wire coil compressing machine


Following is the compressing machine with manually sstrappign.

Before offering a solution, i’d like to know, what is the wire height before strapping?


Following is the wire strapping installation in the workshop.



We have three different height (it depends on cardboard height. We use three type of cardboard.


1.Cardboard with 750 mm height

  1. Cardboard with 500 mm height
  2. Cardboard with 250 mm height


Cardboard lengths according to wire weight;

250 mm cardboard length, Ø450 mm cartoon diameter, wire weight 150-200 kg

500 mm cardboard length, Ø450 mm cartoon diameter , wire weight 450-550 kg

750 mm cardboard length, Ø450 mm cartoon diameter , wire weight 700-750 kg.



Before strapping bundles must be 250 mm height,500 mm height and 750 mm height. Min height is 250 mm  height.


I hope this information will be enough, but don t hesitate to ask if there will be open questions





Wire wrapping machine and strapping machine

Please check the following answers:

By verifying the dimensions of the products we manufacture with respect to the specifications of the machine, we have the following considerations:
1. In the specification inner diameter we have rolls that exceed the maximum diameter, is there a problem in this situation?——No problem at all, the machine works for all ID shows in the list.
2. In the outer diameter all the products comply correctly——Ok
3. With the width all the products fulfill except one, it is not problem since we can make change of packing—–You are right, width 950mm is not in the wire wrapping machine FHOPE700’s packaging range.
4. In the specification of weight we have products that are below the minimum specification for 20 kg, consider this change in the design of the machine to load from 180 kg to 1000 kg
——It is ok for us.

wire packing machine and wire tilter
wire packing machine and wire tilter

Do you confirm me or do you have any questions?

The machine offered is using stretch film for wire packaging. If you need another packing material please let us know, such as Paper, PE film, HDPE film…
As you know, the machine will be designed according your wire coil size.

Therefore it will be little bit differently with our stanard equipment in size.

The attached one is for reference, we will provide Precise size after machine designing finished when is app. 15 days after receiving the down payment.

For the installation, it is easy to do by your people according the drawing and manual. We are providing, videos and pictures guide too

Sure, our service for installation and commissioning is available for wire wrapping machine and wire strapping machine too.

Air ticket, room and accommendation provided by your company. Besides, the feed is $100/day per engineer only.


Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper and coil packer is working for online horiontal wire coil packing too.

Wire coil compressing machine and strapping machine

Please look below answers for Wire coil compressing machine and strapping machine



Galvanizing Wire

Max. Outside diameter of the wire coil
1200 mm

Min. Outside diameter of the wire coil
800 mm

Max. Inner diameter of the wire coil
600 mm

Min. Inner diameter of the wire coil
450 mm

Max. diameter of the wire
8.00 mm

Min. diameter of the wire
2.50 mm

Height of the wire coil before compacting
1200 mm

Height of the wire coils after compressing
800 mm

Max. weight of the wire coil
2000 kg

Temperature of the material

Dimensions of the basket
1200 Dia base

Required compacting force

wire coil Compressing Speed

Number of straps per wire coil

I am waiting for your reply



automatic wire coil strapping machine

Automatic wire coil compactor

We are interested in this automatic wire coil strapping machine quotation can you please give the breakup of the quotation.

We have to clarify that all three systems including in the quotation.

  1. Automatic conveyer system
  2. Automatic compacting and strapping
  3. Automatic wrapping

Is this possible to install this system in 3 stages not at once. Also is it possible  PLC system to be design to extended other system after installing Automatic compacting and strapping.


After team discussion, following is our suggestion.


Since there is a spool in the ID of wire coil, no only compacting process should be considered, but also taking off the spool.


If only for wire coil compacting and manually strapping required: time is from 00:00 to 00:25  


It is better to have a spool take off function on automatic strapping machine, the time is from 00:26 to the end