


Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile

[10:25:53] susan Su: ok, go ahead.

orbital stretch wrapper for pallet load


your inquiry about our pallet wrapping machine. Attached please find the quotation of our pallet orbital wrapping machine. You can get machine features and technical data in the quotation clearly. After going through it, please let me know if you have any questions.

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile

Since our return there has been many things going on at our facility. Anyhow we had opportunity to discuss your orbital stretch wrapper machine at our management meeting and we would like to proceed.

Answers to your questions are as follows:

7.1 – Thanks for offering the ability to wrap two materials, but we have decided that we just require a single layer (Stretch film only).

7.2 – I think rollers would be preferred for the conveyers.

7.3 – Can you change the roller length of the conveyers to 8’ (2,438 mm)

Can you update the quotation if necessary and provide the approval drawings of orbital wrapper? Can you note specifically the floor area that I need to allocate for the assembled machine?

I look forward to your reply – Thanks,

Orbital stretch wrapper for hose, tyre, motor tray package

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile
Following are email reply about how to wrap hose, tyre, tray by orbital stretch wrapper.
Reply of machine best price, delivery period of your email sent to you on last Satuday, have you received it?
After simulating your pipe coils’ packing effect by our engineer yesterday, the work ring will be easy collision with coil inner with regular design.
For regular pipe coil, hose, tyre package, min ID is 200mm. But your corrugated pipe coil ID is only 125mm. So there are some technical problem need to
solved for orbital wrapping.
In order to solve this techical problem of the orbital wrapper, we should open a new work ring mould and make a special design for it. Except this, the max film roll width can be used is 50mm,
max film roll OD is 70mm. In this case, for coils’ package, it needs to change packing film roll frequently. It is not economic.
Last time, the price i quoted you is with regular design. After complete considering your pipe coils’ specification and packing effect,
we need to make a special machine for you, best price of it is USD12, 580/set.
There is another kind of horizontal entire pipe coil wrapping machine maybe suitable for you, it is lower than orbital pipe coil wrapping machine. The pipe coil is full packed with this machine.
Attachment is the video of horizontal entire pipe coil orbital wrapping machine operation. If needed, quotation of this machine will be sent for you reference.
Any question, pls feel free to let me know.
orbital stretch wrapper for motor
orbital stretch wrapper for motor and gear

Orbital stretch wrapper & horizontal wrapper with good price

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile

Regarding sharing the video, I will check and try it by tomorrow. Please have a wait.


Here are some for your reference. In fact, those clients bought different packaging machine from us, and some of them have bought horizontal stretch wrapping machine.


I was thinking in the prices you gave me about both sealing systems and I am quite confused because there is a big difference between both systems. In the first system (cover the ends of the bundle) costs 38.000$ and the second system (cover whole bundle) costs 16.500$. So please confirm that is that way and there is no any misunderstanding from my side.

Regarding the kraft paper the orbital wrapping machine can cover the tail and the end or the whole bundle with this material?

Videos for reference:

 orbital stretch wrapper  

For long shape small objects packaging, such as: Pipe bundle, tube, profile, section, timber wooden…

door orbital wrapping machine

For Wide object packaging, such as:  Door, window, panel, board

For heavy objects packaging: Such as steel tube, steel rod, aluminum profile, motor, reel…

orbital stretch wrapper for panel

For wide&height objects packaging, such as, pallet, panels, doors,

Orbital stretch wrapping machine for automatic shrink wrap


Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile


More information: http://www.fhopepack.com/Horizontal_wrapping_machine.html

Orbital stretch wrapping machine SUPPLIER supplied motor controls shall be housed in a standard
motor control center (MCC) enclosure, and shall provide a method for disconnecting
power from each motor circuit, and allow the operating mechanism to be locked in
the open and closed position by padlock. Refer to the Motor Control Center section
of this specification for additional information.


Orbital stretch wrapping machine SUPPLIER supplied control panel(s) shall provide a centrally
located terminal block layout, separated by voltage level, for the purpose of
terminating all field wires to and from the system. All field wires shall terminate on
one side of the terminal blocks.


Any floor mounted or large wall mounted control panel of the Orbital stretch wrapping machine shall have one 120V,
duplex convenience receptacle installed for maintenance. This does not include
outlets used for powering equipment mounted on panel. This type of panel shall also
contain a switched fluorescent strip light on the ceiling, and shall have provisions to
be “cinch” anchored to finish floor or bolted to building steel.

Orbital stretch wrapper for panel
Orbital stretch wrapper for panel