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automatic steel tube bundle packing line
automatic steel tube bundle packing line and strapping machine


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Steel tube packing and strapping machine
Steel tube packing and strapping machine

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Automatic steel tube bundling and packing line
Automatic steel tube bundling and packing line from

movements of your water pipe through the machine

Again the pipe is permitted to shift, this period with the water pump motor |49 working, till the pipe gets to the inside the rotor 54 from the auxiliary wrapping signifies. v At this point the wrapping strip |05 is threaded thru the reel as well as over the information roller 41, after’which it is actually offered a change regarding the water pipe in the chosen pitch and overlap and guaranteed by any ideal implies. The machine together with the liquid push |49 is now started once again and permitted to carry on so long as piping are to be packaged; the conveyor sequence 39 helping to abut a brand new tubing up against the a single getting twisted right after it foliage the conveyor. After the wrapped plumbing depart the machine the wrapping attaching them might be lower by any appropriate implies. The final tubing thru the machine is really a dummy, and simply will serve to drive the past twisted tube on through the machine.

The straightforward longitudinal motion from the tube through the machine, with the better indicates through which this movements is impacted, are internet marketing.

portant highlights of my invention. It is to be documented that this travel straps 9 participate a large portion of the water pipe area, and provide motion towards the tube with out positioning an unnecessary force on the water pipe, and without marring or else injuring its work surface or priming layer. 4 Low-rounded, riveted, fasten nightclub along with other unique water lines could readily be Wrapped in the machine. Additionally, the machine will wrap lean walled

Machine depending upon the pitches being considering the wrapping

Preferably, implies are given for applying a cementing fluid to protected the longitudinal employed strips towards the flrst helically employed strip. For this purpose a tubular diamond ring |45 is if at all possible disposed concerning the tubing 4 surrounding the availability rolls 91. This engagement ring is if at all possible placed on suitable works with |41 guaranteed on the brackets 96. A duct |48 communicates between the container ||4 and band |46, and a suitable pump |49 interposed within the duct |48 is if at all possible presented for sup– plying the liquid towards the ring under stress. Any ideal indicates may be useful for driving a vehicle the Dispose of.

A plurality of discharge nozzles |5| are offered about the ring |45 to immediate the iiuid between your longitudinally employed strips 99 along with the helical wrapping. Since the pipe rI is moving forward, the fluid is immediately covered by the strips 99, so that little if any of the fluid is lost. 05 to the longitudinally applied strips 99 if desirable. For this specific purpose a substance using indicates, preferably similar1 to this explained for applying the substance to the pipemay be utilized. In this case the supporting forearms 96 can be lengthened as well as the coat |01 disposed regarding the water pipe in between the guide rollers 98 and displaying 94. Of course the wiping heads |09 would be built to accord together with the increased diameter as a result of overlying Wrappings’. This apparatus is not really proven due to the fact it could be substantially a duplicate of the things had been defined in detail.

Operations-An owner adapts the speed from the rotors 54 in accordance with the tubing 4 to present the required overlap towards the helical wrapping; and after that units the manual rollers 14 to direct the strip resources 13 and 05 for the pipe with the desired perspectives, based upon the pitches to be due to the helical wrappings. The machine is then started off. 2 I; the pump action being suiiciently slow to allow the pipe to move thru the jacket before the fluid spills over the lower edges of the wiping heads. The water pipe is now transferred ahead thru the uid coat |01 through the water pipe shifting means or generate belts 9. `As the tubing is moved from the straps 9 -the action of the slip belt 44 enables the conveyor chain 38 to decelerate to accord with the tube motion. Every time a water pipe passes by out from proposal with the conveyor chain, nevertheless, the conveyor quickly accelerates to bring up a new pipe in opposition to it.

When the water pipe actually gets to the inside of the first rotor 54 the machine is halted as well as the strip 13 is threaded through the bottomof the reel and round the information curler 14, and after that it is provided a change about the pipe on the picked pitch and overlap and protected by any appropriate implies. The water pipe is then able to shift forward on the manual rollers 98, after which the pieces 99 in the supplementary moves 91 are moving on the pipe beneath the pressure guide rollers and protected in.


location by any ideal indicates.

The packing machine Appropriate guide rollers

The coil packaging machine Suitable guideline rollers established across the conveyor sequence journaled and 38 around the help hands 5I are given for guiding the water pipe as it is carried coupled from the conveyor and for directing it into proposal using the travel straps 9 in the tubing moving means. A slotted lug is slipped above a couple of weblink pins within the conveyor sequence 38 right behind the tubing, and assists to press the tubing along. As soon as the water pipe simply leaves the conclusion from the conveyor the lug 52 carries on along and drops out of proposal with the sequence as it is maintained on the sprocket 42.

The drive for the conveyor chain 38 is tweaked in order that the chain movements a bit quicker compared to the travel straps 9 from the water pipe moving implies. Because of the reputation of the slide belt 44, nevertheless, the pipe is merely nourished towards the water pipe shifting signifies; more movements from the tubing being impacted entirely by the push straps 9. And that a new pipe to be wrapped is always ready to take the place of one being Wrapped in the machine, by this arrangement it is apparent that pipes are continually fed ‘to the machine. When a water pipe passes out from engagement using the generate belts 9 the next making it water pipe will serve to press it on through the machine.

Signifies are supplied for using a strip of wrapping materials to the water pipe inside a, helical coil wrapping machine. Set up in the body 2 in front of the pipe shifting means and journaled with a hollow body displaying 53 coaxial together with the tube 4 is actually a rotor 54 finding the gear tooth 56cut in their periphery. An annular dish 51 is secured for the end of the displaying 53 from the anchoring screws 58, and bears up against the part of your rotor 54 to keep it in their journaled placement.

The rotor is rotated from a structure journaled shaft 59 thru a pinion 6I meshing with all the rotor teeth. The shaft 59 is connected to the generate shaft 3| thru a sequence generate v62. A suitable rate change gearing equipment, for any standard construc- 4 tion, is interposed in the drive shaft 3| adjoining the chain drive 62, so the rotation of the shaft wrapper, and therefore the rotor 54, can be assorted.

Implies are provided in the rotor 54 for retaining the wrapping fabric inside a roll encircling and coaxial with all the tube 4. Some annular dishes , held spread out from the tie up rods 61, are guaranteed to the rotor 54 by bolt stops 68 of your tie rods 61. A plurality of freely journaled rollers  are journaled from the annular plates , so that they are circumferentially disposed in regards to the pipe’ 4. A pair of spread out annular dishes II are journaled on the rollers  in the roller grooves


Stainless steel Tube packing line-2014

The tube pipe packaging machine in between the travel straps as well as the tube some recessed cleats 23 are preferably offered, and they are attached in spread out situation over the belts. The cleat recesses -24 are minimize to accord with a given tubing circumference, and straps with cleats having distinct designed recesses are if at all possible provided to accord with some other styles of tube.

The get to of the belt which engages the water pipe is supported involving the pulleys I I to increase improve the tractional proposal between the buckle and also the tube. This is certainly if at all possible achieved by a plurality of rollers 2 6, three becoming demonstrated, journaled within a yoke structure 21 placed on a shaft 28. This yoke shaft is installed inside a way just like pulley shafts I 3 -in the belt installation, and will not be described in more detail; be enough to express that when the hand wheel I8 is turned the pressure about the helping moves 26, and as a result the attain in the buckle, is varied.

The drive to the belts 9 is often finest shown in Figure 1; a number of specifics being greater shown in Shape 4. A synchronous motor serves as a best mover, and it is connected to a body journaled generate shaft 3| thru the spur equipment. A vertical shaft 33 is likewise journaled from the framework 2, and is arranged adjoining the end of a pulley shaft I3 of each and every belt; the shaft 33 getting linked to the travel shaft 3l through the miter stretch wrapping equipment.

Drive through the straight shaft  on the pulley shafts I3 is impacted with the stretch wrapper equipment cases , whereby the right worm slidable about the top to bottom shaft meshes using a worm gear 31 installed on the conclusion from the pulley shaft. This set up completes the generate from the electric motor on the straps , and simultaneously enables the belts to be transferred in accordance with the tubing. By exchanging the gears 32 for others possessing `a different proportion an user may possibly change the price at which the tubing is relocated.

Implies are given for transporting the pipes to `be Covered to the machine and into engagement with all the drive belts 9 from the tube relocating implies. A conveyor is organized down the expanded longitudinal axis in the machine and makes up an endless chain jogging inside the routes kept by a. perfect assist 4I as well as over a sprocket 42 journaled about the structure 2 adjacent the less push buckle 9. ‘Ihe conveyor sequence sprocket 42 is motivated through the drive shaft 3| thru an appropriate reduction gearing , along with a slide buckle  working more than a pulley 46 attached to the sprocket shaft device. A spring pressed idler pulley running versus the fall buckle 44 acts to pressure the buckle to outcome the generate.


Steel Tube packaging machienry-2


My innovation extensively pertains to a machine for wrapping physical objects, and much more notably to a tube wrapping machine and to the water pipe shifting wrapping and means strip using process thereof.

It is one of the things of my innovation to supply a wrapping machine which pipes could be twisted using a plurality of longitudinally and helically used strips; the helically ap plied pieces simply being wound in both a similar or in complete opposite instructions.

An additional item of my creation is to provide a steel pipe wrapping machine embodying enhanced method for coping with the water lines, so the wrapping could be carried on being a significantly ongoing procedure and never have to husband and wife the plumbing with each other.

One more subject of my creation is always to give enhanced method for transferring the wrapping material from source moves to the tube, including the supply of means for permitting considerably a 90 variance within the pitch from the helically utilized wrappings; and also means for various the standard of overlap in the helical wrapping at virtually any pitch.

Further things of my innovation add the supply of a tube wrapping machine where the sticky fluid is used on the water pipe without having waste; when the plumbing are managed with out scarring damage or else harmful the tube or its priming coat; and then in which water lines for any information, for example riveted plumbing, thin walled plumbing and the like, can be Packaged.

The innovation possesses quite a few other features and objects of advantages, some of which, together with the foregoing, will probably be established within the pursuing description of my creation. It is going to be comprehended i usually do not restriction myself to the disclosure of type of my innovation, while i could embrace version embodiments thereof inside the range from the statements.

Discussing the sketches:

Shape 1 is side` Look at, partially in height but mainly in vertical area, of your pipe wrapping machine embodying my innovation, displaying the left hand area of the machine; and

Figure 2 is a` similar view showing the proper palm area of the machine.

Shape 3 is transverse straight sectional look at the machine consumed a plane indicated by thev range 3`3 of Shape 2, andshows the wrapping rotorin conclusion height; portions of the rotor assemblage are displayed in straight segment to far more clearly reveal the development.

showing the tubing relocating means, consumed in an airplane indicated through the line 4 4 of Body 1.

Regarding wide inclusion` the tubing wrapping machine embodying my invention makes up means for holding the wrapping substance in a 5 rcll encircling and coaxial with all the water pipe. Manual signifies are given for directing the wrapping material through the roll towards the tube. Implies are given for shifting the tube past the roll, and signifies are offered for transferring the information means l0 concerning the water pipe to move thewrapping materials fromV the roll on the pipe and apply the content in the helical wrapping.