aluminum coil tilter and upender



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Coil Tilter for Al-foil
Application: the coil tilter is intended to overturn Al-foil coils from side surface on its end.
Main technical parameters of rolling process:
NN Denomination Required technical parameters
1 Coil width 280-850 mm
2 Aluminium alloys
Al 3xxx
Al 8xxx
3 Material thickness: max./min. 110/30 μm
4 Internal coil diameter 76,2 mm/150 mm/152,4 mm
5 Data of coil
Max.coil diameter – 1000 mm;
Coil width-280 mm
Max. Coil width – 850 mm;
Max. coil weight – 1,2 t.
6 Coil starting position
Sidewise on the horizontal surface
8 Required coil position
On end, eye-to-sky (90°)

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