Automatic aluminum profile packing line

aluminum profile packing line
Good day. We had suppied a similar machine per your need. “The packing line must contains profile strapping machine, bundle stacker, master bundle stretch wrapper, taping machine, weighing system. ” This is the automatic aluminum profile packing solution including, small bundle strapping, bundle stacker, master bundle wrapper. For...
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Wire wrapping machine and strapping machine

wire packing machine and wire tilter
Please check the following answers: By verifying the dimensions of the products we manufacture with respect to the specifications of the machine, we have the following considerations: 1. In the specification inner diameter we have rolls that exceed the maximum diameter, is there a problem in this situation?——No...
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The price of the wire wrapping machine

  Please check the quotation Master coil wrapper FHOPE-1000. Again I need to consult with you technical data, in this last week we have new product developments therefore we are very interested in the WIRE COIL WRAPPER fhw900 model since it is of greater capacity up to 900mm...
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Wire coil compactor and packing machine

I hope you are doing well by the time you read this e-mail. On behalf of my team I would like to ask you the below information in order to confirm we are acquiring the right machine to our processes. The most important information on our side to...
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Automatic stretch wrapping machine requirement

You are kindly requested quotation in vacuum machine and wrapping machine as per specification in attached file if you are pleased and if you encountered any problem don’t hesitate to contact me, waiting your feedback. Bidder must be able to provide all parts of the following: • Wrapping...
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Automatic wire coil compressing machine and strapping packing line

wire coil compressing machine
Learning from your requirement, the semiauto macine meet your goal. ——-This is an update solution of the macine in video, which is able take off the spool after strapping. But 150T is too strong. Normally for such a wire coil 2-3T is enough. The wrapping machine is...
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Wire coil compressing machine and strapping machine

Please look below answers for Wire coil compressing machine and strapping machine No Parameters Unit Values 1 Material Galvanizing Wire 2 Max. Outside diameter of the wire coil mm 1200 mm 3 Min. Outside diameter of the wire coil mm 800 mm 4 Max. Inner diameter of the wire...
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coil stretch wrapper and tyre packing machines

We are a trading company from Russia, we supply equipment for cable industry. Lately I got the request for coil wrapping machine with the following parameters. Could you please make a quotation if you have a such one (FOB price) Thanks in advance.   Coil weight 10-100 kg...
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