a power roll stretching addition

What about fpc2? What are the features?

Now, the packaging height of your load can be expanded to increase the packaging. Now we’ve replaced the mast with 279 centimeters (110) masts of 203 cm (80). On the machine, there are now 220v – 50/60hz 15 amperes increasing the transformer. We can also learn that the temperature in the low temperature environment is very low, which can be lower than -1 C to -18 C(+ 31 F to 0 F). Corrosion environment is the operation of the corrosion environment. It is very applicable to machines that are exposed to chemicals such as salt and fertilizer. Fpc4 remote fpc3 or stop the forklift or other position of the machine. It’s worth noting that you can use fpc5 on multiple machines. The arm speed of 1-15 RPM allows the winding arm to rotate, allowing the winding arm to rotate to 15 RPM. Note: this option includes a power roll stretching addition, and it will also reach the effect of stretching to 250%.

Let’s take a look at its price. The bottom price now is $24,295.

What about its performance?

Its maximum production speed has been improved, and it has been increased to 30-40 load/hrLoad size diagonals (recommended) 1930mm (76 “) maximum load packs of height2032mm (80 inches) maximum load capacity

How does load handling work?

Arm speed, we also call it variable, is 12 RPMWrap, Arm Zone2280 mm(90 inch) Wrap Arm drive3/4 HP TEFC

Here’s how it works.

Let’s look at its weight and size.

The weight of the ship is about 1,500 kilograms, or 3,300 pounds. 3990 mm L, 3660 mm W, 3075 mm H, (157 “lx 144” W x 121 “H) is its approximate size.

What are the service requirements?

It is not applicable to dedicated electrical services. Fpc6 ampere electric service fpc7.

We also made a promise.

Our warranty for fpc8 is 3 years.

pallet turner

When stacking trays, a space-saving solution is needed. If they are stacked in the traditional way, the company will waste a lot of storage space and cargo space. If the pallets are stacked nested, more pallets can be stored and shipped. Company Baust has developed a process management system tray optimization that enhances these processes significantly: Tray Turner.
For a medium-sized company, in the food industry, baust materialflusssysteme plans to design and connect conveyor trailers Turner. The procedure is as follows: Integrating light barriers in the stacker identify the size of the pallet. Then two pneumatically moved gripping arms to take the tray from the side. Turner Turner center it, if necessary, rotate 180 degrees. The pallet is now fully prepared and can be handed over to the center’s conveyor system. Further processing steps, such as loading of trays, are now possible.
Benefit from our expertise in pallet handling. Our pallet turner and our other palletizers, such as pallet changers, are a personalized solution to increase your company’s productivity. Talk to us: We are happy to give you advice in a private conversation.
The maincer’s pallet turner is a fixed system that allows for the support of boxes, bags, containers and pallets of various materials.
The system rotates the load radially in a fast and comfortable manner, with no danger to the operator and to the load. All systems are managed by two lever-operated hydraulics, one for holding the pallet and the other for rotating the pallet. The system is designed to accommodate the large volume and heavy weight of the trays, and can be customized in size and maximum load according to customer needs.
It is equipped with safety fence in CE standard and mechanical and electrical safety.


pallet turner

upender and tilter

Heavy load tilter

[robo-gallery id=7364]

Upneder and titler for a simple concept: design a long time, trusted handling, day after day, the more difficult applications need to be solved, also needs to have flexibility, as far as possible to meet your pallet packaging requirements at any time. Advanced features, long using time, the trust will ensure that your pallet packing machine has been to all sales team or business requirements.

This kind of upender machine has a simple design but is not easy to do results now, so we have to create a set of perfect handling line equipment designed to deal with all the heavy loading application requirements. tilter and upender containing the total control and the features of heavy and complicated, usually need high cost and irreplaceability.


The Wrapping machine station

The Wrapping machine station

Yellow jacket stretch packaging design can complete safe shipping and protection products, to meet the customer’s every demand, manufacturers of the machine can’t do other things soon discovered the value of improved productivity and diversity, and good safety operation and ease of use also has a lot of benefits

A durable and effective means of product transport is our stretch packaging provided by our customers, choosing the options that meet your needs and budget. These are little or no physical labor. For example, choose options that match your needs and budget to ensure that all sizes and shapes are transported quickly

Before the transportation need multiple employees, hand packing tray is very time consuming, every day, has been in use automatic pallet packaging method, bring benefits to the company, the cost has been reduced, because they only need an operator, but also improve the production speed,Wrapping machine station does not need additional resources, different size of the tray can be guaranteed

The news of the yellow coat

The benefits of aWrapping machine station can be announced through its orbital packaging, including time and savings

With the help of the 87mWrapping machine station’s rail stretch wrappers, thousands of dollars per year of Labour costs can be saved by theWrapping machine station’s customers.Wrapping machine stations increase the integrity of the product while reducing other hidden costs. And supersize and strange shape load to the forklift can also be ensured.

In 2013, in F, M shows theWrapping machine station orbit packaging machine is one of the most innovative technologies will be show, 8.7 millionWrapping machine station orbit stretch wrapping machine, is in F company in 2013, is located in Chicago, Illinois, booth # S. Innovative stretching packaging equipment and high quality stretch film, so he as a leading manufacturer, the market needs complex manufacturing and heavy metal parts and assembly can also be well solved by him

The benefits of theWrapping machine station over M in 2012 are highlighted by time and money

Practical ,Well-designed Coil Tilter and Coil Upender

FHOPE supplies coil nailers handle solution, not only providing machinery. Fhope is a lot more than please to assist your own requirement in the analysis packing goal, helping you to find the right option for operation process. our Coil tilter/coil upender has been applied for subsequent industry. Upender is normally for handling the particular coils, mildew, roll… The most important features in advanced coil nailers tilter/upender engineering would be to achieve continuous safety operation in any kind of environment. Heavy item must be managing properly to prevent improperly damage or damaged. Environmental aspects such as humidity and temperature can’t impact product managing. With Fhope upender technologies, the machine is actually reliable and strong. New improvements for 2014 symbolize important advances in achieving continuous surgical procedures, error-free loads, electricity efficiencies, along with advanced security.Special framework is designed, trustworthy oblique products and quality worm rate reducer. Large designed Four-roller gadget to supportive the tilter. Inverter handles the speed. A pair of displacement restrictors and restricted sensor followed for security operation. Device can be visit to any position in converting even turn off. Emergence quit and position locking operate avoid revolving. Working table can be made every products.
Practical ,Well-designed Coil Tilter and Coil Upender

Coil tilter and coil upnder

FHOPE supplies coils handle solution, not only packaging machinery. Fhope is a lot more than make sure you to assist the requirement throughout the analysis packing goal, allowing you to find the right remedy for operation process. our own Coil tilter/coil upender was applied for subsequent industries.
is normally for handling the actual coils, mould, roll… 
Coil tilter and coil upnder

Coil tilter with slid table

steel circles position differ from horizontal to be able to vertical as well as inversely, with bodyweight from One.5 to 30 tons. These tilters could also be used for different kinds of cargoes which makes them all-purpose. Using these tilters permits increasing considerably handling operates safety as well as efficiency as well as improving their quality. The tilter design offers electric driveworking along with supply current from 230 to 460 Versus. Coil tilter with slid table

inquiry for coil upender and stretch wrapper

am afraid that according to the machine table we could have some problems when working on the longest coil (1.5m). Besides the coil we will need to also put a pallet (0.15m) and this will take even more space and there will be around 25cm. of the coil that will be out of the coil upender machine and the potential risk of falling. Please see picture attached.

Can you adjust the table measures according to this? If yes, the price will be the same? Please also provide CIF price to OUR COMPANY

We are from Box wear. We are pharmaceutical traders.
we need Stretch Wrapping Machine. Carton size:
Max. L840mm×W700mm×H610mm,
Min. L490mm×W300mm×H265mm,
Carton weight: Max. 60kg ,
Turntable loading weight:Max. 100kg ,
Turntable speed: 10-14r /min ,
Material: stretch film: Thickness 0.025mm, width: 500mmm Power voltage: 220v, single phase, 50- 60Hz

can u send me product details ?

Waiting for quick response.

drawing of coil upender

1) I would send photo sensor’s brand, model No & elec power as the attachment.
Please provide elec circuit diagram drawing which is added the photo sensor by tomorrow.

2) Even though we adjusted support roller of tilter correctly, the tilter still move to diagonal direction
and make big thrust force. Please advise us how to adjust it correctly.

In advance thank you for your cooperation.


coil upender and drawing
coil upender and drawing

From: susan
Sent: Friday, March 4, 2016 3:24 PM
To: 김선교 ;
Subject: Re: Re: VREY VERY URGENT!!! Need control panel circuit diagram drawing.

Dear Mr. kim,

Good day!

Following are the reply of your requirement for coil upender:
1) Elec circuit diagram drawing including Magnetic contactor part. (See the attachment)
—- It is shown in our “electrical circuit diagram 03”, pls refer to attachment documents.

2) Add photo sensor on the end of roller conveyor of coil upender to the elec circuit diagram (See the attachment)
—- Pls refer to attachment document.

3) Detail drawing of coil tilting M/C to be provided. We have to know machanism of the coil tilting M/C to adjust the No.2 M/C.
— Pls refer to attachment drawing.

4) Operation manual of Inverter on the control panel. (See the attached coil upender photos.)
—- Pls refer to attachment user manual.