Tyre Packaging Machine with technical support

Fhope to provide packaging solutions for the tire industry. We work with your company to develop innovative, cost-effective products to address packaging problems that may cause damage to the product. Our mechanical experts can provide you with the best protective packaging machine for your tires.
1. High packaging efficiency.
2. Original packing position reset function.
Three. Easy to operate manual and automatic modes of operation.
4. Use frequency converter to adjust ring and roll speed.
5. Overlap the packing tape as required.
6. Automatic cutting.
7. Guardrail, soft start and stop operation safe.
8. The outer diameter of the coil can adjust the height of the ring.
9. The tension of packing can be adjusted by special circuit breaker.
10, when the accident will automatically alarm. The fault can be displayed automatically.
11. Special brake is used to avoid material folding and belt releasing device.
12. A wide range of packaging materials.
13 tape with adhesive tape.
Note: it can be designed according to your requirement.
The tire packing machine is specially designed for various kinds of tire outer packing. Such as truck tires, trailer tires, light truck tires, car tires and so on,
Automotive tires, bicycle tires, bicycle tires, car tires, construction machinery, tires, tires, bulldozers, excavators, tires, car tires, truck tires, tires, tanks, tricycle, tire…… Mechanical design and manufacturing are based on the characteristics of different tires.
There are many kinds of tire packing machines. You can use different tire tire packing machine is different, it is based on the tire category, specification, weight, processing methods, packaging requirements, to meet the different tire packing requirements, three series tires packing machine design: GS series vertical tire packing machine, “U” ring tire packaging machine, GD series, GW series horizontal packaging machine for tyre. These machines can be used in simple, independent packaging, or equipped with other equipment to become automated packaging lines.

 Tyre Packaging Machine with technical support


upender packing machine is more than

The innovation discloses a computerized upender which comprises an overturning construction as well as includes promoting units, a securing tool and a cylinder unit. The promoting items are set up on the two edges from the automated upender and utilized for promoting a service provider from the area of any inlet of your upender to the other side from the upender on a very first promoting rail, and presented the overturned company out on a second promoting rail. The locking device is set up around the opposite part of your inlet of your upender around the very first promoting rail, so the sealing gadget can fasten the carrier if the carrier is communicated to the reverse side in the inlet from the upender. The tube element is set up on top of the first conveying rail in the upender, in order that the service provider is unlocked when becoming conveyed for the complete opposite part in the inlet of your upender and being shut, the provider is flatly pressed downwards, as well as the cylinder module is utilized for assisting the company when the carrier is overturned. The design that the carrier and an overturning mechanism work at the same time is used, the overturning bearing capacity can be enhanced, the bearing capacity of the upender can reach 5 kilograms, meanwhile, dual-rail design is used, and the two functions of overturning and straight going are achieved, according to the automatic upender.

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tyre packingmachine is greater than the length of equipment

According to claim I wherein the tire tire package packaging machine, characterized in that the packaging process is as follows, 10 Use: 1) ranking erect to the wheel tread top to bottom delivery means; 2) transported to the tire tread wrapping system, the product will increase wheel tire raise system package fetal motion throughout the tire tread, the wheel tread covered with packing tape on; 3) point out wheel means the wheel down, the outside packaging sticky tape decreasing device and two end bonding, bonding product while the external engagement ring will stop one other end from the packing tape adhesive exposure to the package wheel system; 4) car tires shipped towards the wheel inside connecting apparatus, device packaging tape flanging edge flipping on the tire inner group the packaging tape covering the sidewall; 5) internal bonding device will roll over to the wheel inner packaging with sticky; 6) car tires delivered to baking tightening gadgets, heating packing tape, packing adhesive tape to tighten up the , firmly cover on the wheel.

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Wheel packing machine and packing technique

Technological innovation

[0001] The present tyre packing machine pertains to a packaging machine and packaging method, in particular, is really a packaging machine for packaging tire plus a wheel applying this packing machine packing strategy.


Which uses ribbon packing materials, wrapping machine with a tire package material circle around the ribbon, wrapped around the edges overlapping tires, packaged this way because of overlapping winding, a large amount of packaging materials, packaging costs are high, serious waste of packaging materials and packaging easy to loose, poor stability, packaging, slow, packaging production is low, [0002] The tire packing methods are available for the wound.

[0003] previously patent “Tire packing machine” (Patent No. ZL99117123. There are still many shortcomings, packaging molded together under the upper die of packaging, packaging tires need accurate positioning, position requirements, packaging technology requirements, the connection length long, the upper die and the lower die junction is located in the outer tread last week, totally exposed on the outside of the tire transportation prone to damage in the process, a solid weak, and the packing effect unsightly outer adhesive as a whole, produce more waste packaging, packaging material utilization is low, the packaging cost is high, although 3) the design of a tire packaging equipment, use of non-wrapped style packaging.

Review Of THE tyre packing machine

tyre packingmachine is higher than the length of equipment

As claimed in assert 6, in which the wheel packing machine, described in this explained guideline groove (33) for your about three guide grooves (33) in the guideline shaft (31) as a centre to the 3 o’clock direction, respectively, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock, wheel lever in to the Agency’s activities (35) is split in a movable rod (35 ‘) and 2 movable rod (35 “), a movable rod (35’) throughout the shaft with two Level the lively lever (35 “) connected to a movable rod (35 ‘) is installed to the top dish wave sweep (37), the supplementary movable rod of tyre packing machine and also the rod (34) along with the movable block, hooking up indicates with all of those other location of your movable rod (35) linked in a similar manner; the rest place the movable rod (35) is additionally placed on the second movable rod (38), the active lever (35) is also connected to the top of influx sweep plate (37), the auxiliary movable rod (38) – end from the wave sweep platter (37) with a shaft connected to the auxiliary movable rod (38) through a shaft and the other end of the strut (34) linked to rod (34), the productive lever (35), the secondary movable rod ( 38), waves sweep plate (37) to form a parallelogram railing companies, surf sweep plate (37) has a work surface remember to brush.

As stated in declare I where the tire tyre packing machine, distinguished in this explained inner adhesive means (7) are mounted on the flange comprises indicates (6) two mounting foundation (28) around the two linear information side rails (39), linear information of tyre packing machine are mounted across the linear manual (39) moving bracket (40), owner (40) in the best have got a small (41), in the briquetting (41 ) within a hard drive-molded pressure platter, two stretches clamps (41) from the stress dish in accordance with nip.

(10) according to tyre packing machine, wherein the tire packing machine, characterized in that said pressure plate, respectively chopping platen (42) and the cutting pressure plate (43), the cutting platen (43) smaller in diameter than chopping platen ( 42) the diameter of the cutting pressure plate (43) extending into the side clamps (41) mounted on a lid-shaped blade cover (44) and blade cover (44) is mounted within an annular heat cutter (45), cyclic heat cutter (45) in the cutting pressure plate (43) on the outer periphery, into the clamps (41) is provided with a through hole, the through hole is connected to waste recovery, including recovery of the waste into the clamps (41 ) connected via the trachea, air pump connected with the trachea.

tyre packingmachine is higher than the length of equipment

As professed in assert I wherein the wheel packing machine, characterized because mentioned tread lift device (4), contains a vertical direction of the two cylinders are connected in sequence, the top of the the tube (18) together with the rack (I) attached, and also the decrease cylinder (18 ‘) is linked to a horizontal information rail (19), horizontal side rails (19) is placed on two sliders (20), slide (20) movable coupled horizontal rails (19) glide, the slip ( 20) mounted on a wheel given inwardly turn pawl (21).

5 as outlined by assert I wherein the tire tyre packing machine, distinguished in that mentioned outside bonding means (5) includes two symmetrically arranged arm (22), left arm (22) attached to the uppr finish from a shaft Rack (I), the left arm (22) attached to a cheaper knife holder (23), two arm (23) around the holder (23) in accordance with urgent, the tool brain (23) is provided with 3 guideline lines , every manual groove are respectively attached to the bezel (24) or heating system the sticky dish (25), baffle (24) and the heating the adhesive plate (25) – both stops from a spring (26) attached to the underside of your guide groove, tyre packingmachine is greater than the length of the warming the adhesive platter (25) long, each and every knife owner (23) is equipped with two heating the sticky plate (25), can also be mounted on the cutting blade blade (27) , shear blade (27) positioned involving the two heating system the sticky plate (25), in between two device go (23) relative to the job of pressing means in wheel bundle (3) beams (16) below the maximum place.

As professed in declare I whereby the wheel packing machine, characterized in that mentioned flange signifies (6) makes up two symmetrically disposed mounting foundation (28), installation foundation (28) from the picking up attach (29) mounted mailing indicates within the straight foundation tire (9), the two mounting platform (28) signifies are located in just two parallel vertical tire shipping chain (11) either side from the installing program (28) is installed on the auxiliary framework (30 ), auxiliary body (30) installed using the centre guideline shaft (31), the manual shaft (31) is installed on movable along the guideline shaft (31) the slipping bracket (32), push the bracket (32) is provided having a plurality guide shaft (31) because the center outward in a information groove (33), auxiliary framework (30) from the manual groove (33) is attached a related position strut (34), the manual groove (33) is fitted along the inside guide grooves (33) slidably movable prevent, the movable prohibit is attached to the active lever (35), the active handle (35) – end from the movable prohibit through the shaft connection, the lively lever (35) by way of a shaft and also the midsection strut tyre packaging machine is attached , flange indicates (6) installed on the foundation further includes (9) situated on the promoting signifies tyre packing machine underneath the enthusiast (36).

tyre packing machine in Chinese supplier

The tyre packing machine discloses a tyre packing machine, which makes up a straight tyre feeding device. A tyre surface wrapping device, a tyre inner band bonding device and a cooking and tightening device are sequentially organized on the vertical tyre feeding product along the tyre providing course. A tyre raising device from the tyre packing machine can be used for positioning a tyre, the necessity for the positioning position of a fabric given with a providing system is reduced, the joints of packing tapes at first glance of your tyre is short, as well as the joint is only positioned in a specific situation around the outside periphery of your tyre; the odds of damage from the tyre within the having method is lessened, packing visual feeling is marketed, very little packing spend is made, the employment rate of your packing substance is higher, as well as the packing price is lower; by changing the height from the tyre packing system, the tyre packing machine can be used as packing tyres with different dimensions and is also solid in compatibility; via two warming bonding dishes over a instrument relaxation along with an annular very hot knife inside the inside engagement ring connecting gadget, attractiveness in the connecting surface is guaranteed; and through the cooking and tightening gadget, the packing tapes are snugly linked to the surface of the tyre, and packing tightness and firmness are increased.

Statements(10) translated from Asian

1 A tire package, characterized in this the apparatus incorporates a vertical send tire, tire indicates the top to bottom sending buy from the path along the delivery service wheel tread wrapping implies is fitted, the wheel inside sticky indicates, cooking tightening indicates (8), stated wheel tread wrapping implies makes up a holder (1), frame (I) is installed on a giving system (2), like the wheel means (3), to bring up wheel implies (4), the outer engagement ring connecting signifies (5), giving implies (2) in packet tire implies (3) previously mentioned, where the sticky signifies comprises a wheel inside flange signifies (6), the inner sticky indicates (7), the interior adhere engagement means (7) installed on the flange signifies (6).

(2) as reported in state I wherein the tire packing machine, described because said device makes up a vertical shipping wheel foundation (9), placed on the base (9) on the conveying means (10), mentioned promoting implies (10) includes two parallel stores (11), sequence (11) has a plurality of vertically mounted between your chain (11) route of motion the club (12), pub (12) and a clearance involving the identical interval, the tire tread ⑴ wrapping device placed on the base body (9).

3 in accordance with claim I in which the wheel packing machine, characterized because said tread package deal model (3) includes a symmetrically placed on the frame (I) of the two shaft chair (13) and mounted on the shaft chair (13 ) within the shaft (14), the shaft (14) are set up on the arm (15), the arm (15) is attached between your vertical beams (16), beam (16) with a bolt set to the turning left arm (15) in the beam (16) is provided with packing adhesive tape furnishings (17).

orbital stretch wrapping open public robot

PETtec functions included filler valve and capper monitoring, associating deficiency data to your distinct device and cover go, and sample ability. To keep track ofcurves and transfers, or long works encoder checking is available, or add up up/down for installation that do not satisfy the encoder demands.

Made available is underfill and overfill examination; a far off discipline support system which allows remote control keeping track of and trouble shooting; and detection of cover missing, high and defects or cocked hats, and shattered/folded/missing out on tamper bands and smiles.

The LTM-K fold wrapping machine uses orbital stretch wrapper cardboard highly processed from your flat, pre-reduce blank. The base seam is covered making use of very hot-establishing stick, one side tabs are nestled in and also optionally covered as being a tamper-noticeable close off. Cardboard bins of various quality may be processed. The machine features a sizeable file format collection for speedy, adaptable changeover.

Unlike horizontal cartoning machines, standard nightclub designs and tapers may also be accurately reproduced. This allows economical cartoning, the production of progressive pack designs, as well as a superior display in the sweets at position-of-transaction.

The brand new TOPAS SL FFS considerably improves ease of access to the within the machine and possesses an instinctive operator interface, which makes it more potent, however easier to run and service.

The TOPAS orbital stretch wrapper is able to case many different totally free-flowing merchandise which include petrochemical and chemical salt, fertilizer, products, sugar and sands hardwood pellets, attractive, plus more. It may travelling bag goods of several styles, from just a few micrometers into a couple of centimeters in proportion.

The stretch wrapping machine could be equipped with a number of factors created specifically to suit the items to be bagged, like a by-pass hopper, dust elimination method, and washing ability. It could be easily altered to diversified packaging needs, with stuffing weight loads ranging from 5 kg to 50 kg. In addition to the gravitational pressure dosing method, volumetric dosing is available as being an option.

tyre wrapping machine with the current automated stretch wrapping

[0033] Body 4 displays, the exterior connecting implies 5 consists of two symmetrically organized left arm 22, the arm 22 by way of a shaft attached to the higher stop of your I body, the arm 22 is linked to the lower end of owner 23, two the golf swing left arm 23 relative to the owner 23 could be hit fit, resource 23 is supplied with a few manual lines, each one of the information lines 24 are respectively fitted a baffle dish 25 is bonded or heating system, the heating platter 24 along with the conclusion plate tyre packaging machine is bonded throughout the springtime 26 coupled to the base from the manual groove, the heating system dish 24 is beyond the duration of the adhesive page 25, each and every owner 23 is equipped with two heating system the sticky plate 25 is additionally attached to the knife blade 27 lower , shearing blade 27 is located between two heated adhesive platter 25, two turret 23 is found in accordance with the place of laminated wheel package deal unit 3 crossbar 16 highest position at the end.

[0034] Shape 5-6, the flanging product 6 consists of two symmetrically disposed mounting foundation 28, installing system 28 by using the screw 29 is installed on the straight weightlifting tire delivery service product base 9, two installation programs 28 are means in just two parallel vertical give wheel for both aspects of the chain 11, installation system 28 is attached to the auxiliary support 30, the centre bracket 30 is installed auxiliary manual shaft 31, the information shaft 31 is placed on the guide shaft 31 over the slipping bracket of tyre wrapping machine , the glide holder 32 is supplied using a plurality of information shaft 31 with outwardly diverging guide groove 33, the auxiliary body 30 and also the guideline groove 33 related to the place of pin 34 is installed, the manual groove 33 is installed down the guide groove movement of your sliding block 33, the movable obstruct 35 is installed on the energetic lever, the lively lever 35 – stop in the movable obstruct with the shaft, the core of the energetic lever 35 by way of a shaft 34 is linked to the strut, flanging device 6 installed on the basic 9 further more consists of promoting system 10 situated on the underside from the supporter 36.

the three information grooves 33, the manual grooves 33 for the manual shaft 31, correspondingly, towards the 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock course of your wheel in the energetic handle 35 on the productive handle 35 is divided right into a ‘and two movable rod 35 “, a movable rod 35’ throughout the shaft with two movable rod 35” interconnection, a movable rod 35 ‘wave swept the very best dish 37 is mounted, two movable rod 35 “and the strut 34 plus a movable prevent, hooking up indicates with the remainder placement of the routines in the interconnection rod 35 in the same manner; the rest of the placements from the movable rod 35 is additionally installed on the auxiliary lively lever 38, the lively handle 35 is additionally attached to the top rated dish 37 has wave sweep, the second movable rod 38 – stop dish 37 and influx sweeping with the shaft attaching the auxiliary movable rod 38 throughout the shaft and the opposite end connected to pin 34, pin 34, the movable rod 35, the auxiliary movable rod 38, the influx sweep plate 37 is actually created parallelogram railing firms, surf sweep surface area dish 37 includes a remember to brush.

tyre packaging machine with the present auto equipment

[0046] Remember to make reference to Physique 2 with Physique 9, the front area in the tire 25 by picking up the left arm 28 and also the fixed shaft 281 set to the packing machine on a major body 29, the conclusion of your package deal, elevating the arm 28 inside the tube 282 powered by rotation about a fixed axis 281, and lift the front side tire 25, that will number two wheels 5 take deal, in the production keep track of 3. The application newest automated tire tyre packing machine, into the wheels, positioning, gripping and packaging decals company logo, the full process of the womb smart handle, auto completion, and ultizing three common set orientation, placing precision is high, these devices operates steadiness, environmental defense,use and installation, routine maintenance is simple to discover, totally symbolizes the attributes of human the outdoors. As well as the understanding of technical components, pneumatic components and power elements rational allocation, minimizing waste, enhance tyre packaging efficiency of the wheel, about 25 mere seconds to complete the whole packaging method, packaging shape consistent visual appeal, on wrapping document features, wheels no special requirements specifications, ideal for wide spread out use.

6 [0048] above, the utility model is only the preferred embodiments only, not for the utility model to make any formal restrictions, although the utility model has been disclosed to the preferred embodiment above, anyone familiar with the professional skills personnel, when available reveal the technical content of the above make little changes or modifications as would equal the equivalent embodiments are part of this utility model is still within its program.

The tyre packaging machine discloses a tyre packing machine, which consists of a straight tyre providing system. A tyre work surface wrapping device, a tyre interior engagement ring connecting unit and a preparing and tightening product are sequentially arranged around the top to bottom tyre providing product along the tyre giving path. A tyre raising gadget of the tyre packing machine can be used positioning a tyre, the requirement of the setting situation of a materials provided by a providing system is very low, the joints of packing tapes on the surface of the tyre is quick, and the joint is simply situated at a specific position about the external periphery of your tyre; the prospect of breakage of your tyre within the carrying process is lowered, packing aesthetic sensation is promoted, tiny packing spend is generated, the usage amount of any packing substance is great, and the packing price is very low; by modifying the level from the tyre packing device, the tyre packing machine can be used packing tyres with some other dimensions which is robust in compatibility; through two warming bonding dishes over a instrument sleep and an annular warm knife from the inner ring connecting product, charm in the connecting surface area is ensured; and thru the cooking and tightening up system, the packing tapes are firmly linked to the top of the tyre, and packing firmness and tightness are enhanced.

The tyre packaging machine to overcome the existing automated equipment

In order to better understand the utility of new techniques, the content of which may be implemented in accordance with the instructions, and let the utility model for the above and other objects, features and advantages can be more fully understood, preferred embodiments cite the following characteristics, and with the accompanying drawings, described in detail below, [0027] The above description is only an overview of practical new technical solutions.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION tyre packing machine

[0028] Shape 1 is a tire of the energy model auto tyre packaging machine made from a schematic strategy view.

[0029] Physique 2 is definitely the utility design beneath stress device and clamping width adjusting product schematic.

[0030] Physique 3 is within the strain of your power version schematic part look at the unit.

[0031] Figure 4 is a handbook realignment of your energy version schematic aspect take a look at the device.

[0032] Shape 5 is definitely the intelligent change of your power model schematic area take a look at the product.

[0033] Physique 6 is the utility model tyre wrapping management construction schematic.

[0034] Physique 7 will be the energy design braking device schematic.

[0035] Shape 8 may be the identification of the power product with auto pasting gadget schematic.

[0036] Body 9 is definitely an elevation in the energy design and its particular related arm construction diagram.

Distinct embodiments

[0037] To further illustrate the utility model to reach the desired purpose effectiveness and utility of the technical means adopted, the drawings and the following preferred embodiments according to the present utility model of automatic tire packing machine to specific embodiments , effects, characteristics and structure, as described in detail later.