to finish the packaging cycle

The HCF Sequence intermittent action horizontal shrink wrapper is ideal for overwrapping sizeable industrial products in which full housing is required. Hitting speeds up to 15 deals per minute, the HCF Range wrapper operates on-demand as product is positioned on the infeed conveyor. Product is then conveyed through a film generating brain which engulfs this product in film when making a underside overlap seal off coupled the length of the merchandise.

Some seal off bars then results in a cross close. An optionally available underside close makes positive thermal seal off.

The HCF Sequence is offered with a variety of optional infeeds to accommodate a variety of product or service dimensions. An recommended HVP4/488 stand-by itself shrink tunnel concludes the device.

sporadic action horizontal shrink wrapper is great for overwrapping huge commercial products in which whole enclosure is required. Getting to accelerates to 15 offers each minute, the HCF Sequence wrapper operates on-demand as item is put on the infeed conveyor. Product is then presented by way of a film developing go which engulfs this product in film whilst developing a base overlap seal alongside the length of the product.

A collection of seal night clubs then produces a cross close. An optionally available bottom part seal off makes optimistic thermal close off.

The HCF SERIES is offered with various optional infeeds to support a variety of product styles. An optional HVP4/488 stay-on your own shrink tunnel concludes the system.

Function of Operation

The customer locations the product in the infeed conveyor. The buckle drives product or service in the inverting head and film plow. The machine registers the merchandise and begins the operated film relax process, eradicating any anxiety versus the product. A fixed seal off unit is found within the film plow, holding the overlapped film collectively. The vacuum conveyor draws the film and product, preventing reducing or slippage.

When product or service clears the seal off framework the close bars close, cutting and sealing film throughout the item. Once the seal off is produced the seal carriage starts. This product proceeds onto the tunnel conveyor buckle to finish the packaging pattern.

new ruggedly constructed constant motion horizontal shrink wrapping program that works at speeds up to 140 packages per minute and 140 linear ft each and every minute.

The newest CAPRA? 8000LS features a 24″ broad stop seal, having a 10″ top quality seal off opening, and might also manage top to bottom end closes. This original seal, fill and form wrapper utilizes a underside lap close via a resolved plow that results in no unwanted film to squander.

Employing polyethylene, polyolefin or PVC shrink film, the CAPRA? 8000LS generates aesthetically pleasing bundles that are perfect for retail screen. The CAPRA? 8000LS system provides extreme mobility, and was created to manage big item measurements, as well as tiny items. An recommended product closing conveyor will handle modest merchandise up to 70 packages a minute. Other choices consist of infeeds for voucher location, stainless steel-steel construction for meals conditions and imprinted film registration.