Automatic steel tube bundle strapping machine


The automatic steel strip feeding for online steel strapping machine in steel tube bundle packaging, which is able help to save the laberl cost and increasing the strapping speed.


The strapping head is adjustable up&down to control the height level in strapping.

Program control to make it connectable with another packing line.

Good performance and nice price…

Automatic steel tube packing machine and strapping machine

Please kindly provide more information about Counting, Stacking device (steel tube Packing machine):

carrier teeth lifting chains
device for rectangular profile orientation (with sensor having a “no need adjusting ” system)
tough welded legs
alignment driven rolls
adjustable reference plate to align tubes
tubes counter system
storage area for row formation
translating support (blades to take the row on bundle shaping shelves)
adjustable steel tube bundle shaping shelves (depending on bundle type and dimensions)

Format change
Format change time (minute)
Round pipe to another round pipe
Square pipe to another squar pipe
Round pipe to square pipe and reverse


Automatic strapping machine for steel tube bundle banding with steel belt

Question: The Vibration/Quakes is 8. What does it mean?

Question: Please describe specificly to which degree it will be comlied with new types of pipe. That means when we want to change size, pipe quantity in bottom layer and NO. of layers for new types of steel pipe packing line in the future, how can we do that?

steel packing packing and strapping machine enquiry

My Steel Sheet  Plant  Industrial Park, Phu My Town, Tan Thanh District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, Vietnam)No.Commodity SpecificationOriginUnitQuantityUnit price (USD)Price (USD)Notes (if any)1Steel Pine Packing Machine- Packing bundles of Round, Square, Rectangular steel pipes under specified forming Set1 0 * 50×100: 40 units/bundle (5 x 8)  * 40×80: 50 units/bundle (5 x 10) * 30×60: 50 units/bundle (5 x 10)  * 50×50: 49 units/bundle (7 x 7)  * 40×40: 49 units/bundle (7 x 7)  * Ø90 : units/bundle (3 to 5)  * Ø76 : 24 units/bundle (4 to 6)  * Ø60 : 37 units/bundle (4 to 7)  * Ø49 : 80 units/bundle (5 to 10)  * Ø42 : 61 units/bundle (5 to 9)  - Complied with the line speed of 80 – 100m/min (Mill pipe machine) - Pine length: 4m – 9m  - Lifting by hydraulic, pneumatic cylinder - Using a drag chain mechanism to load the tube. - Main motor: Using DC or AC (with inverter) - Power supply: 3 phase 380V, 4 wires, 50Hz 2Contractor fee: Set-up, Erection, Erection Supervision, Commissioning, Test Performance and Training Services; all airfairs, food, accomodation and traffic fee for the Seller’s engineers. Package1 0 Total Value in USD – CIF Cat Lai Port Vietnam Incoterms 20100 Note:- This price is for Automatic steel tube Bundling Machine only, not need of Automatic Strapping.
– This price is including but not limited to the fee of designing, manufacturing, transportation (CIF Cat Lai Port, Vietnam Incoterms 2010), supervision of erection, cold and hot run tests, acceptance test run, trainning and guarantee of such machines.
– This price is including all electrical cables from the Seller supplied electrical panels to the Seller supplied machines.
– Technical specifications and steel tube strapping machine drawings needs to be approved by the Buyer before production.Terms and Condition1Commodity- 100% brand new, un-used2Documents- Please specify your Certificate of Origion (C/O), Certificate of Quality (C/Q):
+ Origin or copy?
+ Issued by whom?3Delivery- CIF Cat Lai Port, Vietnam, Incoterms 2010- Partial shipment: Not Allowed4Date of delivery:- Within 60 – 90days from the contract signing date.5Payment terms- 1st payment: 20% of machine value as deposit by T/T within 15 working days after signing the Contract against Advanced Payment Guarantee for the payment amount, which is unconditional and irrevocable, in the Buyer’s favour, and valid until 15 working days after Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) date;
– 2nd payment: 50% of machine value by L/C at sight against shipping documents;
– 3rd payment: 25% of machine value and 100% of Contractor fee by L/C at sight against FAC and Certificate of Warranty (to be issued by the Seller) for warranty period from the signing date of FAC.
– 4th payment: 5% of machine value by T/T within 30 days after warranty period is expired.6Warranty period months from FAC date.The Seller opens an unconditional and irrevocable Bank Guarantee Bond of 5% of total contract value for warantee time from FAC date in favour of the Buyer.7Validity days from issuing date unless extended.8Others- The Seller provides detailed technical specifications (in both Excel and Pdf format), machine layout drawings (CAD format),… which are attached with your proposal.
– Company profile in English (Overview, Capacity, Contracts of equivalent projects, Financial statement,…) in three consecutive years of 2015, 2014, 2013 are required (please contract us if there is any difficulties).We are looking forward to our cooperation.Sincerely yours,For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper also work for steel tube packing.

tube strapping machine and bundling machine

tube packaging line        tube strapping machine steel tube packing machine
Steel pipe tube bundle machine

Automatic steel tube bundling lines for reducing the labor cost. It is to bundle making shape of Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid. We produce different models of lines based on the length

Steel tube strapping machine

The automatic steel strapping machine Tension Force 15,572 – 19,576 N Control Mode from automatic, semi-automatic to manual. Strapping process for bundle Shape Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid…

Tube packing machine

Automatic steel tube bagging machine is able filling the tube into bag. The packing speed is upto 70m per min. with POF/OPP film. It can be connected with tube feeding system for online tube bag packing.


Learning from your size , it needs a customized solution which is not on our distribution range.

For better service, you can contact withou our factory colleague Mr.Vince sales engineer.

We´re looking for a pipe bundle machine and automatic orbital wrapping machine fully automatic at our site. Do you have a seller or contact person in Sweden who i can come in contact with? My industrial english isnt a 100% so it would be easier to talk to someone in swedish. They´re alot of technical issues i need to discuss.

Best Regards!
Linus Grip

This e-mail is confidential and it is intended only for the addressees. Any review, dissemination, distribution, or copying of this message by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, kindly notify us immediately by telephone or e-mail and delete the message from your system. The sender does not accept liability for any errors or omissions in the contents of this message which may arise as a result of the e-mail transmission.


The inforamtion shows the requirement for tube bundle strapping machine and packing machine




Solution for tube bundling and bag packing


steel tube bundling and strapping machine
Steel tube packaging line with strapping machine

Could you please provide us with your pipe specifications and your packing requirements in details? We are able to offer you a suitable packing solution for packing your products. We will be glad to receive some pictures of your products for reference.

  • Long and straight pipes:

1. Please let us know your pipe specification.

No. Single Pipe OD
Length(mm) Production Speed
Max OD of
pipe bundle (mm)

2. Do you need this

steel pipe packing line
steel pipe packing line
steel tube packing line

to connect to your extrusion line?

3. what kind of packing material(bag) are you going to be used? Like HDPE bag.

4. What is your requirement of packing speed? Say, 1-2bundles/min.

(FYI-pipe bundling and bagging)

(FYI-horizontal stretch wrapping)


  • Pipe coil:

1. What is the specification of your pipe coil?

Pipe coil Width(mm) ID(mm) OD(mm) Weight(kg)


2. What kind of packing material(tape) do you want to be used? Such as stretch film, PVC, fabric woven belt, compound paper tape, etc.



4. What is your requirement of packing speed?


5. How do you load the coil onto the wrapping station of our machine? By manual, crane, automatically strapping and conveying or ?


6. Which kind of wrapping mode do you prefer? Vertical coil wrapping or horizontal coil wrapping? If your pipe coil are hard and available to be vertical, we suggest our vertical pipe coil wrapping machine GS series(cost-effective) instead GW series.

(FYI, GS series)

(FYI, GW series)



After getting your pipe specification and your packing needs, as a professional manufacturer with over 18 years of experience in producing packaging equipment, we are able to provide you a better packing solution and quote you as soon as possible.


Look forward to hearing from you.

Automatic steel tube bundle strapping machine


Glad to receive your inquiry about battery powered manual plastic stapping tool this morning. For this strapping tool, it can be strapped with 13~16mm or 13~19mm plastic belt.
Strap tension is 400-2000N. Price of this strapping tools is USD2,065/set (RMB13,800/SEST). When dispatch, it is equiped with two baterrys and a battery charger.
The battery also can be sell, its price is USD98/PCS. Delivery time of this steel tube strapping machine tool is 5 working days.
Detail technical data of this strapping tool is as below:
Which size of plastic belt do you want to use?

Detail technical data of this tool is as below:

steel tube bundling and strapping machine
Steel tube packaging line with strapping machine
Thanks for your email very much. I am sorry that this supplier does not export tapes directly. I have checked the price of these tapes:
Thickness:0.06mm, 2.96USD/kg, MOQ: 2000KG, High Viscosity
Thickness:0.11mm, 2.73USD/kg, MOQ: 2000KG, Middle Viscosity
Thickness:0.13mm, 2.96USD/kg, MOQ: 2000KG, High Viscosity (with logo print)

Atuomatic Steel Tube Strapping Machine





















Automatic steel tube strapping machine rising tendencies in packaging and producing in tube packing which can aid you continue to be in advance of your competitiveness. One of the very best methods to location these traits is by attending major market events, in which you can see firsthand the new products and systems that handle and/or solve today’s crucial issues, as effectively as community with sizzling-matter professionals.

The initial significant business celebration in 2016 is WestPack (Feb. nine-11 Anaheim, CA). Above the training course of the three-day celebration, a lot more than 21,000 packaging and manufacturing pros are predicted to pay a visit to southern California to see far more than two,000 exhibitors at WestPack and its co-positioned automation and producing shows: MD&M West, ATX West, Plastec West, Electronics West and Pacific Design and style & Producing.

Hayley Haggarty, steel tube strapping machine marketing manager, Superior Manufacturing Occasions, offers us a glimpse into what you can experience at the greatest sophisticated production celebration in North The usa.

What are some of the fascinating new activities in keep for attendees at WestPack 2016?

Haggarty: There will be hundreds of modern strapping and packaging businesses demonstrating slicing-edge packaging materials, labeling, strapping machinery and automation. I’m looking forward to viewing what is new in flexible packaging, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and blister packaging.

It’s a excellent occasion for creating suggestions by means of open innovation strapping machine industries are represented from healthcare to meals and beverage. There are also complimentary presentations having area on Centre Phase, including interactive scenario scientific studies on building the newest and biggest packaging engineering and have to-know producing traits.

What is the benefit of the other co-situated production occasions?

Haggarty: Having functions that cater to the packaging, operation care, automation, plastics and electronics industries under one particular roof genuinely brings with each other all the parts that make up the layout-to-producing manufacturing cycle. The event is the higher-tech IKEA of the sophisticated producing planet! It is a spot in which you can demo the latest systems and uncover hundreds of relevant design and production exhibitors and suppliers to support drive your item to the next degree.

Haggarty: Pace Networking has obtained fantastic suggestions. When attendees indicator up for this networking action, they are matched by their demo concerns to other relevant peers, purchasers and suppliers. It’s a great way to be matched up with likely consumers to discuss new enterprise potential clients, related challenges and new opportunities in a formal face-to-confront fulfill-up.

How is the Booth Crawl diverse from the Innovation Tours?

Haggarty: The Booth Crawl will be taking place the very first day of the event, Feb. 9, from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. A group of exhibitors will take part, delivering steel coils and steel tube so the attendees can make their way close to the expo display flooring, getting the likelihood to relax and informally community with the exhibitors and other attendees.

The steel tube strapping machine innovation Tours are organized by an industry specialist who will take the team to related exhibitors masking specific market very hot topics like 3D printing.

How numerous exhibitors will be collaborating in the Booth Crawl? Are attendees necessary to check out them all?

Haggarty: We are getting inundated with exhibitors wanting to be part of in! I really don’t believe it is humanly feasible to check out far more than twenty booths in 60 minutes but I’m certain some of our attendees will attempt!