Customized wrapping solution manufacturer

Aluminum Profile stretch wrapping machine

Aluminum packing machine Aluminum Profile stretch wrapping machine  Supply list No. Items quantity 1 orbital Wrapping machine 1set for each 2 Protection structure 1set for each 3 Electrical cabinet, guardrail etc. 1set for each 4 Program Control system 1set for each 5 Manual & spare parts 1set for each  

corrugated pipe coil wrapping machine

horizontal coil packing machine   coil packing machine produces and sells for different factory. Fhope pack provide a broad range of machinery all over the world, such as semi-automatic coil packaging machines with smart technology and coiling automatic machines, industrial bundlers, shrink film wrappers as well as bagging machines.

Automatic steel tube packing machine line

steel tube bundling and strapping machine

     TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS for tubes packaging line Product and design data Product / material: Carbon and galvanized steel tubes Output diameter (O.D.): min.19 mm – max.76,1 mm Square profile: min. 15 mm – max. 60 mm Rectangular profile: min. 25x10mm – max. 100x20mm Tube Wall Thickness (W.T.): 0,8

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pallet packing machine

on line pallet stretch wrapping machine

Malayan Daching (MDC) is specializing in system integration business and currently we are looking for stretch wrap machine with roller conveyors to be integrated into our system. We found on your website about your automatic turntable pallet stretch wrapper and pallet packing machine and it looks like it is suitable

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Automatic PVC hose coiling machine

Automatic pipe coiler

   We  are the producer of soft pvc hoses for garden and technical purposes. We are looking for solutions in packing hoses. The  best  solution  will  be  fully  automatic pipe coiler line connected with our production line it can be also semi-automatic line. We have seen some of your solutions in

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Automatic steel wire coiler and winding machine

   For the solution:   Automatic steel wire coiler and winding machine with two coiling heads for non-stop wire length counting and winding.   It is able setting the wire OD, ID, WIDTH per requirement. After coiling per setting, the coiling head will swith to strapping.   Strapping

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Requirement of aluminum end mill

文本内容 数量 Type: Size CERIMIT 421-0630L Aluminium D6x30xD6x100 10 Type: Size CERIMIT 421-0315L Aluminium D3x15xD6x100 10 Type: Size CERIMIT 421-0420L Aluminium D4x20xD6x100 10 Type: Size CERIMIT 357-02030     D0.2×30°xD6x80 30 Type: Size CERIMIT 357-03030     D0.3×30°xD6x80 30 Type: Size CERIMIT 357-02045     D0.2×45°xD6x80 30 Type: Size CERIMIT 357-03045     D0.3×45°xD6x80 30 Type: Size CERIMIT 421-0206 Aluminium D2x6xD6x50 30 Type: Size CERIMIT 421-0309 Aluminium D3x9xD6x50 30 Type: Size CERIMIT 421-0412 Aluminium D4x12xD6x50 30 Type: Size CERIMIT 421-0618 Aluminium D6x18xD6x50 30 Type: Size CERIMIT 502-0206 Diamond D2x6xD4x50 5

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