Gasket packing machine

gasket coil packing machine
The horizontal coil wrapping machine for coil package film and paper wrapping on the conveyor. The packing machine conveyor is PU covered roller that is soft for products surface protection

Automatic wire re-coiling and binding machine

Wire coiling and binding machine

The video shows the wire coil re-coiling from a big one wire coil. The cutting is checking by weighing singal, and the strapping mathod is wire binding. This is save cost in the strapping material.

The wire coiling machine can be connected to the wrapping and packing machine for online packaging and handling

xps board bagging machine video

panel packing machine

The effect of our machine is beautifully packed products after shrinking.These shrinking machines have a wild range of  application. From bagged or canned  xps, eps and board… We still doing the study for  expanding the application to more industies.