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FPS Series: Steel coil wrapping machine

    wire coil wrapping machine        steel coil wrapping machine wire coil wrapping machine
Steel coil wrapping machine--FPS-300 Steel coil wrapping machine--FPS-400 Coil wrapping machine--FPS-500
steel coil wrapping machine strip coil wrapping machine coil packaging line and down ender
Steel coil wrapping machine--FPS-600 Coil wrapping machine--FPS-800 Automatic coil packaging line
FHOPEPACK offering Steel Coil Wrapping Machine is able to improve your slit coil packing by different materials. It is an solution for coil packing by through eye wrapping, which is flexible and efficiency equipment. There are modified solutions according your need. It provides by our team for meeting the specific needs for copper coil, aluminum coil, slit coil... There are automatic coil wrapping solution per the coil data and handling process. Following information required for offering a solution:
              • ID, OD, Width, Weight of coil
              • What is the packing material
              • Packing speed
              • Loading and unloading method

FPS series are mainly used to steel coil, steel strip packaging, which is with highly efficiency and nice packaging for saving labor and material cost. The packaging is with eye crossing wrapping, which allow steel coil a nice, firm for dustproof, waterproof.

The package concept is an integral part of the coil packing machine design. The machine puts a tight layer of film over all surfaces of the coil. This tight layer of film eliminates most of the air from the package. By reducing the amount of air in the package, the potential for moisture to form is reduced, thereby reducing the possibility of corrosion or water spots.

 coil packaging machine



1. PLC & HMI for automatic operation for coil wrapping machine.

2. Special material system and pre-drawing device.

3. Two operation mode allow-Manual and automatic.

4. The speed of turning ring and supportive roller is inerter control.

5. Packaging tension control by tension belt.

6. Automatic packing material cutting function.

7. Guardrails, soft starts and stop for safety operation.

8. Height of the ring could be adjusted for different OD of the coilcoil wrapping machine

9. Overlap rate of the packaging adjustable from 10%-90%.

10. All supportive rollers are covered by polyurethane.

11.Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically.

12. Different loading and unloading method vary from coils.

13. Packing material applicable :LLDPE/Paper/HDPE/PE

 Note: Can be designed according your specification for coil wrapping machine.





  FPS-300 FPS-400 FPS-500 FPS-600 FPS-800
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement)
Power (KW) 1.5 2.2 4.0 6.0 8.0
Steel coil ID(mm) 300 500 1000 2000 4000
Steel coil OD(mm) 600-900 800-1000 800-1200 800-1400 900-1600
Steel coil width(mm) 20-300 50-400 100-500 100-600 200-800
Steel coil Weight(Kg) <300 <1000 <2000 <4000 <5000
Packing material PE/Stretch film/knit belt/VCI paper
Ring speed(r) 30-80 30-80 30-70 30-60 30-60
Wrapping speed 30-40sec/pcs 35-45sec/pcs 40-50sec/pce 40-55sec/pcs 50-60sec/pcs
Overlapping rate 20-80%
Air supply. 5-7kgf/  c㎡

Fhope has years abundant expertise in coil packing machine equipment. Our product experience and manufacturing in the market all over the world for every client's demand makes our team have experienced dealt with an identical coil packaging solution to yours and can make use of this experience to help custom and redesign constructed the right answer for you personally. We own capability to improve your packaging method--offering seamless move of equally physical coils and their accompanying coil info. For more information about steel coil packing solution you can click here



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