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How to pack the steel coil
What is a fpc1? Pre-stretching is the process of stretching the membrane before it is applied to the load. Two wheel is through the film, is the primary and secondary roller and the second roller, the second round of rotation speed compared with the first rotation speed, the second round of rotation speed significantly faster, so stretch film between two rollers is drawn. When you stretch the film, it increases the tensile strength of the film, and once the permanently deformed point is exceeded, the result is that it becomes stronger. Returning it to its original form is what film memory wants to do. However, the lower you are, the lower your memory will be. That's the reason for not having a job in two periods of time. If the movie is applied to a load that doesn't have a film force, then a few minutes later, the movie has been tightened and you'll see it, because the coil wrapping film's elastic memory is being tried back. So that's the memory of the movie, for example, like the rubber band on your hand, to make a distinction between the stretching membrane and other combinations. In the process of transport of sediment, it also has other USES, to relax and other methods of the combination of relaxation time is occupied by a fpc4, and load can be continue to guarantee. The most important reason for PR stretching film is film memory!

If you have these functions and you have this extra money, why do you want to spend it?

There is no extra cost involved in the price?

The film carriage

The concept of design is strong, mechanical and electric are very durable, the dynamic pre-stretched movie carriages are reliable, and the safety of operators in the mind is greatly increased.

The importance of an appropriate pre-stretch system is underestimated by many, and even the weight it maintains in the stretch wrapper is underestimated. If this key element does not work properly, the money will be loaded outside, from each tray.

What is the character of a movie carriage? Fpc1 has a lifetime warranty. The side tower is easy to install and easy to operate. The operation of side control is also very safe, and the side-hinged door is also convenient to use. The pre-stretching 245% need to be driven by a roller chain. The proximity sensor of linear feedback control is adopted. Automatic closing of the drive roller to monitor the switch so that safety problems can be ensured. For an integrated automatic height tray to detect light eyes, slippage can be adjusted so that coverage can be quickly set. Because of all the roller precision roller bearings, better performance can be obtained.

This design method is simple and safe, and created a strong tower for transport trip is fpc2, we can see that the structure of steel elements and solid improved plating has been connected to the machine base. The working elements of the machine are safe because their position is surrounded by a steel tower.

What are the characteristics? :

What are the main supports of fpc-300 ring wrapping machine and the surrounding the tower body protection lifting, wear-resisting guide rail, can be adjusted up and down limit switch trip, maintenance-free operation of belt conveyor and also very flat cable design, has the very high flexibility.

Steel coil packing machine