Horizontal wrapping machine for package with timber blocker

With the continuing growth and product diversity in the global biscuit industry, flexibility and adaptableness are becoming critical factors for fulfillment. The Pack 301 Mark vii mid-range automation solution addresses specifically those variables combined with high quality product high quality. The machine can package any sort of biscuit about edge, through round, sq . or rectangle-shaped to hoagie biscuits. Revolutionary features ensure an optimal item control throughout the packaging series: from the moment products are loaded into the cross string until the package is covered. The full servo-controlled item transfer from your cross string into the wrapper?¡¥s infeed sequence, for example, functions pre-acceleration. This allows for an optimal synchronization involving the transfer device and the infeed sequence, eliminating effect on the product and maintaining product top quality. High layout flexibility delivers manufacturers a configuration in accordance with their particular needs. The particular modular design enables scalable options, facilitating simple expansion of production capacities plus an increase in the degree of automation through hand loading to fully automated solutions.
Horizontal wrapping machine for package with timber
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