wapping machinery helps prevent needless


Outstanding stretch ensures up to 300% yield every roll. Maximise your benefit per place while keeping the cost for each pallet down.


Specially designed a single sided stick means Clearwrap clings to by itself however, not the neighbouring pallets.


Outstanding ‘elastic memory space; indicates assured pallet integrity, will keep lots dependable and protect throughout move and long after film is used.

PUNCTURE Opposition

Additional challenging film with high pierce level of resistance which pretty much removes ripping on distinct unnatural products and pallet corners.


Superior film makes certain top quality presentation, ease of merchandise detection and barcode scanning.


Awesome calm relax permits software in close proximity to telephones and offices.

High quality ASSURANCE

Handbag packaging – gypsum, lime, mortar and Cement as well as roofing plates, all and flooring other creating goods covered for move.

Building products no matter if cement, gypsum and mortar lime and so on, all should be delivered all over the world to construction and distributors web sites which transfer demands effective and protected pallet stretch wrappin gmachine packaging. A packaging which have to protect the merchandise from rough managing, inclement weather conditions, and also other misuse above which a company has no handle.

The one thing it is possible to control, even so, is the particular packaging you use.

By streamlining your stretch wrapping machine packaging and ensuring that you have only the basic necessities for safely delivering your product to its destination, you will save the environment, money, and can better market your green message. Lachenmeier can be your guarantee for maximum packaging integrity at the cheapest feasible selling price.