Door packaging machine and full size panel shrinking machine

We are providing automatic door shrink wrap machine for full size sealed packaging. it works for wooden door, steel frame door, windoor, panel, board…

The door packing machine included two sealing stations, one is with length 2.2m, one is with 1.2m. It is able sealing the door, panel packaging with full size sealed package. And  door shrinking machine is length 2400mm.

We can help the end user cusomtized the handling and packaging solution per requirement.


Panel strapping machine and wooden strapping machine available for your strap packaging from fhopepack


door packing machine video

Door packaging machine, door shrinking machine from Fhopepack


Find the door packing solution for your wooden, glass, panel…

Different solution from wrapping to shrinking, sealing…

Automatic door packing machine including film covering and sealing station which connect to the feeding conveyor.
And than automatic shrinkin gmachine