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[0007] Physique 1 is really a energy product and turner with composition diagram;

[0008] Body 2 once the inside framework in the power model chassis schematic;

[0009] Body 3 can be a top take a look at 1 embodiment of the power product standpoint schematic see;

Base [0010] Body 4 is definitely an embodiment from the application product schematic underside look at the chassis.

[0011] As proven in Figure 1-4, a turner and upender perforated aeration signifies makes up perforated aeration I chassis and chassis motor unit 2 disposed in the cabinet I 2 fresh air impact 3 as well as the primary gear 4 a powered products 4, a main equipment provided around the motor unit shaft 5 collections, powered with a chassis motor 2, the powered items 4 is sleeved in the powered gear shaft 6, the outer axial end of the powered products shaft is supplied with two fixed prevent 7, the resolved prohibit Set punch shaft 7 8 perforated punch stick shaft 8 is attached 9, drilling rod revealed in the bottom from the chassis.