We offer a stretch wrapping machine in different

Stretch Wrapping Machine

We provide a stretch wrapping machine in various versions. stretch wrapping devices can be used as stretch film wrapping around the product or service. Stretch wrapping equipment provided by us can be found at most of the aggressive in prices and will custom made configured. Stretch wrapping machine aid in reduction of labour by automating the whole process of detaching, pressing and attaching the film. To the merchandise being covered, the proprietor just spots the product over a transform-dinner table and switches the machine to work.

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

SPSW 2100 Pallet Stretch Wrappers are created to wrap stretch film all around a jam-packed pallet. Film supplies extra assistance whilst the merchandise is simply being sent & storage space to shield them from hint, leak or from getting damaged. According to customers’ requirements the wrapping type and times can be designed. The ramp is recommended.

. Management system:


Photograph-eyesight pallet size indicator

Strengthen wrap enable far more wrap on exact same area

Above-wrap supply a lot more wrap more than the top of the lots

Powered pre-stretch film carriage up to 300Percent

Film shipping factor pace by individual Air conditioning Generate Electric motor And Individual inverter

Turntable & Film carriage:

High quality double-chain carriage calm, safety and lift

Carriage door starts up for easy roll thread and change film

Film dancer-pub management film production

Security stop and prevent foot grind

Hinged mast for easy handling

Front side And back end Forklift transportable


Pallet Stretch wrapper is widely used in chemical substance sector digital sector developing resources home appliances papermaking foodstuff And consume and many others

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