Adjustable Coil Upender for Steel Coil

fhopepack is one of the main producers of tilting coil chassis can be divided into inclinaison.le tippler hydraulic rotating machine and a turnover roller winding machine machine according to different modes of conduct. the power of the hydraulic coil pump for reversal of the winding machine, it is products 90% of cases and 180 of the strong and stable. the device and of the materials and components of machine using high qualité.le reversal roll hydraulic machine programming, we will see a reversal of the hydraulic machine of volume strictly, the process of establishment and care of defect ts can cause problems for sécurité.le turning the machine with hydraulic volume, iso certification, to enter the european market, convenient and quick.
never fhopepack lifting and sub titles, don’t feel safe, or dangerous operation can be taken advantage of by the client. as a professional r & amp; d team, the experience, the spirit of innovation, equipment and technology for any type of rolling machine to optimize the production technology, improve the efficiency and productivity of the production line.

Mold turnover machine, the mold on the main application of the mold of the object. It is also widely used in the end of the module, coil rotation, module subversion subversion, roll… The above is the steel coil, the coil, the aluminum coil. We offer this cost benefit to our customers, which in turn is a “value for money”. Advanced technology and experienced manpower, we have the most advanced technology and high technology turnover machine and turnover machine, achieving good results, ensuring efficiency and product quality.

tilter and special function requirement

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Could you send a layout(schematic ) of your system considering all the requirements asked?——Ok,please let me have your idea about the position of the light xxxx
Can we consider to install your tilter into the floor?—–ok
If yes, can you send the drawing of the foundation to be done on the floor?——Waiting for light xxx position
Is it possible to do a remote control for the fork lift operator ?——Possible
The emergency controls must be connected to a safety interface and the emergency buttons must be connected to a dual channel. —-Not problem
The best way is to send us the electrical drawings first for approval and components list. We need the electrical parts code to confirm.
—–Sorry, it is a customized solution, we don’t have the electrical drawing before production. Components list will be provided soon.

upender and tilter

Heavy load tilter

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Upneder and titler for a simple concept: design a long time, trusted handling, day after day, the more difficult applications need to be solved, also needs to have flexibility, as far as possible to meet your pallet packaging requirements at any time. Advanced features, long using time, the trust will ensure that your pallet packing machine has been to all sales team or business requirements.

This kind of upender machine has a simple design but is not easy to do results now, so we have to create a set of perfect handling line equipment designed to deal with all the heavy loading application requirements. tilter and upender containing the total control and the features of heavy and complicated, usually need high cost and irreplaceability.


inverter & upender for box, pallet and mould
We are providing tilter, upender and inverter for handling and product and loads. The machine can be designed per you processing requirement in stocking and transportation.

More inverter and upender

heavy designed inverter and upender

Pallet inverter, mold inverter

We are providing handling equipment for handling the heavy loading.
The video shows the inverter for steel sheet tiltering.

It works for pallet tiltering, mold upendering.

It helps end user safety the heavy loading handing and operation.

Strong designing and powerful driving

Heavy designing

Hydraulic system

Easy control

Easy infotainment and long life using.


orbital stretch wrapper for panel


General Commercial Terms of the coil upneder project for Indian Steel

coil transfer coil and coil car
coil transfer coil and coil car

General Commercial Terms and Conditions (Scope of Imported Supply)
1. Definitions
1.1. “Basic Price” shall mean price without any taxes and duties, as applicable.
1.2. “Client” shall mean ………who has signed the Main Contract Agreement with the Purchaser for the execution of the Facilities at the designated Site.
1.3. “Main Contract” is the contract agreement signed between the Purchaser and the Client for execution of the Facilities.
1.4. “Facilities” shall mean the plant, equipment and the associated facilities to be installed and executed at Site under the Main Contract.
1.5. “Project” shall mean the …………………..project at Site for which the Vendor has submitted their techno-commercial and price offer in conformity with Vendor’s Scope of Supply and the requirement of the Purchase Enquiry Specification.
1.6. “Site” shall mean the place of execution of the Scope of Supply by the Vendor under this Purchase Agreement.
1.7. “Purchaser” shall mean the Company incorporated under the laws of India and having its registered office at L&T House, Narottam Morarjee Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai –400001,India having its Metallurgical and Material Handling, such as coil tilter, coil upender Independent Company Headquarters at Godrej Water Side, Tower II, 11th Floor, DP – 5,Sector – V, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091.
1.8. “Vendor” shall mean Company incorporated under the laws of India and having its registered office at……………………….
1.9. “Sub-Vendor” shall mean the person, firm or corporation who supplies the Vendor with materials, machinery, tools, supplies, equipment, articles, items and other work or services that are used by the Vendor in connection with the Purchase Agreement, and shall include its legal successors or permitted assignees.
1.10. “Scope of Imported Supply (Work)” shall mean the work to be executed as per the contractual provisions of the Purchase Agreement and in conformity with the Purchase Enquiry Specification.
1.11. “LOI” shall mean the Letter of Intent, issued by the Purchaser about the intension of the Purchaser to the Vendor to enter into this coil upender Purchase Agreement for the intended Scope of Imported Supply.
1.12. “Effective Date of Purchase Agreement” shall mean the contractual obligations as defined in this Purchase Agreement.
1.13. “Purchase Enquiry Specification” shall mean PR No…..dated ……issued to Vendor by the Purchaser (PR).
1.14. “Purchase Agreement” shall mean the complete set of documents as stipulated in the relevant clause, mentioned hereinafter.
1.15. “Price“ shall mean the lump sum fixed price , quoted by the Vendor for undertaking of all contractual obligations under the Scope of Imported Supply of the Purchase Agreement and coil upender Purchase Enquiry Specification which shall have the validity till the Defect Liability Period .

tilter and upender
tilter and upender

mold upender and tilter

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mold upender and tilter for handling your heavy load.


There are different solution available per your requirement.

New innovations for 2014 represent important advances in achieving continuous operations, error-free loads, energy efficiencies, and advanced safety.

upender and tiltelr

Upender/tilter + coil wrapping machine

upender/tilter with track and conveyor

Upender/tilter + track

hydraulic tilter, hydraulic upender

Hydraulic upender/tilter for steel coil

Steel coil transfer car


Tilter and upender’s invertor



一:access authority change

  1. Press ”P“ access data
  2. Press  “Δ”  selecting P003 (access authority)。
  3. Press “P” into six parameters.
  4. press “Δ”  or “ᴧ” selected P000 3 TO 4 (4level access authority)


二:Ring reset speed amend   (C modify way as above)

  1. Selected P1001(reset speed)
  2. If speed is high, reducing figure in P1001.


三.Reset time amend


When the ring reset is not in the right position.


  1. Selected P1061

2. Adjusting the figure more or less accordingly.


Note:For ring gap in botton,pls try to reduce the figure.

die tilter and upender for car


Manufacturer for coil tilter and upender.

















ctually the main idea is to wrap the HDPE drain pipe with the non-woven fabric and not of packing it. I understand that your company is more focused in the packing of materials with plastic, but I believe that, for some of your machines, the principle is the same.


The purpose of this is to add a layer of protection to the drain pipe, so it can filter the water without the problem of clogging it.


I believe the photos  and the video will help:


  1. This is the HDPE drain pipe. Diameters would vary between 50 – 100 mm. 
  2. This is the non-woven fabric, also know as geotextile (the color is not important).
  3. The idea is to wrap the goetextile around the drain pipe, like this. Notice that this are pre-fabricated “drain sleeves”. What I had in mind was using your wrapping technology to add the geotextile as it is going into the machine.

    Something like titler (link to video) but instead of the plastic material we would put the geotextile.

  4. The objetive was of inserting the tube already wrapped into the ground, in the process of what is know as agricultural subsurface drainage. Like this:

I will understand if this request is out of your company’s scope.


Upender and tilt for coil and mold


More information for the titler and upender

Packaging and wrapping equipment professionals manufacturer behind Fhope products are special designed for touch packaging solutions, which is help to protecting the load. Their products will be well protected in stand out. That’s the reason manufacture attending to PACK EXPO each year. You can look some tips at a few things shown at PACK EXPO.

Reducing the cost of handling molding and operation has been an important point for all manufacturers. For large quantity, it is especially true for automatic handling, what kind of packaging and wrapping for the coil and pallet is required.

Fhopepack technology is moving “up market,” which is good enough to be used for pallet and coil products. The basic wrapping designing including forming and wrapping uniquely per your demand. It is packing for roll-fed sheet and coil that is typically polypropylene. These operation and handling proceed immediately to wrapping and covering the bubble file.  According to packaging goal many people pack 50-60 pcs per hour online. It can be produced, filled, and wrapping. And now Fhopepack is producing all kind of coil packaging solution with labels and tapping . It is specifically for coil and tube produced on this online system.

The coil wrapper not only have automatic centering device, molder, upender, but also the strapping and stacking from, which the coil and orbital wrapper are formed uses less plastic material and film. Thus, the advantage of the system for upending and packing is significant stretch wrapper. We are providing equipement with additional advantage. It is that the equipment allows easy operation and safety stetching.