Aluminum Coil stretch wrapper and packing solution

aluminum coil packing machine

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
We inform you that before your response we have already seen your videos on your website.
Our interest now focuses on your equipment on packaging aluminum coils of various sizes and diameters (OD & ID).
So, we have asked you to have ASAP the technical brochures (detailed catalogue) of the aluminum packing line equipment (machinery) referred to our previous mail.
We want to next contact with our customer  ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY in which will give the technical leaflets for his knowledge.
In addition we would like to supply us with your customer reference list in the specific sector in order to inform relatively our client as above.

Thanking your in advance we remain,

Thank you very much for your Quotation, but as you know we did not asked you an offer for this machine (GT2000) because don’t know yet the data of the products (aluminum coils) and the client’s needs.
We ask you to suply us ASAP all technical brochures and descritpion of your machines listed in our mail dated 18-11-2016 only.
Therefore please send us as soon as possible the above information material in order to contact our client interested and discuss the matter.

We hope to have been understood for the case.

Stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapping machine per packing goal


Automatic aluminum coil strapping machine


automatic coil strapping machine
steel coil packaging line and strapping machine

Automatic aluminum coil strapping machine:

1 Buffer Loading Stations
2 Width and OD measurement
3 Weighment station
4 Indexing roll station for Manual Application of Layer (Spl type)
5 First & Second layer application by Auto ( Coil master) OR by manual (For Auto single station/ For Manual two stations – All are indexing rolls)
6 Buffer Station
7 Particle board Application – Indexing Roll (Auto/ Manual)
8 Top Sheet Application – Indexing Roll (Auto/ Manual)
9 Side disc Application/ID Sleeve application
10 ID and OD Circle Application/ Taping
11 Taping Application
12 Circum strapping
13 Eye Strapping
14 Label Application
15 Weighment station
16 Buffer Station – 4 nos


As we have big range of aluminum coil strapping machine, PE water and gas pipe, from 16-125 mm coils we would like to make packing on all diameters , so we need an offer for packing coils with the characteristics of coil:
1. Aluminum coil strapping packing machine for coil : ID of coil min 450 mm ,and OD of coil 1400 mm, and width of coil min 270- max 550 mm
2. Aluminum coil packing machine for coil : ID of coil min 1000 mm ,and OD of coil 3100 mm, and width of coil min 500- max 800mm