Full-automatic Rod Film Wrapping Machine

Sa-106-2 is suitable for group packing bottles, such as water, canned food, beverage. The transparent PE shrink film (each top and bottom film bracket) or printed PE film (only the top film cradle) can easily change the encapsulation matrix between modules. It contains two packaging lines, which can reach speeds of 44 packs per minute, and 330ml can be packaged on a matrix basis.
The standardized machine structure, constructed firmly and consistently throughout, combines innovative electronic drive systems for maximum maintenance convenience.
Modular components feature maximum durability without deformation, while maintainingg performs normally at any time. Adopt popular well-known brand components, consistent specifications, easy interchange. At the same time, ideal line management for mass production. Electronic sensors for maximum performance reliability in Europe or japan. Constant temperature. Make a bronze sealed blade, extraction type constant temperature furnace tube, combined with maximum stable silicon controlled temperature control, energy saving and rapid change. The copper sealing knife non stick Teflon coating protection glue.blade protection device equipped with micro sensor. If cutting hard objects, blade rebate automatically protects the machine structure and reduces packing damage.
Distributors of packaging machinery, including tensile packaging machinery. Types include high profile, low profile, semi automatic rotating arm and automatic stretch wrapping machine. Semi automatic spiral arm stretch packaging system can be installed on the wall, after installation, free standing and rear support, independent floor mounting type. Semi automatic packing machine specifications include maximum load up to 50. L 50 inches. W x 86 inches. H, the loading speed is 30 load per hour, the speed is 12 rpm, the power input is 115 volts, and the DC drive motor is 1/2 horsepower. Retractable packaging available at lease & 3 year limited warranty. 24 human resources.

Full-automatic Rod Film Wrapping MachineĀ 


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