Steel coil packaging line and packaging system

A steel coil packaging line helps accelerate the packaging process and minimize the risks associated with handling heavy steel coils. A modern coil packaging line typically includes critical components such as a turnstile, coil wrapping machine, strapping machine and palletizer.

Turnstile for Automatic Coil Feeding
A turnstile automatically retrieves steel coils from the coil warehouse and feeds them into the packaging line at a fast and consistent pace. This ensures a continuous workflow and high processing capacity.

Coil Wrapping Machine for Securing the Coils
The coil wrapping machine swiftly wraps plastic or paper straps around the coils to secure them together. The wrapping provides protection against damage and corrosion during storage and shipping.

Strapping Machine for Higher Security
A strapping machine applies steel or polyester straps around the wrapped coil bundles using a automated strapping mechanism. The straps reinforce the coil packages and enable safe stacking and transportation.

Palletizer Robot for Precise and Efficient Pallet Loading
A palletizer robot picks up the strapped coil packages and places them onto pallets in a precise, consistent and expeditious manner. The robot helps maximize pallet utilization and productivity.

Copper Strip and Steel Coil Packaging Lines
For packaging copper strips and steel coil, the equipment includes unwinders, levelers, sheet/foil cutters, stackers, strappers and roll collators. Unwinders automatically feed the material into the line. Levelers ensure even material advance. Cutters cut the material to required sizes. Stackers build bundles and strappers bind the bundles before collating rolls for packaging and shipping.

An advanced coil and packaging line boosts productivity, decreases labor needs, ensures superior quality and consistency, and maximizes output. It also minimizes material damage due to mishandling and creates a safe working environment. A reliable coil packaging line is essential for steel and metal companies to achieve excellence in production and dispatch.

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