Autoamtic pancake coil packaging machine

Dear Sir

Glad to receive your inquiry for Autoamtic pancake coil packaging machine.

Learning from your size and requirement, i think following machine is able meet your goal.

It is a solution able work for Max.OD 650mm.

If your are looking for a solution for 950mm, we will provide an another solution.

But i don’t think it is a good idea about pay more money to purchase a packing line per small quantity products.
1. It will cost more money.
2. It will need more running cost.


We plan to purchase the 2016 a line for packing of pancake copper tube. Please prepare and send to this e-mail offer, including technical characteristics, location plan with overall dimensions and price for your equipment for packing of pancake copper tubes.

The main features of pancake copper tubes: diameter of 6.76-32.3 mm; length tubes in pancake – 5000-55000 mm, the number of layers in the pancake – 1-2;


Anyway, we are waiting for your reply for further step discussion.


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