Full-automatic Copper Coil Wrapping Line

coil packing machine

The track stretching packaging machine is a stretching packaging system that uses vertical rotating rings to wrap products inside. Commonly known as horizontal stretch packaging machines, these systems provide a great solution for packaging long and wide loads. Rail telescopic packaging provides a safe and effective way to stretch packaging wood, doors, windows, pipes, textiles and more.
Rand technology Lange
Fhope is an automatic horizontal ring stretching package, which can be adapted to any application, in which safety, protection, flow efficiency and cost containment are important. It is a very cost saving system that eliminates the expensive labor force and takes the place of smaller systems, such as contraction bundling, tape, bundling and corrugated cartons.
Heavy duty ring bearings provide a simple way to drive and support movie cars.
The patent power TURU conveyor belt carries the product through the packaging area.
The screen door gives a view of the machine operation when it protects the packaging module.
The patent power spin film transmission system. 150% standards and 100-300% are available.
4 ring sizes are available.
Lant Lange track transversely stretching packer
Series 200 packaging speeds up to 3 per minute [series 300 to 15 minutes / min].
The pretension can be from 100% to 300%.
The ring diameter is 40 “, 60”, 75 “, 90”.
The ring diameter is 40 “, 60”, 75 “, 90”.
Electric 460V/30A.
The WulfTEC WWA-200 stretch packer can generate up to 120 load per hour.
WWAW-200 manufactured by WWFTEC provides a substitute for manual packaging production. WWAW-200 is a horizontal stretch packaging system that is safer, stronger and more reliable than any other horizontal stretch package. WWAW-200 is with 3 years of warranty.

The machine works for cutting tool and cnc processing machine
20 “thread free dynamic pretension trolley”
Optional side guide and retainer
Ring bearing drive belt drive with automatic lubrication station
Separation of front-end and end wrapper selectors
Allen Bradley SLC 5 / 03 PLC
The maximum load of 5000 lbs.
RPM based on Ring Size
Electrical 230V/2020A
Maximum diagonal load size 8
Motor 1HP

Full-automatic Copper Coil Wrapping Line

horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machines

Following is the information about the horizontal orbital wrapping machine for different package and different packing requirement.

The solution is from semiauto to automatic, from wrapping to film strapping, from four sides wrapping to full six sides wrapping…

wrapping for long shape packages.

The machine designed for furniture packing

The orbital wrapper not only for wrapping, also programmed for film strapping.

Small orbital wrapper for box wrapping


More information:





Fhope can help you to upgrade your end-of-line orbital wrapping through a customized orbital stretch wrapper, no matter you’re still wrapping package by hand or hoping to improve efficiency with your current packing operation. The experienced team of fhope Enterprises analysis your wrapping throughput and floor space as well as integration options and then provide the ideal orbital stretch wrapping solution according to your demands.

Reduce labor costs and improve speed and productivity at the same time.

The safety and efficiency, as well as lasting reliability from some of the leading manufacturers in the nation, can be provided by our inventory of horizontal wrapping machine. If you want a wrapper quote online, please call us whatever your industry and requirements.

Automatic Panel Packaging Machine

Easy to operate the control of many different packaging machines that are used to set or operate these machines. From button control to switch setup to touch screen, every machine manufactured by liquid packaging solution is designed to make device operation as simple as possible. Although most of the automatic packaging equipment will include a main power switch and emergency stop and reset button, different types of devices will be controlled in different ways. Let’s get a quick look at the control of some of the most common machines built by LPS.
Turntable and conveyer
Loading turntables, accumulating turntables and power conveyors are simply machines to operate, and it can be controlled in a number of rows or turntables or conveyor belts itself. The operator only needs to flip the switch to open the device and use a simple speed pan to adjust the speed of the desktop or belt movement. In addition, the control can be connected to the control panel of another packaging machine. For example, the control panel of a filling machine can include a turntable, a power conveyor, or both power and speed control. It is helpful to improve the operation efficiency of the packaging line by concentrating the control of multiple machines on a control panel.

Container automatic cleaning equipment will include more detailed than the control discs and conveyor. These machines will include a control box with the touch screen operator interface. On the interface screen, there will be menus, allowing operators to manually control some functions of rinse equipment, as well as screen setup time, index time and other functions of the machine. In general, the delay time and duration of index and flushing will be set in the initial use of the machine (or the internal test machine). All the relevant information of the production operation is called the formula. Once all the data has been entered a specific container, formula can be recorded and stored in the PLC for future use. Therefore, instead of finding and setting the bottle time on every occasion used on the packaging line, the prescription screen is allowed to be set at once, then simply review the future settings, make the transformation as simple as possible, and significantly reduce downtime.

The horizontal stretch wrapper with Allen Bradley PLC

Orbital wrapping machine

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The horizontal stretch wrapper Allen Bradley Microblog PLC design is full of features and options to enable a wide range of applications to be handled well. Fpc3 controller has some additional functions and advantages. Now we can look at that. Programming or human-machine interface (HMI) port, in addition to the port 0 channels – a cheap method can be provided, an additional port can also be offered, Rockwell software can be used at this time. Programming with the PC 5 PC or another method is to connect an operator interface device to your controller. In addition, you can always keep up with the latest features that can be guaranteed by an upgradeable flash operating system, and changing hardware is not needed. If the controller wants to update, you can easily complete the latest firmware downloaded from a website.

Best of class “safety features include: package safety eyes area load position, the safety eyes, including feed and the output, the load before the change cycle correctly positioned in line area can be ensured. In the packaging process, the wrappers are shut off by the surrounding safety eyes and some of the things in the packaging of the horizontal wrapping machine.

When the door is closed, ensure that the spiral orbital machine is closed, which can be ensured by the car safety switch. If there is an electronic stop and a secure lock disconnect. Any lost power locking ring can be ensured by the vertical lift of the fail-safe braking system. All the air can be mitigated by manual locking exhaust valve can ensure that, if the air supply and the demand level, air supply lower, by fpc3 pressure switch off. Feed and output conveyor safety interlock, which can guarantee communication with the upstream and downstream transport system.




Horizontal wrapping machine and bundle stretch wrapper

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Automatic orbital stretch wrapper for handling the bundle package with film wrapping. It is able strap the load with some distance and do reinforce wrapping.

2.Material and Reduce Packing Costs.

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper/wrapping machines can eliminate bulky, expensive packing material in wrapping like foam, tape, shrinking wrapping, paper Knit belt, string, pet belt. The highly packing speed saves you time and labor costs. All above minimize your packaging cost.

3.Uniteze length wrapping available.

The horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine is ideal for long objects such as unitizing pipe, tube, profile, lumber, door, window, board, section,MDF wood,MDF board, textile rolls… No limited with one or more layer of stretch film or any other packing material. Over wrapping rate is adjustable according different width. You packages are protected from dust, moisture, damage。




Horizontal wrapping machine for package with timber blocker

The ATIS Fifty from Plasticband is surely an automatic orbital wrapping machine which is engineered for you to wrap moldings, metal profiles, pipes blinds and shelves. This gadget is easy to make use of and set in automatic manufacturing lines or high shows. It is created wrap and protect items against soil, dust and also humidity through the transport as well as storage.typically horizontally disposed forming package means working to form, coming from an elongated flexible wrapping material sheet attracted longitudinally and forwardly therethrough, a consistent wrapping material tube developing a closed bottom level side defined by a sideways central area of the wrapping substance sheet, the tube creating a rearwardly disposed open inlet conclusion;means for operatively attracting the covering material linen upwardly and forwardly straight into said developing box signifies, and longitudinally through said developing box signifies in a forwards direction;method for defining a stretched out, generally horizontally, stationary help surface increasing rearwardly from a good exit conclusion thereof positioned strongly and rearwardly adjacent the open conduit inlet finish; Horizontal wrapping machine for package with timber blocker  

Horizontal wrapping machine for package with timber blocker

With the continuing growth and product diversity in the global biscuit industry, flexibility and adaptableness are becoming critical factors for fulfillment. The Pack 301 Mark vii mid-range automation solution addresses specifically those variables combined with high quality product high quality. The machine can package any sort of biscuit about edge, through round, sq . or rectangle-shaped to hoagie biscuits. Revolutionary features ensure an optimal item control throughout the packaging series: from the moment products are loaded into the cross string until the package is covered. The full servo-controlled item transfer from your cross string into the wrapper?¡¥s infeed sequence, for example, functions pre-acceleration. This allows for an optimal synchronization involving the transfer device and the infeed sequence, eliminating effect on the product and maintaining product top quality. High layout flexibility delivers manufacturers a configuration in accordance with their particular needs. The particular modular design enables scalable options, facilitating simple expansion of production capacities plus an increase in the degree of automation through hand loading to fully automated solutions.
Horizontal wrapping machine for package with timber

horizontal stretch wrapper for profile banding requirement


I would like to confirm machine defects:
Budle machine
1 PLC has English language
2 add speed control knob of bundle mahine on the control panel
3 add a knob for the sequence reset
4 add adjustable borders on 3 conveyors
5 starting step of bundle machine can not automatic start by waiting product on conveayor detecting themself , because it can start when we put product after start signal on.
6. to joint control signal between the bundle machine and the wrapping machine i.e. when we increase speed of bundle machine , the wrapping and heater tunnel will increse together.

Wrapping machine
1. machine base : change to locked wheel
2. add adjustable borders on the heater feeding conveyor

notice : I request PLC diagram (software) because it will easy to adjust machine when it has touble.


Horizontal wrapping machine shipping

horizontal wrap machine

Thank you for the email advise below. Please submit final payment invoice so we can get that ball rolling (as noted in email below, balance payment requires 3-4 working days for processing and we have scheduled cheque run dates to adhere to as well).

Please note we need to get this Horizontal wrapping machine in house as soon as possible, we have projects pending due to not receiving this order, and everything is getting delayed. We were counting on May 1st ship date which didn’t happen so whatever we can do to minimize any potentially wasted days we would really like to try and would appreciate your assistance.

Regarding shipping, it’s not the amount of sailings a week I am concerned about, my concern is the congestion we’ve been hearing about at the Shanghai port which is delaying sailings by two weeks in some cases. That is a concern.

Anyhow, please stay in touch and keep us posted on the progress of Horizontal wrapping  machine, this order is being watched closely now and we need to provide daily updates on this order. If there are any other delays pertaining please advise, better to know ahead of time than to be surprised or unadvised.




handling equipment site: http://upender-tilter.com

Horizontal stretch wrapper installation required

horizontal stretch wrapper, stretch wrapping machine, orbital wrapping machine

We are going to have some engineers on site in Mexico the week of February 19th to discuss the commissioning of our Tension Level Line. They will also try and determine what the customers plan is for commissioning the stretch wrapper. Can you send me the names of the people you will be sending for commissioning as well as copies of their passports so we can make travel reservations when the time comes? Also, I think you will need to have a translator accompany you’re people. They may also need visas to travel to Mexico.

horizontal stretch wrapper, stretch wrapping machine, orbital wrapping machine
I have some question about the machines from the first request (stretch wrapping machine and pallet wrapper-D) :

– for the maritim transport, how many space needs your stretch wrapping machines ?
– to instal the machine in the customer factory, how many your technicien needs ?
– how much is the cost of your techniciens per day and how many days needs ?
– may I receive the quotation for the spare parts, as the belt of the horizontal stretch wrapper conveyor ?