Orbital Horizontal Film Wrapping Machine

Horizontal rail stretch packaging / packaging machines are designed for straight objects. It has achieved success in special-shaped products, tubes, plates and other industries. Flat knitting machine is used for steel tube packing, aluminum profile packing, door and window packing, bar packing, panel packing, etc….
It is high speed and efficient equipment for your packing
Solution。 The horizontal rail packer installed in the Fhope has been adequately designed and manufactured in a number of manufacturing locations. In the market launch of the company’s authoritative scientific knowledge package, moving things: complementarity, opportunity management contract to complete a series of adding functional superposition, handling, packaging, packing, packaging and product quality ability of the proposed project in any way the speed of generation finally praise options.
1. Protect packages and eliminate damage
Horizontal rail stretch packer and ring packing machine are suitable for stretching and packing requirements of LLDPE stretch film. Once the stretch film is wrapped around the package, it shrinks and closed like a rubber band to keep it compressed and wrapped together. It avoids damage to coloured and highly polished surfaces, thus ensuring the transition of objects. Avoid cross buffering material requirements.
2 materials and lower packaging costs.
The horizontal track stretching packaging machine eliminates the bulky and expensive packing materials such as foam, adhesive tape, shrink wrapping, paper woven tape, thread and polyester belt. High packaging speed, save your time and labor costs. Reduce packaging costs.
3 uniteze length package available.
Horizontal track tensile packaging machine is ideal for long objects, such as tubes, tubes, profiles, plates, doors, windows, boards, strips, wood MDF, MDF, textile rolls… There is no limit to one or other packing material to stretch the film layer or more. The encapsulation rate is adjustable according to different widths. Your bag is to prevent dirt, moisture, damage.

Automatic Orbital Horizontal Film Wrapping Machine for Stainless Steel Tube

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