Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for steel tube

Increase protection as well as eliminate damageWith the Stretch Gift wrapping Solution through spiral orbital profile wrapping machine, the products might be well protected by LLDPE stretch film. Once the motion picture is extended on the surface of items, it elongates as being a rubber band, to make tighten and reinforce. It stops damage for highly refined surfaces necessity. It’s good solution to protect the products in move. Avoid the desire for interleaved buffer components.2. Lessen material as well as save providing costs.Spiral orbital profile wrapping machine is applicable for various packaging materials. Sorts of belts, films and tapes. It is a new style procedure equipment. The top packing pace can be around 20m per minute. Zero need specific training and straightforward maintenance. The idea saves you some time to labor fees greatly. Furthermore, these can decrease your product packaging cost and get benifits.3.Unlimited length things wrapping.The Spiral orbital profile having to wrap machine is a perfect equipment along with packing option for long shape objects such as steel tube, pvc water line tube, user profile, lumber, segment, textile sheets, door, window, board… and the ones can be covered by unitizing. And also, it is no constrained with several layers of stretch video to strengthen. The overlap rate coming from 10-90% is adjustable based on the real width of masking. Your prolonged shape products can beprotected properly from dust, moisture, injury. 4. Unique designsa) The touch screen is easily operated.b) Alter new video during 5sec d) The tension with the stretch film is adjustable.at the) Film carriage is easy to put in and function.f) There is no static in the course of wrappingg) The cut is easy and toned by the mechanised cutter.

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for steel tube

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for reel packaging


 orbital stretch wrapper for panel

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One of our client is looking for automatic Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper  and reel packing machine for their final product in reels as per following specs.

Dia meter 1200 -1600mm

Deckle 500 – 1850 mm
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