steel wire rod coil packing machine

The manufacturer provides steel wire rod stretch wrapper for film and paper packing to help to increase the packing speed.


Series automatic wire wrapping machine with different packing material for different packing need. The fhope model is an automatic “coilmaster”  machine: this means that it is able wrapping machine big coils. It is used for easy operations and has the same size. The machine is able automatically connects the strap to the wire rod coil.





Automatic wire coil compressing machine and strapping packing line

wire coil compressing machine
Learning from your requirement, the semiauto macine meet your goal.
——-This is an update solution of the macine in video, which is able take off the spool after strapping.
But 150T is too strong. Normally for such a wire coil 2-3T is enough.
The wrapping machine is an option.

wire coil compressing machine
wire coil compressing machine

me know your opinion, and we will offer the price accordingly.

 Please look below answers


No Parameters Unit Values  
1 Material     Galvanizing Wire  
2 Max. Outside diameter of the wire coil mm  1200 mm  
3 Min. Outside diameter of the wire coil mm  800 mm  
4 Max. Inner diameter of the wire coil mm  600 mm  
5 Min. Inner diameter of the wire coil mm  450 mm  
6 Max. diameter of the wire mm  8.00 mm  
7 Min. diameter of the wire mm  2.50 mm  
8 Height of the wire coil before compacting mm  1200 mm  
9 Height of the wire coils after compacting mm  800 mm  
10 Max. weight of the wire coil Kg  2000 kg  
11 Temperature of the material ºC  50  
12 Dimensions of the basket mm  1200 Dia base  
13 Required compacting force   150  
14 Compressing Speed Sec/Coil   30  
15 Number of straps per coil Nos  4