wapping machinery stops unnecessary expenses associated with damage

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Packaging is giving Cardinal Logistics with packaging consumables for the past two years. Our expertise in working together with Universal packaging is quite significantly a confident 1. We certainly have identified them to be very nice within their approach and value the skilled enterprise relationship we certainly have cultivated throughout the years.”

Mike Kaiwai

DC Manager

Cardinal Logistics

“Sixty days into our nationally soft with Widespread Packaging we also discovered we had been using roughly 20% significantly less machine place. I have no reluctance in promoting Widespread stretch wrapping machine Packaging to any would-be company that wishes to accomplish substantial cost savings in price yet still be provided with top quality items”

machine was created to wrap plenty from 500 x 500 millimeters and up to 3200 duration by 1500 breadth millimeters, with a maximum height of 3000 mm. The stretch wrapping machine is specially built to place sizeable lots like efficiency batches, gypsum panels and corrugated boxes. Capacity wise the machine can place as much as 150 loads an hour or so based on product height and size.

The machine is installed with the same well-known technological attribute as the Power File transfer protocol T1 and also the Multi 1, including our copyrighted film unwinding during stretch wrapping patent (EP 1 184 281), which reduces thin and fragile film about the sides from the stretch hood wrapped load. The system can make film around the sides of the fill approx. 30Per cent fuller than usual and helps prevent the formation of “pouches” in the sides. As well, this system will save you approximately ten percent in film consumption.