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FPP Series: Pipe packing machine


Coil wrapper



Coil wrapper


 FPH series pipe packing machine is mainly used to pack coiled items: hose coil, plastic pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and so on, which can help you with many advantages. Save labor power, lower defective rate, create friend and comfortable working atmosphere and so on. Definitely, the key is operated  conveniently and maintained easily.



1. Perfect resent function.

2. High working efficiency.

3.Operate easily by manual and automatic working ways.

4. The rates of ring and roller can be adjusted by converter.

5. Soft start and soft stop.

6. Cut packing material automatically.

7.Height of the ring could be adjusted for different ODs of the coil.

8. The overlap area of packing materials can be customer made.

9. Once trouble happens, indicator will alarm and trouble will be shown on the screen.

10.Special brake of packing material device avoids packing material folding.

11. Varous packing materials are available.

12.Special breaker is to adjust packaging tension.


 Note: Can be designed according to your specification.



  FPP-200 FPP-300 FPP-400 FPP-500
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement)
Power (KW) 1.2 1.5 2.0 2.5
Hose Coil ID(mm) >200 >300 >400 >500
Hose Coil OD(mm) 300-600 800-1000 800-1200 800-1400
Hose Coil width(mm) 20-200 50-400 50-500 50-600
Hose Coil Weight(Kg) 3-20 5-50 10-100 10-200
Packing material PE/LLDPE/PVC
Ring speed(r) 30-80 30-80 30-70 30-60
Wrapping speed 25-35sec/pcs 30-40sec/pcs 40-50sec/pcs 40-55sec/pcs
Overlapping rate 20-80%


The main advantages of hose coil packaging by pipe packing machine:

1. Nice packaging appearance

2. Lower material cost

3. High speed.

4. Full sides sealing

5. High efficiency


As one of the leading companies in this field, both vertical and horizontal types. Fhopepack helps to set a great standard of the hose coil wrapping industry. Today, Fhope as always continues to design reliable, rugged pipe wrapping machines, and withstand the flexible worldwide challenges, even the most harsh and tough environments. Fhope help you with solutions of complete hose coil packaging line in different markets and applications with the latest technology.


For PVC/PPR/HDPE pipe bundling and bag packing solution:

    pipe bundle machine|pipe packing machine        pipe bagging packing machine|plastic pipe packing machine pipe bagging machine|pipe packing machine
Pipe bundle machine

This machine is available for pipe counting and bundle making. Our pipe bundling machines are the faster, cleaner, smarter solution for your pvc/ppr pipe automatic packing needs.

Pipe bagging&packing machine

We offer various pipe bag filling systems of loading pipe into PE bag, ipe bagger or bagging machine is automatic online packaging.

Pipe bagging machine

With the special ability to pipe bag packing, the pipe is packed by pipe bagging package machinery. It is a smarter solution for your pipe packaging needs. Multiple pipe package styles and sizes are available.


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