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coil packing machine by stretch film eye through packing

pipe coil stretch film packing

pipe coil stretch film packing

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A coil packing machine by stretch film eye through packing is an advanced packaging system designed specifically for wrapping coils such as wire, steel, or aluminum with stretch film. The structure of the machine features an eye through which the coil passes, allowing an even and secure wrap as the film is applied through the eye, encircling the entire coil. This machine is typically equipped with an automatic film feeder, precise tension control systems, and adjustable speed settings to accommodate different coil sizes and packing needs.

The parameters below do not 100% match the equipment in the video. For exact specifications, please contact us.

Application 1: Efficient Packing for Aluminum Coils
For aluminum production facilities, this machine is capable of tightly wrapping coils up to 1200mm in width. This process ensures that the aluminum remains free from moisture and dirt, which is vital for maintaining material quality during storage or transport to automakers and construction industries. The secure wrapping helps prevent scratches and dents, which are critical quality issues for end users.

Application 2: Protective Wrapping for Electrical Wire Coils
This packing machine is also suitable for electrical wire manufacturers, handling coils that require stringent protection against environmental factors. It can process wire coils up to 1000mm wide, allowing effective preservation and easier handling of bulky electrical wires used in power transmission. The thorough wrapping prevents the ingress of moisture, which could degrade the wire quality.

Application 3: Streamlining Packaging in Steel Industry
In the steel industry, where large and heavy coils are the norm, this machine offers an efficient packing solution without the need for substantial manual labor. Capable of handling steel coils with widths from 500mm to 1200mm and weights up to 2000kg, it ensures that the coils are securely wrapped for long-term storage or transport, thus protecting them from corrosion and facilitating easier handling and logistics.

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