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         Steel coil wrapping machine

We help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your steel coils. The package concept is an integral part of the packaging with VCI paper/PE film...


          Cable wrapping machine

 Overlapping rate of the packing tape is adjustable  according to requirement. It's with automatic material cutting. Supportive rollers for fixing the wrapping position. Guardrails, soft starts and stop for safety operation.


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Spool Tilter/Drum Tilter
                                                      coil tilter

The spool tilter/drum tilter mainly apply to turn the objects in cable industry. It also widely used in the module up-ending, coil turning, modules upending, roll upending... machine in above pictures is for steel coil, wire coil, aluminum coil...


The machine can be custom-build according client's requirement.

1.Drive system can be hydraulic

2.The conveyor can be connecting




1.  Special double chain drive, oblique gear and worm speed reducer.

2.   Four-roller device wrapped with polyamide adhesive.

3.   Inverter controls, Fast ,stable and stable.

4.   Two displacement restrictors adopted to grantee a safety operation

5.   The machine can be stop at any angle in turning.
6.   Emergence stop and position locking function avoid rotation

7.   Electrical limit switches for both cycle safety.



1. Control panel or remote control.

2. Invertors for adjusting the speed.


 Working tables are designed for different products and handling applications. It is for tilting the load from 0° to 90° provides for helping safety operating the product.





  FPCT-01 FPCT-03 FPCT-08 FPCT-10
Power Supply (V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement)
Power consumption (KW) 1.3 2.0 2.5 3.5
Max. Loading 1T 3T 8T 10I
 Speed (sec/set) 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-50

If you have checked the drum tilter machines list in our website, you will get the point that we can do special custom build solution. The machine can be do according different weight, handling process, object...



hydraulic tilter  coil upender coil tilter,upender  coil upender

Hydraulic tilter and upender

hydraulic tilter is a equipment with hydraulic power station which is for device the machine. Our designing will make sure your project meets or exceeds your production goals. which makes upender is able to be a part of packing line


  Steel Coil tilter

  we have produced and installed more than 580 set of coil tilter. Our experienced manufacturer can get your system meet your goal and working according your satisfaction .


Mould tilter 

The manufacturer with innovative, knowledgeable engineer team service for your need to provide the turnkey services. Professional tilter and upender manufacturers in China

Wire coil upender

Fhope packaging can supply all the handling equipment you need to complete the installation and production, and high purity upender and any other handling for heavy object.




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