tube vertical coil packaging machine

ABM D series are reliable and simple multi-pipe packaging models suitable for packing of various reduce (sugar, coffee and salt spices or herbs and so forth.) and water items (ketchup, extra virgin olive oil and so on.) into stickpacks or level bags. Based on the loaded merchandise the coil packaging machine comes with ideal dosing devices. Bags are produced from an endless roll of warmth sealable packing substance. The foil is minimize into specific filter pieces in line with the number of tubes (besides a single-lane coil packaging machine), all strips are covered lengthwise and make sleeves. This sleeve is sealed by way of a cross jaw bone along with a exact serving of loaded items is packed using a tubing. Set of go across jaws seals it transversely and the luggage are cut off by built-in blade, luggage fall to an exit conveyor that transports the totes for more handling (cartoning station, carton box, finalization etc.). All parts which come into contact with merchandise of food items figure are constructed with stainless steel AISI 304 (on an exclusive require also in AISI 316L).This collection is well-liked because of it favorable selling price, was developed particular for sugars packing and is particularly provided at a great deal selling price being a establish which include coil packaging machine, dosing equipment, exit conveyor and spares, is suitable for manufacturing with tiny batches. The coil packaging machine is possible to combine along with other optional add-ons.

Maximal foil breadth: 220 mm

Sizes: size 10-48,5 millimeters, adjustable span 50-130 mm

Amount of tubes: 1-8

Maximal output: 50 cycles/min. (based on stuffed product or service), up to 400 hand bags/min.

Handbag variety: stickpack, toned, level boiling hot ¨C 3 sides sealed

Management methods: FESTO

Travel: electropneumatical

Weight: 300 kg with dosing equipment

Cross seal: linear grooving, diamond layout

Sort of packed products: reduce (natural powder, granules), liquid

3D: ABM 2D.jpg

Practical sketching: ABM 5D push doser-specialized attracting.jpg

Note: sizes can vary

Product page: ABM_D_FINAL.pdf

Recommended foil type: 40-60 g/m2 pieces of paper 12-20 g/m2 PE


simple, flexible and reliable totally programmed, multi-hose vertical coil packaging machine

varnished or steel frame

electro-pneumatic push

Festo control system supplies quick and simple operation

case duration options mechanically in millimeters

effortless conversion process to other formats (more pipes, diverse travelling bag size)

AISI 304 steel complete (or AISI 316L with consumer??s demand) getting together with hygiene food items get in touch with specifications

security emphasis ¨C in-constructed door protection feature, key emergency end switch, primary change

heat securing

cross close raster sort – linear grooving

attractive and compact design

little upkeep specifications

appropriate for functions with reduced quantity