This wrapping packing machine is made for steel coil, hose coil, cable

This wrapping packing machine is for wrapping diamond ring kind products, like strip coil,tyress and cabel, and many others., by a variety of film or pieces of paper

ZH sequence engagement ring coil wrapper is actually a machine intended for packing bearing,steel music group,Copper band and other resources created in ring with strech film,wrapping document.Packing surface area is tidiness and beauty.It is actually fully moisture and dust resistant protects and packing the products.

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Coil packaging And Shipping

Packaging Fine detail: regular export ocean deserving packing

Shipping and delivery Fine detail: ten days following receiving your downpayment


entirely automatic

coiling wrapping 2 in 1 machine


with vertical stress bracket

coiling go : 140mm

Machine: Automated Computer Coiling & Wrapping


l Automobile coiling wire from an extrusion line or from repay re-winding line.

l The coil machine will identify flaws if the issue happens, and provide you security alarm.

l Coming in contact with display (Guy-Machine Program) make it easy to operate the machine.

l Servomotor traversing system creates coil with easy work surface.

l It is actually pointless to regulate any parts of the coil wrapping machine when change one size of coil

to another one.

l You could possibly feedback whilst keeping 100 types of coil data within the PLC memory.

. Application:

l Horizontally coiling cables from an extrusion collection or be worthwhile line..

l Wire size: Remember to sees final webpage of this specialized information.

. Parts:

l Span countertop————————–1 establish

l Wire/cable feeding rod—————–1 set

l Entrance type Cutter————————-1 established

l Coiling plate & coiling mind———–1 set up

l Traversing method———————–1 set

l 4 hands provider (Optionally available)—————1 established

l Wrapping ring (C-ring) ———————1 established

l Automobile Tag Feeder (Optionally available)————–1 established

. Common spares:

l Procedure tools box————————– 1 set

. Coiling Details Specification:

l Length Countertop:

2 pulleys can be used for length counting.

Top one push wire tightly when wire moves through the counter-top.

An come across is attached to the lower keeping track of pulley for counting length.

Each 2 pulleys are created from aluminium alloy, and covered with ceramic.

Both pulleys come with a 1 way clutch system to stop the wire being

driven again.

Accuracy of dimension: ±3/1000.

l Coiling Brain:

Horizontal coiling wire from an extrusion collection or from a repay

wire giving range.

Immediately getting downward And raising up with a pneumatic pusher.

Once the pre-establish span is achieved, the machine will stop coiling,

and also the coiling go will deal up and down and raise up without hurting coil.

How big coiling mind is made and fixed as buyer’s demand.

You will need to change anothe if you want to change the I.D of your coilr

dimensions of coiling head.

l Traverse:

A computerized technique is utilized in the traversing system.

Golf ball attach traverse is motivated with a 400W servo motor unit Servo motorist. A precise encoder delivers the coiling indicate from coiling engine to

servo motor unit to have a ideal synchronization in traversing pitch using that of coiling go.

l Cutter:

Entrance sort cutter will eliminate wire automatically if the pre-set duration is attained after the coiling mind has total quit.

A pneumatic tube brings increase reducing blade.

Cutter substance: High quality SKD11 metallic with heat treatment.

l 4 arms provider: ( Optionally available )

Following finishing coiling a coil, the 4 arm providers will hold the coil snugly

and transfer the coil Wrapping machine. It is possible to adjust the robot

Following the coil continues to be moved out, the wire providing rod sends wire to

coiling segment for ongoing coiling quickly.

l User Interface:

A male coil wrapping machine graphical user interface (M.M.I) is used for procedure.

By touching the screen, you can easy to control and use this machine.

Insight those items of cableHeight and diameter, start level, complete length …etc on screen, then hit save to make a new coiling variety.

Capacity of coiling kinds: 100 varieties.

The PLC handle method regulates recent velocity, present span, alarm system, range

pace modifying, length counter-top, coil totalizer, jogging showing light, pause

button and emergency quit.

l Engines:

1. Coiling program: 7.5 HP AC Engine 7.5 Hewlett packard Inverter.

2. Traversing system: 400 servo engine servo driver

Wrapping Details Specifications:

l C-Engagement ring:

Two plastic material roller transmits C-band straight to cover coils.

C-engagement ring is not going to move when turning. It does perfect coil wrapping machinemotion with out disturbance.

C-ringis created from specific stainlesss steel. Inside and outer rollers are coated with PU robber

and the hardness is 97 education. The C-band is propped up by these rollers to do

outstanding wrapping. C-ring will not be wore out, so it can be used for a really

very long time.

If any short circuit occurred,the motor of C-ring will not break down easily, we install the overload protecting device in the circuit. C-ring are capable of doing accurately positioning by our new placement method.

l AUTO Brand FEEDER (Additional Product):

Intelligent tag feeder will put one piece of your product or service label for each and every coil

while begin wrapping. No need for guy labour to do this function. Wrapping procedure

become a little more more and convenient safe.


wrapping material can be used ). The well-defined cutter slashes PVC, PP, PE film stitched music band, along with other papers wrapping material.

l Pneumatic coil wrapping material holder:

You can easily change/install a wrapping material coil by turning the pneumatic

wrapping material holder. No necessity of attach to lock it on the holder.

Much more convenient to alter a new one when wrapping film can be used up.

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