coil wrapping machine and strapping machine

Automatic wire packing line

Please make sure following are considered in your coil wrapping machine and strapping machine offer:

– Warranty for 24Months
– Wear & tear parts drawings & brought out item’s specifications should be mentioned in operation & maintenance manual
– All brought out items make & model shall be available in India
– Please send price breakup for cutting & holding module & remaining machine
– Our preferred makes as follows & items should be standard models:
o geared motor make is SEW / Bonfigioli / Nord
o Sensors: Sick / Schneider / Lueze / Omron
o PLC, VFD and HMI: Siemens
o Bearings: SKF/NTN/IKO/ZKL
o Pneumatics valves & cylinder: Festo/SMC/Norgren
– No brand name of “JINGLIN PACKAGING” will be mentioned on packaging machine

The information of the horizontal stretch wrapper for coil and tyre packaging.



Automatic strapping machine and coil wrapping machine

Please check the quotation attached.

Please see the attached automatic coil strapping Machine specification for your reference.

——–Please check the quotation attached.
We request you to sent us the detail for the following.
1. PROVISIONAL ESTIMATION for Sklep wraping machine and Tilting machine (EX-WORK PRICE)
———Please check the quotation

2. Regarding CIVIL WORK(for Foundation) what will be your scope ( Requesting a Drawing)

———-Not CIVIL work requirred for wrapping machine. For tiltering machine is not need too. But if customer have special requirement please let me know.

We will provide drawing after production finished before delivery.

3. Duration of time from MANUFACTURING TO INSTALLATION after releasing the PO.———-Sorry, there are so many factor can not control by us. such as payment time, shipping… If very thing going good it need app. 100 days


Coil Inner Diameter
508 mmØ
610 mmØ

Coil Outer Diameter
600 mmØ

Coil Width

Coil weight

Packing material

Lapping speed

3800 mm / min


7 kw / AC/3-PHASE

Pneumatic pressure

5 – 7 kgf/cm^2


Automatic Hose coiler 

alloy strip strap packing and alloy coil strap wrapping machine

Coil strapping machine
Coil strapping machine  for coil packaging solution

You can find the automatic and semiauto coil strapping machine connects with roller conveyor for online operation.


The roller covered with PU for alloy strip surface packing protection.


The motor drives conveyor with forward and back ward movement.

Easy operation in semiauto and automatic strapping mode.

Strapping tension adjustable for different coil size and weight.




Automatic pipe coiler-FCL-800


Automatic pipe coiler-FCL1200

We will custom design and manufacture an automatic coiling machine and pipe coiler that are able to cover the strapping requirement.




automatic coil packaging line with coil strapping machine

steel coil strapping machine
copper coil strapping machine, aluminum coil strapping machine

More information:

Re:  Requirements for Wrap Around Packaging Machine/ SystemSupplier’s queries:1. Rope coil condition prior to wrapping and manner of loading coil into the packing machine:Whether made from synthetic or natural fiber, rope coil is secured with 8 plastic straps prior to wrapping. (refer to photo for sample 4 straps) Rope Coil shall be laid flat during wrapping, as shown in the photo.2.   Detailed requirements for the conveyor:Powered Conveyor. Capacity and width shall be based on the biggest coil as shown in the table below (highlighted in yellow). Exact length of conveyor will follow, after we finalize the location as well as the exact dimension of the machine that you will offer.3. Option whether the machine can be fully automatic or semi automatic.We prefer the fully automatic with PLC & HMI control, powered roller conveyor and film feeding & cutting mechanical hand. Other requirements/ queries:1.  Rope coil Size and Weight Range and corresponding rate of wrapping.Rope SizeLengthWeightOutside Dia. or WidthHeightWidth of Film WrappingApprox. Wrapping time per Coil, in secondsmmmkgmmmmmm1 Layer Wrap2 Layers wrap3 Layers Wrap1422021451360    1622025470368    1822036533406    2022043580432    2222049613457    1466050625457    2422061635457    1566058667457    1666066673508    2422059680457    2622067705457    1766075711508    2822078718508    1866085756508    3022088762508    3222098840508    36220123864610    161320140870610    2. Can the automatic coil packing machine handle different width of film wrapping?. If so, please provide the corresponding width of film wrapping in the table above. 3.  Please also provide the approximate wrapping time per coil for each no. of layer. Refer to table above.4.  What are the different types of film packaging materials that can be used or accommodated by the machine and if these are widely available in the market?5. What are the different thicknesses of film and no. of packaging layers needed to a) support the weight of the coil during stacking and handling, and b) prevent the film from tearing or getting punctured while the coil is being handled/ moved?6.  Does the fully automatic version of the machine have a lifter or loader that will load the heavy coils on to the conveyor?

copper coil strapping machine and wrapping machinery

Copper coil strapping machine
Copper coil strapping machine

6 banding cycle Time  feeding in up to rolling  out ?

—-App. 70-100sec
Can we strapping several coil size without changing machine setup ?—-Yes
Feeding speed can be adjustable ?

Customer looking to working continual working with several coil sizes without any special set up un between feeding processing ?

—Not special set up required.


More information for coil packaging line and  Automatic coil strapping machine JL-ST300

Copper coil strapping machine


automatic coil strapping machine
steel coil packaging line and strapping machine

Greetings from Indonesia!

We are looking for a door packaging machine to perform automatic copper coil strapping machine or semi automatic system to increase the output and efficiency of our working process.

I look forward to hearing from you soon to discuss things further.

We are leading manufacture of transformers in middle east.We have one core slitting machine and we want to purchase one core wrapping machine.
Please send your quotation .
Material Color Thickness Dimension Quantity
LLDPE Transparent 25micron Width:120mm    ID:50mm 2500kg
Width:200mm    ID:50mm 2500kg
Black  40microns Width:120mm   ID:75mm 1750kg
Width:200mm   ID:75mm 1750kg
Blue 40microns Width:120mm   ID:75mm 500kg
Width:200mm   ID:75mm 500kg
Yellow 40microns Width:120mm   ID:75mm 250kg
Width:200mm   ID:75mm 250kg

Orbital stretch wrapper is working for coil packaging and panel packaging.


Automatic aluminum coil strapping machine


automatic coil strapping machine
steel coil packaging line and strapping machine

Automatic aluminum coil strapping machine:

1 Buffer Loading Stations
2 Width and OD measurement
3 Weighment station
4 Indexing roll station for Manual Application of Layer (Spl type)
5 First & Second layer application by Auto ( Coil master) OR by manual (For Auto single station/ For Manual two stations – All are indexing rolls)
6 Buffer Station
7 Particle board Application – Indexing Roll (Auto/ Manual)
8 Top Sheet Application – Indexing Roll (Auto/ Manual)
9 Side disc Application/ID Sleeve application
10 ID and OD Circle Application/ Taping
11 Taping Application
12 Circum strapping
13 Eye Strapping
14 Label Application
15 Weighment station
16 Buffer Station – 4 nos


As we have big range of aluminum coil strapping machine, PE water and gas pipe, from 16-125 mm coils we would like to make packing on all diameters , so we need an offer for packing coils with the characteristics of coil:
1. Aluminum coil strapping packing machine for coil : ID of coil min 450 mm ,and OD of coil 1400 mm, and width of coil min 270- max 550 mm
2. Aluminum coil packing machine for coil : ID of coil min 1000 mm ,and OD of coil 3100 mm, and width of coil min 500- max 800mm

automatic alloy coil packing and strapping machine

Steel coil strapping machinery
Steel coil strapping machinery

Intelligent sensors in motion

To make certain right item insertion into a carton, the solution and the carton require to be detected for existence to make sure insertion synchronization.

Solution variability in design and form—and packaging design and style variability in color, shininess and texture—present sensing difficulties as false detection or several detection of a solitary solution can happen. A wise photoelectric sensor of coil packing and strapping machine from Unwell was employed by a cartoning equipment OEM to address these problems.

A quick pulse diffuser LED with a sixteen-factor receiver array screens potential passive interferences from relocating guidebook chains or pitch guides that transfer item and cartons. The sensor makes use of onboard intelligence to determine the positions of interference and eradicate them. The primary sender LED detects a feasible static track record and registers its place, whilst simultaneously searching for the goal item in the outlined sensing variety.

The primary sender LED in conjunction with the brief pulse diffuser LED immediately adjusts brightness of the lightspot based on the qualifications, object shade and/or shininess—resulting in trustworthy detection with out the require for repeated adjustment.

At the leading of the intelligent sensor course are individuals smart sensors with electronic communication capability, offering the maximum level of sensor efficiency.

A vision for wise quality-manage apps

Whilst conventional photoelectric sensors in hose coiling and strapping machine with smart features are turning out to be more frequent in manufacturing, smart cameras have already gained much more prevalent use in the packaging/food and beverage industries. These sophisticated sensors combine electronic communications with intelligent features. An example is SICK’s line of equipment eyesight products, which are utilized in a host of packaging applications.

Quantity and dimension measurement can be employed to detect and reject above-sized items that could result in jams in tray loaders. These measurements can also be utilized to discover damaged wafers, crackers or cookies before they are packaged.

In a hose coiling and strapping machine packaging line, cracker top can be measured to make certain that all crackers will suit into the bundle. These measurements can also detect little systematic height problems that can add up and result in difficulties, as also large stacks can result in damaged solution or packages (see impression under).

Measuring proportions and form can locate below spec crackers prior to packaging, and measuring inter-cracker length can locate crackers that are as well shut to 1 an additional or piggy-backed.

Steel coil packaging line and packaging system

Coil stackign machine

Coil packaging line helps improving the packaging speed and lower the operation risk for heavy coil handling and packaging.


It including turnstile, wrapping machine, strapping machine, palletizer…


The more information for the coil packaging machine for copper strip packaging and aluminum foil handling…