PVC PPR pipe packaging line

The automatic packaging system for releasing the man power in pipe counting and bundle making.

It is an system for automatic bundle packaging for PVC conduit, ppr pipe, HDPE pipe…The speed is upto two bundle per min.

It makes one people able to handling tens of thousand pipe.

What you need to do is pouring your pipe into our pipe packaging system.

Fhopepack pipe packing machine quality is a process in non stop researching and evolution. We are aimed at reaching the maximum levels of customer satisfaction and competitiveness. This is why the fhopepack company and our packing line is about to obtain Quality 9001:2008.

Incredible quality in strength, long life and easy operation. Highly efficiency in packaging and well meet your production,handling and packaging needs. Only Fhopepack technology can give you these pvc/ppr pipe packaging machines for improving your package. The most of production lines are with creation of every single part is made perfectly by automation.




We are supplying Strapping Machine & PP Strapping which includes Automatic Strapping Equipment, Semi Intelligent Strapping Machines and Package Strapping Machines


Characteristics :

Clever and small exteriors with natural powder covered physique.

Deterioration resistant parts for greater longevity. If at all possible intended for all circumstances and rugged managing.

Freshly designed to pack far more variety of bundles at the stretch.

Clean operations.

Easy to preserve.

Effortless accessibility of extras and at low cost.

Electro-Magnetic Clutch system Transmission

Reputable maintenance free electro magnet clutch system transmitting improves strapping pace and lowers machine disturbance.

Enhanced PCB Design

It incorporates 60 2nd automated turn off clock for motor unit and adjustable chilling time for various stress software. It also comes with an option of strapping with out cooling down time.

Basic safety

All microswitches and regulates work on 24v DC. This reduces possibilities of power shock.

An easy task to elevate Dinner table best

To produce the maintainence easier for the assistance workers buy delivering immediate accessibility coil packing machine elements.

Steel feed Rollers

These coil strap rollers are accurate and perfect to help keep the strap centered.

Durable Dispenser

The dispenser moves on nylon bearings which makes its movement cost-free with lowered wear and anxiety.

Requirements coil packing machine :


Power SourceAc 220v/50hz/individual cycle

Traveling Motor1/4hp, 220v

Dimension910 millimeters(L) x 580 mm(W) by 730(H)

Strap Width6 millimeters – 15 millimeters

Pressure Energy Optimum.60 kgs

Strapping Speed1.5 sec/strap

Minutes. Package deal sizing60 millimeters

Optimum. Paxkage dimensionAny dimensions

Strap Core200 mm(8″)

World wide web Excess weight100 kgs.

P.P. Container Strapping


Produced on many advanced hitech herb

Smooth jogging on fully And Semi intelligent strapping machine

completely virgin quality

guranteed duration

appealing colours

basic And Printed out accessible

manual rolls made available

special high quality on demand

A wrapping machine based on special designing

The line consists of an automated program for picking up pipes out of the storage containers used to carry them from the extruder equipment to the packing series. To stop the device from becoming overflooded, the plumbing are then split into smaller batches and after that singularized on specailly created conveyors in which they may be flattened out and formed to the pre-programmed batches to get packaged. The batches are then independently taped employing stretch film to make sure that they generally do not diminish or wide open out throughout the wrapping stage.

For example, the line are prepared for piping starting from 20 millimeters in size around 90 mm as well as the optimum span is 4000 millimeters. Packing potential is 300 sub-bundles hourly of any tube sizing (packing approximately 300 bundles that contain 25 x 20 mm diameter plumbing each hour).

A specially engineered machine which inserts the pre-well prepared bundles in to a sleeve-like polythene pipe which is then tucked within the package and sealed in the comes to an end with tacky tape (also, it is possible to weld the ends in the hose utilizing a heating close off if required).

Before it is automatically stacked into a skip or made into a bundle ready for strapping, a label is applied automatically to the end of each bundle.

The fishing line is split to the subsequent main segments:

Machine C automatic bundling and packing series for round UPVC plumbing ? 20 mm to ? 90 mm

1Sequence conveyors for reloading total skips / come back of purged skips

2 Process for automatically unloading plumbing from the skips using specially designed angled lifters

3Rake and conveyor belt program disentangling plumbing and initial separation

4Sling program and conveyors for breaking up water lines

5Level planning with flattening and area containment

6Singularizing unit with pinchers and likely conveyors for solitary profiles

7Silo for reloading specific bundle and profiles creation

8No. 3 top rated taping equipment for binding the bundles

9Jogging ray for bundles with weighing scales

10No. 2 models for placing bundles into polythene place with intelligent decreasing in the ends

11Foldable and taping from the ends in the pack

12Intermediate conveyors of PVC conduit packaging line

13Automatic lable application and printing

14Intelligent formation of layers of bundles with pushers and lances

15Hydraulic scissor lances and lifters for grasp package creation

16Chain conveyors for launching ignore to learn pack get out of

17Curler conveyor for master pack elimination with strapping things

18Eelectrical part including management individual panels, electric cabinets with PLCs

Custom answers to your unique process and packing specifications available.