Automatic wire compactor and strapping machine



Solid structure, firm and durable.


1. PLC control for compacting and strapping

2. The speed of ring and rollers are adjustable by inverters

3. Providing I/O interface.

4. Packing material tension can be adjusted by special brake device.

5. Separate electrical box for safe operation and technical testing and trouble-shooting.

6. Ring jog, reset, soft start and stop.

7. The friction of wheel and ring is adjustable

8. The overlap of packing tape can be adjusted by Frequency.

9. Automatic clamper and cutter for film cutting and feeding

10 Automatic PET strapping and wire steel strapping.

Semiauto wire compactor

The price of the wire wrapping machine


Please check the quotation Master coil wrapper FHOPE-1000.

Again I need to consult with you technical data, in this last week we have new product developments therefore we are very interested in the WIRE COIL WRAPPER fhw900 model since it is of greater capacity up to 900mm for the roll width, however the minimum width that the machine has FPW700 also need it.
The variety of our products to pack now is wider from 250 mm to 950 mm, you can confirm if we can use the machine GD900 or you can contemplate some modifications for this range of roll width.


Regarding the OD specification of the 900 wire wrapping machine, they can contemplate the range of 700 to 900 mm as the machine GD700


And power supply of 440 V


You can send me the general drawings of the wire compressing machine 900, please.


One more question, are you living in the united states? Or are you living in shanghai ?


Thank you very much


Attached is our standard GD1000 which it will be modified per your wire coil size.


We will providing pricise size and designing for checking before production starting.

It is possible Provide modified STRETCH WRAPPER 1000 for width 950mm. The total price is $49,500

OD:700-900mm is ok.  440V power supply is not problem too.

I am living at Shanghai.  Usually, i was reply email at night time for effictive communication with you.