automatic encrusting machine for pizza

We have been a up and down integrated adaptable packaging manufacturer with capacity to extrude film, engrave cylinders, print, laminate and convert movies into a huge selection of pouches and bags.
Automatic-Encrusting-Machine FOR PIZZA and cake
Automatic-Encrusting-Machine FOR PIZZA

Plastic bags can vary based on your product specification & processing machines, but our ongoing commitment to invest in supply chain distribution, manufacturing machinery and technology, is your best guarantee that your custom made products are produced at the highest level of quality, and on the most cost effective manner.

FP encrusting Packaging Corp is freshly formed and invested by way of a leading Asian food encrusting manufactuer of flexible packaging, Jin Plastic material Compound Shade Stamping Co Ltd. Our purpose is to provide a fast, high quality steady and cost efficient adaptable packaging products And solution to consumers who battle to reduce the packaging cost.

We are vertically integrated maker with capability to extrude movies, engrave cylinders, print, laminate and convert films in to a large variety of bags and pouches.

he EP BX is ideal for huge automatic encrusting machine and food production line packing of food goods such as confectionery, baked products, meat, vegetable and fruit cheese biscuits, cookies, crackers and wafers and candy in addition to lowfoods apps.

The box motion conclusion sealer is perfect for products which use fuller packaging need and films air flow tight (hermetic) closing (particularly when gas eliminating / modified ambiance pacaging (Guide) is required).


Designed with encrusting machine hygiene in mind

Strengthened safety features

Cantilever style infeed conveyor for quick cleaning and uncomplicated maintenance.

Auto film nourish roller placing and new film pressure manage method guarantees steady film foldable.

New style finish sealer process for high dependability closes and extended service existence. Functions easyclear conclusion sealer (with devicetotally free cutter transform and retracting release belt).New design wheel type center sealer

with quick temperature response allows for a broader selection of movies to be used using the machine.

15- color touch-screen manage panel. Twin display exhibit readily available for multiplemonitoring and control.

contract for palstic pipe coil packaging machine

hose wrapping machine
hose wrapping machine, pipe coil wrapping machine, garden hose packing machine


Thanks for the contract.
I have revised the seller information and bank information in the contract.
This time we will not export through Shanghai Qiyi company.
Others keeps all the same with previously orders.
The delivery time is 15-20 days after down payment received.



This Contract of coil packing machine is signed by and between the Buyer, the Supplier and the Seller after friendly negotiation; whereby the Buyer agrees to buy and the Seller agrees to sell the commodity specified in CLAUSE 1 hereof (hereinafter called Contract Products) according to the terms and conditions stipulated in this Contract:



Name of Commodity, Specifications, Packing and Shipping Marks
coil packing machine Quantity
Unit Price FOB
Total Amount (USD)
SILK CREPE PAPER with Maghreb Steel logo print, monochromic print, per logo dimensions per file “MAGHREBSTEEL_logo_dimensions_140708.jpg”
提供的印有Maghreb Steel标识的夹丝皱纹纸,尺寸详见文件“MAGHREBSTEEL_logo_dimensions_140708.jpg”
6 tons          2,680.00         16,080.00
SILK CREPE PAPER without Maghreb Steel logo print提供的夹丝皱纹纸 2 tons          2,500.00          5,000.00


Base on today’s exchange rate: 1 USD=6.4055CNY    基于今日兑换率:1美元=6.4055人民币


合同价格为 2.1080万美元

This Price is firm, fixed and not subject to escalation, any and all taxes, levies, duties payable in China excluded, and on FOB delivery basis.


The exact weight for silk crepe paper will be known when loading the container; the Contract Price will be updated accordingly on the basis of the Unit Price.




The Contract Products orbital stretch wrapper shall be shipped by sea and packed accordingly. The Supplier shall be liable for any damage to the Contract Products on account of improper packing.


hose pipe packing machine and coil wrapper


automatic hose coiling machine
automatic hose coiling machine, automatic hose packing line,
Please kindly check and confirm the coil size to be packed is:
1. As in the size list your engineer gave us:
coil width:500-750mm;
coil ID: 800-956mm
coil OD:1130-1460mm
2. As written in your previous contract:
coil width:630-900mm;
coil ID: 750-900mm
coil OD:1130-1600mm
We are still having discussions regarding the coil wrapper machine. Thanks for the continous feedback you provide.

As noted on the customer’s list you sent, POSOCO is the only Philippine customer you had. May i know what machine did they bought from you and when was it? Any problem encountered on their machine?

With reference to our previous mails, is there any progress on these both projects?
Regarding master Coil orbital wrapping machine, if your 1500mm wide of product is less than 800mm high, the coil wrapping machine can pack it. As long as the product can go through the ring of machine smoothly, it is ok.
hose coil wrapping machine                                                             automatic hose packing machine

Automatic encrusting machine for cookie multi


Automatic Encrusting Machine
Automatic Encrusting Machine
So do you have some favorite ethnic foods you’d never know about if you didn’t work for ENCRUSTING MACHINE? Do you get to try each one of these issues?A:

Completely. I love little pizza the very best. If you go to drugstores and see those mini bagels, that’s made on our Open Top Shutter. You depart the top of the item wide open so you begin to see the filing. I enjoy that kind of things. 

Men and women will provide us with a call and describe their goods, and maybe send out us a sample. There exists a research laboratory in New Jersey and in Irvine, Calif., in which we invite people into our labs to evaluate our equipment. People deliver their ingredients, we ask them in, do our formulas and make the product. 

A: What’s the performance increase you’d get with a automatic encrusting machine, as opposed to collapsable pastry by hand?B:

Making a couple hundred pieces per day, they really don’t need a machine, if somebody starts out doing it by hand. However, when they start getting a customers exactly where folks want their product over a mass scale, they need some devices. There exists a level in which you just can’t put adequate people there to meet desire. 

A: What’s the top velocity of a auto encrusting machine?B:

That actually is dimensionsdependent. If somebody wants a 1-ounce cookie with filling, it would be X, but a 3-ounce cookie would be Y, based on speed of the machine. Our Multi Confectioner are capable of doing between 110,000 and 150,000 cupcakes an hour or so. That’s developing the dough, cutting and shaping. With pizzas crusts, it all depends in the size. That can be done a 5-inch personal pizzas as much as those enormous types you obtain at Costco or Sam’s. Dimensions does issue.

Automatic encrusting machine for croissants, danish, puff pastry

Automatic Encrusting Machine
Automatic Encrusting Machine
How do I utilize a encrusting machine? Only to drop my dough in machine?                    Sale:Usually the dough is combined within a stand mixer, plus it would go into the hoppers in our automatic encrusting machine or right into a trough, and after that could be wear a dumped and hoist into our machine. Or they could have constantsupply conveyors going into our hoppers.Wetake care of the money carefully; we’re not straining the cash out. You don’t must add more chemicals to make it more powerful because we’re not harming the dough. We had been the pioneers in the research into rheology, and devices based on that approach. That’s right behind the title encrusting. Rheology is the movement and flow of product, the viscosity of it, how it’s dealt with.Ourmethod doesn’t problems the gluten structure. Using a anxietyfree of charge method, and our tension reducing heads, use a finer cash sheet, therefore the normal water will be able to combine the gluten. The water is not able to migrate in there and make ice crystals if you’re going to freeze something. It binds this type of water, which means you get much more whatever we contactyour oven jump.”

All these products are able to use our V4 money feeder. Whether or not it would be a pizza line, a croissant line, or even a a loaf of bread line, we alway try to start off those with our V4 feeder.

What does a machine do? Could I get one if I wanted?      Sale: Wecan have a significant worldwide business, the large multinational manufacturers, all the way down to your tiny mom and pop who begin out of their garage or their kitchen area. It depends upon the item.In Germany,

we have gear which makes a kn? del, a potato tennis ball. In other countries, we can make a tamale, or perhaps a loaded trendy cookie. It may be confectionery, racial food items; it will make Italian arancini, it will make pierogi. We make a bit of devices which is a singlehead machine, which smaller sized customers would use, and it also goes all the way approximately multi-heads, 10 to 20 heads generating at 20 times the pace.On our

herb side, you are able to generate ten thousand to 15,000 lbs of products one hour. This will depend on the kind of merchandise. We split it down into breads lines and fairly sweet items, which are things such as croissants, danish, puff pastry. The croissants are instantly designed. We also have independent lines who do nothing but pizzas. Usually you’d possess a base machine, like our KN500, and after that a make-up kitchen table exactly where various options could be additional, like croissant cutters, a guillotine to reduce anything, something to fold it more than, down payment filling then collapse it.

Are you able to make stuffed crust pizza having a machine?


Right here, we consider it an “insideoutdoors pizza.” You can have filling inside the crust – whether the crust goes around the outside. Alternatively, it may be the whole crust itself. You have meats or dairy products within it, and also you assemble it high on leading. You would probably use our encrusting machine for that. It features a nozzle plus an outside diamond ring that will give you a specific size crust. The nozzle in the middle will give you some satisfying. That’s called co-extrusion. Alternatively, encrusting.

You might do a calzone, you could do a Very hot Pocket, you could conduct a pierogi, a kn? del, loaded biscuits, there’s a lot of stuff you could do. We create a product in El and Guatemala Salvador known as a pupusa, which is actually a flour tortilla cash, stuffed with beans and flattened and fried at home. In Brazil, we produce a coxinha [a poultry croquette], which has a mashed potato casing, with chicken, spices and cilantro inside, and it’s breaded and fried. It comes out being a teardrop or a drumstick. It’s a very popular item in Brazil; it’s in each and every bar and appetizer menus. In the UK, we make something that includes a complete hardboiled egg cell in a pork casing, a Scotch egg cell.

Automatic encrusting machine for cake

Automatic Encrusting Machine
Automatic Encrusting Machine
Homemade Empanadas, Chinese dumplings and also the deliciousness that is the fried risotto golf ball are common wonderful . However when stuffing by hand will become tiresome.There are Automatic encrusting machine help you to easy the job.

The auto encruster machine make treat foods all over the world both for factory and family. In factories properties of huge worldwide foods businesses and in pop and mom bakeries in tiny local neighborhoods. PopSci talked with Jon Thompson, national sales director for Rheon in the Usa, about machine-handled cash, filled-crust pizza as well as something known as a coxinha.

The company builds monster cookie dispensers, filled-crust-pizzas extruders, automatic croissant folders, pastry guillotines and a lot more, and contains equipment in 112 places. It’s generally recognized for its encrusting machines, which do exactly what it really looks like ?a envelop tasty meat or cheeses in a shell, perhaps made of potato, pastry or meats. then and once simply click with each other to squeeze it out an outer casing and an interior nozzle extrude two goods at . It’s finest understood by finding it in action:

You can get rolls, balls, buns, logs, croissants and twists pizzasgenerally any shape of refined food you would like. encrusting machines are all highly customized, but they universally spew foods at a breakneck pace: 90 items each minute for that well-known  “Cornucopia” design, 24,000 mini Scotch eggs per hour in the 4-Row Encrusting Machine, etc. customers incorporate little bakeries approximately the biggest meals makers on the planet – your Nabiscos, your Nestles, and so on. He also wouldn’t say who its customers aren’t, even though thompson wouldn’t divulge the company’s customers.

Wire rod stretch wrapper and coil packing machine

coilmaster for aluminum coil


Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack
Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack

Other question:

In your offer for the Project OR, the trolley is included in your scope of supply? This trolley has a rotation system moving the coil in different speeds?

I wait to receive your answer and also the answers to the wire rod coil wrapping machine questions made

Please also confirm in the mentioned offer of the project OR that the offered wrapping machine can wrap with the two materials these size of wire coils because is very important to confirm it:

  • Width of wire coil: 400-900mm
  • OD of wire coil: 650-1000mm
  • ID of wire coil:350-600mm
wire coil stretch wrapper
wire rod coil packing
No. 3: Since the wire coil packing machine has not been put into production yet, I will apply to our manager and engineer to widen conveyors which can handle your products up to 610mm or 650mm wide for free.

The KR and OR wire coil packing projects are going forward but GY and AI projects are stopped. So we would like to know the following information for KR and OR projects:

  • The width of the coil in KR project is 1000mm and in OR is more or less 900mm. When you send us firstly the offers you gave us the GD series wrapping machine, so I would like to have the confidence that with this machine we can apply the wrapping to those wire coils. Please confirm that is possible.
  • Which is the cycle time to wrap one coil in KR and OR projects?
  • Which will be the approx. increase in the price for both projects if we add Profibus connection and the automata Siemens S7-300?
  • Which will be the approx. increase in the price if we use different consumables brands as SMC, SEW?
No. 7: Ok, we will palletized the film well. And we will handle this when machine is ready.

orbital stretch wrapper for panel, fance and profile

Aluminum profile packing machine
Aluminum packing machine



Yes the thickness of the polythene must be 2,5mm.

We do not have the thickness of the blue foil stretch film. This material should be to avoid the corrosion.

I attach two pictures, each one for the corresponding material.



Yes, it is possible. But, could you please check with the customer taking into account 600-800/850mm wide (Ring diameter 1700mm)? It will be much better for packing these coils. If the end user can not accept 600-800/850mm wide, we will adopt 1900mm diameter of ring.

Ok, we have to take into account that the max. width is 900mm but in the next line you mention that it could be possible to wrap with a width of 950mm. Is it possible? Please confirm.

The master wrapping machine you offer us can work with two different materials at the same time?

Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash
Orbital stretch wrapper for wire mash

I understand that it would be better is the width of the coil is 600-800mm but can your panel&door wrapping machine wrap coils with a width from 400mm to 1000mm (In OR the width range can vary from 400mm to 900mm and in KR project the width of the coils is 1000mm in all of them)? Because I cannot offer this stretch wrapper system to the customer if I am not sure that the system can wrap with two different materials the wire coil with those dimensions.

Regarding the cycle time, you mean that in KR project the cycle time for a wire coil with maximum dimensions (W:1000mm ID: 500mm OD:900) is 50 seconds? Please confirm.

In OR project the cycle time for a wire coil with maximum dimensions (W: 900mm ID: 600mm OD: 1000mm) is 55 seconds? Please confirm.

Will you have any problem to pass through the inner diameter of the coil both materials with a minimum ID of 350mm?

Regarding the trolley you have offered, is included in the offer the displacement of the trolley as well as the rotation system of the rollers and the support for the wire coil?

Solution for tube bundling and bag packing


steel tube bundling and strapping machine
Steel tube packaging line with strapping machine

Could you please provide us with your pipe specifications and your packing requirements in details? We are able to offer you a suitable packing solution for packing your products. We will be glad to receive some pictures of your products for reference.

  • Long and straight pipes:

1. Please let us know your pipe specification.

No. Single Pipe OD
Length(mm) Production Speed
Max OD of
pipe bundle (mm)

2. Do you need this

steel pipe packing line
steel pipe packing line
steel tube packing line

to connect to your extrusion line?

3. what kind of packing material(bag) are you going to be used? Like HDPE bag.

4. What is your requirement of packing speed? Say, 1-2bundles/min.

(FYI-pipe bundling and bagging)

(FYI-horizontal stretch wrapping)


  • Pipe coil:

1. What is the specification of your pipe coil?

Pipe coil Width(mm) ID(mm) OD(mm) Weight(kg)


2. What kind of packing material(tape) do you want to be used? Such as stretch film, PVC, fabric woven belt, compound paper tape, etc.



4. What is your requirement of packing speed?


5. How do you load the coil onto the wrapping station of our machine? By manual, crane, automatically strapping and conveying or ?


6. Which kind of wrapping mode do you prefer? Vertical coil wrapping or horizontal coil wrapping? If your pipe coil are hard and available to be vertical, we suggest our vertical pipe coil wrapping machine GS series(cost-effective) instead GW series.

(FYI, GS series)

(FYI, GW series)



After getting your pipe specification and your packing needs, as a professional manufacturer with over 18 years of experience in producing packaging equipment, we are able to provide you a better packing solution and quote you as soon as possible.


Look forward to hearing from you.

Automatic steel tube bundle strapping machine


Glad to receive your inquiry about battery powered manual plastic stapping tool this morning. For this strapping tool, it can be strapped with 13~16mm or 13~19mm plastic belt.
Strap tension is 400-2000N. Price of this strapping tools is USD2,065/set (RMB13,800/SEST). When dispatch, it is equiped with two baterrys and a battery charger.
The battery also can be sell, its price is USD98/PCS. Delivery time of this steel tube strapping machine tool is 5 working days.
Detail technical data of this strapping tool is as below:
Which size of plastic belt do you want to use?

Detail technical data of this tool is as below:

steel tube bundling and strapping machine
Steel tube packaging line with strapping machine
Thanks for your email very much. I am sorry that this supplier does not export tapes directly. I have checked the price of these tapes:
Thickness:0.06mm, 2.96USD/kg, MOQ: 2000KG, High Viscosity
Thickness:0.11mm, 2.73USD/kg, MOQ: 2000KG, Middle Viscosity
Thickness:0.13mm, 2.96USD/kg, MOQ: 2000KG, High Viscosity (with logo print)