With the horizontal stretch wrapping middle

Due to its universal alternatives and impressive merchandise China Fhope is probably the top rated providers of stretch wrappers. With development and production operating out of wrapper, situated in the south-to the west of Sweden, we provide Swedish top quality machines on the right time off to the right selling price.

Stretch wrappers with pre-stretch method

In a way it is perhaps the most important one, even though the packing machine is rarely the most expensive element in the production process. Reliability is the time frame of our product development. We realize the price of access. We are even prepared to sign a binding agreement with this particular as a starting point.

But access is absolutely not sufficient. We also concentrate on every single section of the lifecycle charge which we may influence:

Built-in measurements and quality assurance in the distribution and production, by a complete adaptation to your demands for performance

From a material intake which is often lessened around 80Per cent due to our patented pre-stretch method Ecostretch?

By nearby assistance

Top to bottom and horizontal stretch wrapping equipment

Chinese distributor delivers a comprehensive range of stretch wrapping models, the two horizontal and straight, semi or totally automatic, ‘low-end’ or ‘high-end’.

Versatility, usability, reliability and robustness using material which decreases wear and spares, and what hats the maintenance fees, gives the merchandise to the top in their course.

Pre-stretch system for wrapping devices

Most devices include very superior pre-extending techniques with the ability to pre-stretch the film approximately 400% (Strength Economic stretch Plus). Our equipment can be optimised to cover a myriad of items, from very heavy and robust (bricks, stones and sacks etc.) to quite light-weight and fine (vacant Animalcans and bottles, toilet paper, etc.)

Economical stretch wrapping devices

Pre-stretch is the process which allows stretch film to become stretched before being placed on a load. The film threads past two rollers where the 2nd roller’s rotational speed is speedier compared to first, hence extending the stretch film between the two. This is certainly achieved by a changeable gearbox (copyrighted program) which keeps the ratio the same, i.e. you can rely on the established value is secure, considering that our company is not dependant upon any magnet clutches.

Together with auto film sort diagnosis (AFD) we have launched a method that may be unique in the area of stretch wrapping. We promise how the film intake always remains exactly the same for the very same pallet. You have to pay for the film cost per pallet in the long term, not for the machine.

Stretch wrapping centre

In the horizontal stretch wrapping center we have the ability to perform a myriad of wrapping tests crashing and tilting, and so forth.) as well as problem film estimations. We are able to effortlessly determine the packing cost and quality on customer pallets. Within the centre you can expect to constantly obtain the most up-to-date variations of semi and fully automated machines as well as equipment for horizontal wrapping.

Semi / fully automated stretch wrapping devices

We provide you with semi or totally automatic devices, common or customized, for conveyor methods or as stand-alone. We offer alternatives for anything and everything that should be manufactured – big and small, on pallet or otherwise.