aluminum profile packaging line and solution   aluminum wrapping machine

Please inform regarding the speed of the machine and approximate time to customize the machine.

——Normally, it need extra 5 days for your solutoin.

Also, please clarify the size of the machine >> 20 m ( length ) x 1500 ( width ) :

– 1500 refer to 1500 m or 1500 cm ( 1.5 m )?

——20m length x1.5m



As a manufacutrer, we got rich experience in pipe packaging.

1. Stretch wrapping machine

Following information required for stretch wrapping solution:

Pipe bunle No. Bundle OD Length Weight

2. Bundling machine

Following information required for stretch wrapping solution:

Pipe No. OD Length Extruder speed
(how many meter per min)
how many pcs per bundle Bundle Weight

I’d like to know what machine interest the most, or both.


aluminum profile wrapping machine

aluminum profile wrapping and packing machine


Fhopepack providing automatic aluminum profile packing machine for your aluminum package.

You can find more information following:


There are packing material for aluminum packing also.Usually it is stretch film, PE film… for protecting the surface of the aluminum profile.


This is a aluminum profile wrapping machine, it helps your improving the profile ans section packaging speed. It upto 20m/min, which higher more than manually work.

1, Motor drive for the conveyor and wrapping ring with manual air valve control or PLC programcontrol .
2, Semiauto on,emergency stop & start,  forward-out or manual discharging.
3, Esy installation, easy move with diesel engine for power.
4, Wrapping tension force is good.

5, 24 Hours  running
6, machine can be customized according different size of aluminum.