We offer a stretch wrapping machine in numerous

Stretch Wrapping Machine

We provide a stretch wrapping machine in various versions. stretch wrapping models are used for stretch film wrapping across the item. Stretch wrapping equipment made available from us are offered at many aggressive in rates and may custom made set up. Stretch wrapping machine aid in reduction of work by automating the entire process of detaching, attaching and pressing the film. For your product or service being wrapped, the user basically spots the product on the transform-table and changes the machine to work.

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

SPSW 2100 Pallet Stretch Wrappers are meant to wrap stretch film close to a loaded pallet. Film provides added support as the goods are becoming transported & safe-keeping to shield them from suggestion, leak or from simply being ruined. The wrapping times and type can be designed according to customers’ requirements. The ramp is non-obligatory.

. Control system:


Photograph-eye pallet elevation sensor

Enhance wrap permit a lot more wrap on exact same place

Above-wrap supply far more wrap over the top of plenty

Operated pre-stretch film carriage around 300%

Film delivery factor rate by individual Air conditioning Generate Motor And Individual inverter

Turntable & Film carriage:

Heavy-duty dual-chain carriage calm, lift and safety

Carriage doorway opens up for simple roll change and thread film

Film dancer-club management film productivity

Security stop to prevent foot grind

Easy-to-open mast for convenient dealing with

Entrance & rear Forklift transportable


Pallet Stretch wrapper is traditionally used in chemical substance business electronic industry creating resources home appliances papermaking foods & beverage etc

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