using a cost-effective, optimum packing stretch system

Designed Wrapping Alternatives will give you your business with a cost-effective, optimal product packaging system built to enhance your output and satisfy your entire distinct packaging requirements. We combined the three crucial parts of an excellent product packaging solution: packaging machines, packaging materials and technical support. Combined with our sibling business, The Kent H Landsberg Company, we provide you with:

Customized wrapping supplies

We offer personalized-made and inventory clamshells, flexible motion pictures, rigid and semi-rigid containers for meals and commercial plain, printed and applications shrink bundling bakery, films and snack foods wrapping, and many different Pvc material films and sleeves.

Fragrance and flavoring wrapping supplies

Aromatic groceries will need outstanding product packaging things to preserve their flavor and aroma. We provide you with a number of pouches, totes with lamination and solvent-centered packing products. The laminated multiple-layer material ensures the protection of free of moisture groceries from water vapor and aroma reduction. These things may also be vacuum bundled for protection or gas purged to prolong shelf-life.

refrigerated and Frozen meals product packaging equipment and materials

Wrapping products manufactured from PET, nylon and PE lamination have high durability less than freezing circumstances and so are for that reason ideal for packing iced food items items. Stay-up pouches can be used for refrigerated merchandise, whilst retort pouches are fantastic for frosty and refrigerated food. We can easily take care of all your meals wrapping demands, from shift of processing equipment to supplementary and carry packing.

Various fresh fruits other, chemicals, juices and oils drinks are packed in items created from laminated film with shield attributes. Many other materials that people offer consist of Dog caps, lids, pouches and bottles.

Confectionery, cheese and bakery product packaging equipment and materials

metalized, Polypropylenes and polyethelenes shield movies are the most prevalent buildings used in confectionery, bakery and cheese wrapping components.

Most snack food items are manufactured inside a metalized film to guarantee product or service quality and graphical remain-out capability. This site offers a variety of movies to work on vertical bagging equipment that supply excellent sealability and expanded quality.

Furthermore, we have been pioneering cutting edge pieces of paper packaging substrates by using a leading specialty papers business. Document wrapping, while universally approved as increasing numbers of eco-friendly that poly-structured components, is already gaining vapor inside the snacks class due to its great artwork and tamper facts features.

Vacuum vacuum and packaging pouches

Vacuum pouches are an excellent packaging material for chicken, fish, industrial and meat elements while they get the essential sealability, product and strength-protection capabilities. The co-extruded pouches are extremely functional in retaining the aroma, integrity and taste of each product or service. Moreover, vacuum packaging offers a great moisture content shield for delicate meals.

Overwrap film, converter film, and shrink wrap film and bags

We provide you with an extensive variety of shrink and overwrap film, converter film, personalized totes along with other polyethylene products to the beverage, industrial, building, publishing and food merchandise markets.

The shrink wrap process areas a enclosed plastic material case more than your products or services. The bagged merchandise then moves by way of a warmth tunnel, where travelling bag decreases right down to the precise measurements of your product or service. We supply a complete type of Shanklin shrink wrapping equipment, widely regarded as the most innovative and effective firm in shrink packing technological innovation.

Blister skin and packaging packing

The blister packing wrapping machine process takes a thermoformed piece of hard plastic-type (the ??blister?ˉ) and also heat closes it more than your product on a taken care of, printed card.

Your skin wrapping approach heats a sheet of gentle versatile film, then vacuum cleaners the film over your product with a coated table.

Tray creating and cartoning wrapping

We currently manufacture and supply 1000s of clients with corrugated, chipboard, pieces of paper trays and cartons. We provide you with anyone to 8-10 shade print abilities, together with a total design and style team located in office buildings over the US to help with any visuals and architectural assignments.

We provide a total collection of holder creating and cartoning wrapping equipment, customizable to your requirements.

Additional and transport materials and equipment

Along with main wrapping equipment, we are able to also offer some of the top second and carry equipment for the packing procedure. From situation constructing and closing, to stretch wrapping machine and palletizing, we now have noticed and done it all. We are actually the 1 provider for full range support and integration.

Our resolve for offering good quality items and excellent customer support may be the foundation for our own extremely presence. A business partner necessary for helping you achieve your highest goals, though at KHL Engineered Packaging Solutions we don?ˉt just view ourselves as merely a supplier.